Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

At ApplianceAnalysts, our mission is to give you accurate, clear, and reader-focused information so that we can arm you with the information you need to tackle whatever home problem you may be facing.

Our goal isn’t to trick you into reading our articles, make false promises, and especially not give out incorrect information. We want you to recognise us as a trusted source of unbiased information that can help you learn or get informed about your home appliances.

To that end, I have outlined a few of our key Editing Principles here.

Outside Content

We do not publish any content that is not written by our own author(s). In particular, we do not publish sponsored content (where people pay us to publish their articles, so they can link to their own website – we get multiple offers a day for this). Similarly, we do not publish biased content where we’ve been paid to be favorable towards a product, person or company.

Writing Process

Whenever I, or one of our team, set our to write an article for ApplianceAnalysts, we follow a standardised process:

  1. Gathering Information. We set out to study all available information, including:
    • Noting everything we can think of as a starting hypothesis
    • Researching the issue via appliance manuals, online sources, and other resources
    • Testing an appliance or other product
    • Contacting appliance manufacturers
  2. Create an Outline. We organise all the information we have into an article outline – to make sure the article will be formatted in the most helpful way for our reader.
  3. Article draft is written by the author.
  4. Article is edited by an editor (or the author takes a second editorial pass).
  5. Wherever possible, Article is reviewed by one of our in-house experts.
  6. Article is published, and regularly reviewed for accuracy.


To allow us to support ourselves in running this website and providing the most amount of helpful content we can, we do generate revenue from the site via display advertisements. However, we have set out strict requirements for these follow:

  • We adhere to Google’s recommended Best Practices
  • Any advertisements are produced by a reputable ad-management company that respects the user experience of our readers
  • We include ads at a balanced level, where they provide minimum interference for our readers
  • We do not use any intermittent ads (full page ads which appear when you navigate the site)
  • Where possible, all of our ads can be closed or stopped with an ‘X’ marker
  • We do not include ads on any of our key site pages (like this one). Only on informational articles.

Where relevant, we do include some affiliate links in our articles. These are indicated at the link, or in a clear disclaimer at the top/bottom of the article. We do not take affiliate link potential into account when recommending products. We only include affiliate links if a product we would otherwise recommend has an affiliate program.


We regularly review our content for accuracy, ensuring that it is both factually correct and up to date.

However, after running it since 2017 we have a LOT of content on this website (over 1 million words!). We are aware that errors could slip through the cracks, and so we pay close attention to any comment, email, or other feedback from our readers regarding our content. Wherever justified we will seek to update our content if there is an inaccuracy, relevant reader experience to add, or if new information comes to light.

If you believe you’ve found any information that isn’t accurate on our website – please send us a message.