Hi there!

Welcome to our little place on the internet. We are Appliance Analysts, and we’re working hard to build one of the web’s best resources for homeowners. We specialize in creating guides and walkthroughs around home appliances, HVAC systems, other electronics, and general home troubleshooting topics.

Our Mission Statement

We want to create one of the world’s best resources for solving issues with home appliances, HVAC systems, and more.

Our vision is for you to easily find detailed, expert-approved guides to solve their appliance, HVAC, or home issues. We want you to be able to easily navigate through our website to find a specific issue you’re facing in your home, and discover a guided walkthrough you can trust to help solve your issue.

Why do this? We believe that no-one should need to pay thousands in call-out fees for a contractor to fix an issue that any homeowner could solve themselves. We are here to arm our readers with the knowledge and confidence they need to solve issues with their appliances and home issues.

Our Story

This whole website started with an idea back in 2016.

As a pretty handy guy, I got frustrated seeing friends and family members feeling down because of the stress and cost of needing to hire out contractors for every little issue with their appliances or HVAC systems.

I also realized that so many online guides to help with these issues were below par. They were often wrong, hard to read, or only there to prod and shove readers into buy their product.

Through graduating from my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering, I’d picked up a good understanding of how systems work – and an ability to write a lot of long reports. I figured that even though I wasn’t an expert, I could do better.

So in 2017, Appliance Analysts was born. Outside of my day job I’d spend my mornings and weekends writing blog articles on everything from air conditioners to ice cream makers. I was finding what issues people online were stuck with, and then I’d write guides to help them solve their issues and get their appliances working again.

Over time, I’m very thankful that the blog has grown significantly. From nothing we’ve reached peaks of almost 800,000 readers in a month! It’s mindblowing to me, and I’m grateful that people found value in my work.

In the last year or so we’ve unfortunately seen our traffic drop from Google. While I’ve been writing a lot of guides, I’d left a lot of what’s important in a modern website out. That’s why, if you’re a return visitor, you might have noticed some real changes with the site!

In 2023, I’m driving to make Appliance Analysts a known brand that you can trust. You’ll find much more information about me (Craig, the author) on the site that I was too shy to share before. I’ve also accepted that I don’t know everything. While I have a passionate for problem-solving and research, I don’t have years of experience repairing all the systems we cover.

To make sure this website is providing maximum value to our readers, I’ve brought on some fantastic expert reviewers to our team. These experts have decades of experience in their chosen field, and they’re actively working with me to review our content for accuracy and completeness. When you see one of our articles with an expert reviewer at the top, it means they’ve fully reviewed the content and I’ve incorporated their feedback.

Going forward, we have BIG plans for the site. We want Appliance Analysts to be your go-to resource when you have an issue with anything related to your appliances, HVAC, or general home issues. In the pipeline we have:

If you have any ideas on how we could improve, please shoot us a message via the contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Methods

We find our topics to write about in a bunch of different ways. From personal experience like “Hey I had an issue with this, we should write about it”, to using data analytics tools, to plain old common sense.

Once we’ve found an issue people struggle with, we create a first draft of how to help through our own thoughts and experiences. We’ll then scour the web to read almost every relevant resource on the topic – from research papers to other case studies.

By combining all that information, we’ll then put together the best resource we can to help people stuck on that topic. This can be anything from:

  • ‘How-To’ problem solving guides
  • Lists of tips and tricks on topics
  • Comparison guides between 2-3 options, products, or brands
  • A review of the best products for a topic
  • Any other informational guides

Whatever we write, our goal is to be as helpful as we can. If there’s any ways you think we could improve, or any topics you’d like us to cover – please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

How Do We Earn From The Site?

This website is a primary source of income for multiple members of our team. For myself especially, by being able to pay my bills I’m able to focus on making this website into the best resource I can. So one of the most common questions I get asked is how we generate an income via the website.

We support ourselves and our writers through three main methods:

The first is display advertising. Putting adverts on the website was a big decision for me, as I’ve never been a big fan of internet ads. However, ads are now our main source of income. While I’d prefer not to have them, they allow me to focus my time on making the website better, and hiring team members to help achieve our vision.

Next is a combination of affiliate commissions and lead generation. These are small percentage of our income, but they are on some articles. If we recommend a product that we love, we’ll often see if we can earn an affiliate commission from the vendor for making them our recommendation.

That being said, we will never allow this to bias our recommendations. While it may influence the marketplace we recommend (like Amazon), it will never influence the products we suggest.

Lead generation is a similar approach, but for service businesses. I found that we received way too many messages for me to answer on my own (or else we’d never make more helpful content!). To help, I often recommend people check out an advice service like JustAnswer, or we may recommend a marketplace to help you find trusted contractors in your area.

Again, I always make sure to vet these programs wherever we use them. They are a means to an end – being able to fund ourselves as we build the web’s most helpful website on appliances and HVAC topics. A little bit extra commission or ad money is nothing in comparison to achieving that!

Our Team

If you’d like to find out more about our team, please do check out our team page! You’ll find more information on everyone who helps contribute to this website – with further links to their individual pages.

What Next?

Thank you so much for reading this page and showing interest in our website.

If you’d like to see the best of our work, make sure to check out:

  • Our Appliance Challenge, where we help people save thousands of dollars
  • Our Home Page, where we have category navigation to help you find an article to solve your issue
  • Our Contact Page, if you’d like to get in touch (please do!)
  • And for a little bit of fun, check out our ‘Visual Articles’ for all the cool extra projects we have fun working on, as we try to get our site more known throughout the web.

All our best,

— Craig & The Team