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The Ultimate Sales Calendar: When Everything Goes On Sale

Don't get caught paying full price for something that will go on sale a week later! Our calendar shows when *everything* tends to go on sale. Year-round.
Fun Stuff

A Fast Food Map of America: The Hottest Chain In Each State

We've created a map of all 50 US states showing which fast food restaurant they love the most. The question is, do you agree with your state?
Air Conditioners

21 Quick Tips for How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Make sure your air conditioner is making as you cool as it can, lasting as long as possible, and keeping your electric bill down with these 21 simple tips.
Pizza from Ooni Pro vs Roccbox Pizza

Roccbox vs Ooni Pro: Compared In 8 Different Ways

The two most popular pizza ovens out there: The Roccbox & The Ooni Pro. Find out which is better for a home pizza chef in this comparison.