We’re building the web’s best resource on appliances. Tips, walkthroughs, recommendations, comparisons, and more. All for free.

We’re here to solve any problems you have with your appliances. You shouldn’t need to pay for a new appliance just because you don’t know how to fix the one you have. Or end up blowing the budget on the wrong model, because the salesmen convinced you that you needed it.

Our goal is to simplify the appliances in your life. Show you how to tweak, fix, and tune all the appliances in your home to keep them working at their best, let you get more out of them, and – of course – save you money.

Our Story

After being stuck spending hours searching how to fix appliance issues myself, I got frustrated that most of the answers out on the internet were horrible. They were too short, too vague, just plain wrong, or my pet hate – only there to sell you something.

In 2017 I’d had enough. I rolled up my sleeves and started Appliance Analysts with my best friend, a kickass web developer. The foundation of our work is producing easy to read, helpful guides that walk-through appliance related topics, fixes, or buying advice.

Going forward we’re striving to be the web’s best resource for appliance-related help.

Our Methods

We find our topics to write about in a bunch of different ways. From personal experience like “Hey I had an issue with this, we should write about it”, to using data analytics tools, to plain old common sense.

Once we’ve found an issue people struggle with, we create a first draft of how to help through our own thoughts and experiences. We’ll then scour the web to read almost every relevant resource on the topic – from research papers to other case studies.

By combining all that information, we’ll then put together the best resource we can to help people stuck on that topic. This can be anything from:

  • ‘How-To’ problem solving guides
  • Lists of tips and tricks on topics
  • Comparison guides between 2-3 options, products, or brands
  • A review of the best products for a topic
  • Any other informational guides

Whatever we write, our goal is to be as helpful as we can. If there’s any ways you think we could improve, or any topics you’d like us to cover – please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

Who Are We?


Craig is the main writer on the site, and the author of this page! I’m qualified with two engineering degrees, and have over 4 years researching, reviewing, and writing about appliance related topics. I have a special focus in anything HVAC – especially related to air conditioning.


One of the most frequent compliments we receive is on the quality and design of this website. And that’s down to Jonny. He’s custom-built this website to make our content as clear and easy to follow as possible. From the presentation to the standard format we analyze appliances in, that’s down to Jonny’s coding skills. We hope you like it!

When not customising Appliance Analysts or working on his own projects, Jonny likes to chip in with informational and how-to based guides based on his own real-life experience.


To help free up time, we work with editors to help collate all of our images, refine our content, and make sure our high standards are met.


We’re fortunate enough that Appliance Analysts is growing in popularity – we receive over 200,000 users a month! To help cover as many topics as we can, we often work with freelance writers to help develop our content. These writers follow our guidelines on topic research, writing, and formatting. Every article is then reviewed in detail and edited by both our editors and Craig before publishing.

How Do We Earn From The Site?

We support ourselves and our writers through display advertisements, and on occasion, affiliate commissions.

Putting adverts on AA was a big decision for me, as I’ve never been a big fan of them myself. However, they help massively to support us and the website – allowing me to cover way more topics and help more people.

I hope these aren’t too intrusive for you. We will at least never display annoying pop-ups, or ads that you can’t close. If you have a minute, I’d love to hear if you’ve found your experience with ads on our site via the contact page.

When we recommend products, these may be through an affiliated marketplace like Amazon – who give us a small percentage commission if you purchase through these links.

What Now?

If you’re reading this, thank you for showing such an interest! I hope this page has helped give you some insight into the behind the scenes of Appliance Analysts.

Our most helpful pages worth checking out are our Start Here page – which has tips on how to improve every single appliance in your home. You’re guaranteed to find ways to improve your appliances and save money there.

Otherwise, be sure to check out our Most Popular Posts on the home page. Instead of our traditional helpful articles, these are all a bit more fun and visual – with a lot of work put into each one. Make sure to check them out!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great morning / afternoon / evening.

Best wishes,