Does Your Dryer Keep Beeping? Here’s How To Calm It Down

Dryer With Clothes Inside

You rely on your dryer to take care of your clothes when you pull them out of the washer, so it can be very frustrating when your dryer keeps beeping.

To address the situation, you must closely examine why your dryer is beeping and how you can fix it. Even though there are several reasons why your dryer is beeping, you can also try multiple solutions.

Ready to get your dryer back to normal? Let’s dive in!

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6 Reasons Why Your Dryer Keeps Beeping

There are several possible reasons why your dryer is beeping. From something as simple as a reminder to more complex issues, such as overheating. Here are the things I always consider first:

#1 You Haven’t Hit the Start Button

When you’re having dryer beeping issues, it doesn’t always mean something’s wrong. Depending on the type of dryer you have, it can beep at you because you haven’t hit the button to start a drying cycle

You probably have selected the type of drying cycle you’d like to run, the drying timer, and maybe even the temperature settings, but if you haven’t hit the Start button, nothing will happen, and your dryer will beep to remind you.

dryer start button
Push the “Start” button to fix your dryer’s beeping sound.

Depending on the dryer brand you have, your model may or may not have a beeping feature. If your dryer has not yet turned on, hit the start button and see what happens. Fixing the beeping could be as simple as that.

#2 The Drying Cycle Is Done

Another possible reason why your dryer is beeping is that the drying cycle is done. From what I’ve seen, it’s not unusual for dryers to sing a catchy little melody when they’re done drying clothes.

If your dryer is making a beeping noise, head over and take a look at your clothes. Provided your clothes are dry, and the drum isn’t spinning anymore, chances are the beeping is just a reminder to take your clothes out.

#3 The Door Is Not Closed Properly

If your dryer is still beeping like crazy, I find that the next most possible cause is that the door is not closed all the way.

Even if your dryer door looks closed, it might have something small blocking it, such as lint buildup or even coins.

Take a closer look at your dryer door and search for blockages.

If there’s nothing blocking the door and it still seems partially open, there might be something wrong with the latching mechanism or the door switch, in which case, my usual advice is to inspect those components and reach out to a professional for help.

dryer door latch
Is your dryer beeping? Inspect the door latch!

#4 The Lint Filter Is Dirty

A dirty lint filter could also explain why you’re having dryer beeping issues. The lint filter collects tons of lint that comes off your clothes during a drying cycle, so It’s critical that you clean it often to prevent your dryer from overheating. 

From what I’ve seen over the years, overheating is no joke, as it won’t only decrease your dryer’s lifespan but could even damage your clothes.

Luckily, preventing overheating is very easy. All you need to do is clean the lint filter after every load. You can use your hands (once the dryer is completely cool) to remove excess lint. You can also finish the process with a vacuum for a spotless lint filter.

dryer lint filter
A clogged lint filter can leave a lot of fluff on your clothes and cause overheating

#5 Overheating

Provided your lint filter is clean and you’re still having dryer beeping issues, there might be something else causing it to overheat.

The dryer has an internal thermostat that allows it to detect when it is getting too hot, so when your dryer senses it’s beginning to overheat, it’ll beep and turn itself off.

A dryer is very similar to other machines in that it must be at the proper temperature to operate, so keep a watchful eye out for any signs of overheating. More often than not, overheating is caused by poor airflow as a result of blocked dryer vents.

An easy way to check for dryer airflow is to hold down the door switch (so the dryer thinks it’s closed) and start a cycle at low temperature.

Take a piece of paper and hold it under the lint trap.

If the dryer is trying to suck the piece of paper out of your hand and into the lint trap, you’re good. But if the paper is barely moving – poor airflow is likely to reason for the dryer overheating.

A diagram of where a dryer's door switch is located
To check for airflow issues, hold down the door switch then use paper to see if the vent is working.

#6 There’s a Blown Thermal Fuse

A blown thermal fuse is the last possible reason your dryer is beeping while running. The thermal fuse is a safety measure.

When the thermal fuse detects overheating through communication with the thermistor, it blows, cutting off power to the dryer’s components to prevent fires and damage to your clothes and the appliance itself.

There’s also a different thermal fuse on the heating element that cuts power to the element only when blown.

In cases of a blown thermal fuse, you’ll need to get a replacement. Check your Owner’s Manual to see what kind of fuse you need, and get the replacement from either your manufacturer or a nearby hardware store.

A dryer's internal components
Clogged or restricted exhaust vent airflow is the most frequent cause of a thermal fuse blowing.

Check the Error Code Before Moving Forward

If you hear your dryer beeping, you need to look at the error code to determine what is wrong. Most dryers have an error booklet you can use to figure out what’s wrong and leave the guesswork behind you.

If you cannot fix the beeping noise on your own, you’ll want to contact a professional who can assist you.

Silencing a Beeping Dryer

When your dryer keeps beeping while running, doing laundry can become tedious and long, disrupting your home’s peace and quiet.

Luckily, as I hope this article has helped you better understand, addressing the most common causes behind a dryer that keeps beeping is very easy. In most cases, simple things, like cleaning your lint filter and doing the vent paper test, will do the trick.

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