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This website was started back in 2016 to help homeowners solve their appliance issues without having to shell out hundreds of dollars to contractors. Since then we’ve come a long way – and we’re lucky enough to be read by millions of readers each year.

Our mission is to provide expert appliance and home advice – for free. Thanks to some revenue from the ads we show on our guides, we’ve brought experienced appliance, HVAC, TV, & DIY experts on board to help ensure our content is the best there is.

Here’s a quick introduction to the team behind Appliance Analysts!


Craig Anderson With Open Oven
Craig Anderson
Appliance Analysts Founder

When it comes to appliances and anything electrical, I’ve always loved opening things up, figuring out how they work, and fixing them.

Back in 2016 I got frustrated at the lack of helpful appliance information online. Appliances can be some of the most expensive things in our home, yet there’s so few guides out there for the regular homeowner.

After seeing friends and family shell out thousands of dollars to contractors, I started Appliance Analysts to help everyone. While I’m no certified-pro, my experience comes from a lot of amateur appliance investigation and repairs, over 6 years of covering appliance issues and fixes, and 2 engineering degrees.

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Expert Review Panel

Alan Stephens
HVAC Expert

Alan Stephens is a licensed professional in HVAC with over 20 years of experience, ranging from large commercial projects down to local residential contracts.

Alan holds all three HVAC license certifications in North Carolina (H-1, H-2, & H-3-1), is NATE certified in HVAC, and was previously the lead HVAC Tech for North Carolina State University.

In 2004 Alan started Eco Green Air Inc, which he has grown into a team of specialist HVAC contractors operating out of Raleigh, North Carolina. The team are experts in everything related to air conditioning, heating, and air quality, with excellent reviews from their local community.

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Andy Fulencheck Appliance Repair Expert
Andy Fulencheck
Appliance Repair Expert

Andy Fulenchek is an appliance repair expert with over 10 years of experience.

In 2012 Andy started his own appliance repair company – Grace Appliance – which he has grown into a team of trusted appliance repair technicians working out of the Palestine area in Texas, USA. Andy and the team cover both residential and commercial repair projects, with glowing reviews from their community.

Andy also runs a popular appliance repair YouTube channel, creating videos to help his subscribers deal with their own appliance repairs, and is the creator of IceSurrender, a tool he designed to thaw out frozen water lines in refrigerators and other major appliances.

Read more about Andy here.

Brian Paul, DIY Expert for Appliance Analysts
Brian Paul
Home Improvement Expert

Brian Paul is a licensed general contractor with over 22 years of experience.

Based in Tennessee, Brian runs his own construction company and has experience in almost everything related to building construction and home improvement.

Prior to starting a construction company Brian attended Tusculum University in Greeneville, Tennessee earning both a bachelor of science and master of arts in business management.

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James Blackford, Appliance Expert at Appliance Analysts
James Blackford
Appliance Repair Expert

James Blackford is an Appliance Repair Expert with over 16 years of experience.

Throughout his career James has worked as a mentor, lead mentor, and operations manager – particularly for Sears. He now works for SquareTrade as their Master Technician. Additionally, James also runs his own appliance repair business in Clovis, New Mexico.

Over the years, James has diagnosed and repaired thousands of appliances for many different customers. He has experience with almost every make and model of major appliance, and is a key contributor to our repair guides.

Read more about James here.

Picture of Austin Sharman, Television Repair Expert
Austin Sharman
Television Repair Expert

Austin Sharman is a Technical Support Specialist with over 10 years of experience across a broad range of IT roles.

In working as part of BestBuy’s ‘Geek Squad’, Austin helped thousands of customers resolve their IT issues. Including the professional installation and repair of televisions, home theatre systems, smart home devices, computers, networks, and more.

Now, Austin works as technical support for the school division of York County. He handles the computers, systems, high-end printers, and networks to support the teachers and students of the school division.

Read more about Austin here.

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