Reset Your Oven After A Power Cut In 3 Simple Steps


Stuck trying to figure out how to reset your oven after a power cut?

That sucks! I know how annoying it can be when your oven stops working, especially when you’re entertaining.

But don’t worry; I’ll guide you through the reset process.

To reset your oven, turn off the power completely at the breaker box, wait five minutes, and turn it back on. Then, select the self-cleaning feature to ensure your oven is working again. If there was a power surge and the circuit breaker was already off, check the fuse to make sure it’s not blown.

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How To Reset Your Oven After a Power Cut: 3 Simple Steps

There are three simple steps in the reset process you must follow after a power cut to get your oven working again. These are:

#1 Go to the Breaker Box

When I see an oven not working after power cuts, I always check the circuit breaker box.

Locate the breakers labeled as “kitchen,” “oven,” “range,” or “stove”. If they recently experienced a power surge, they could be tripped in the off position.

If the breakers are not labeled, try looking for the double breaker as a starting point.

circuit breaker
Check if the breaker has tripped.

If the breaker is in the” On” position, please switch it off and wait five minutes to reset your oven. Waiting will help you ensure all residual power is drained from the system.

Then, follow the next steps.

#2 Reset the Electronic Control Panel

Homeowners often ask me how to reset oven control boards after a power cut, and it’s quite simple.

Once the breaker has been in the” off” position for at least five minutes, you just need to turn it back on and allow the control panel to boot up.

It is important not to press any keys while resetting your oven. The oven should take approximately 10 to 20 seconds to complete the cycle.

If you try to give the oven a command when it is still turning on, you can cause it to lock up, forcing you to complete the reset process again. Ensure there are no error messages on the electronic control panel before using the oven. 

#3 Give the Oven a Cycle To Complete

The next step in the reset process after a power cut is to select the self-cleaning feature to ensure your oven heats up properly.

If your oven can clean itself successfully, you probably addressed the issue. However, if there’s an error code on the display or your oven is not turning on, there’s likely something wrong with one or more of the internal components.

Before disassembling your oven, please ensure the child lock and the delay start feature are disabled.

Then, inspect the power cord and check the fuses; replace them if damaged. Please call a certified electrician if your fuses are to blame!

It’s also important to ensure the circuit is not overloaded. Using too many appliances simultaneously can keep your oven from turning on, so please try disconnecting them and using your oven.

If you’ve tried the tips above, but your oven still doesn’t turn on, click here to check our guide on fixing an oven that won’t turn on, or call a professional.

Final Thoughts: Resetting an Oven After a Power Cut

Hopefully, now you know how to reset your oven after a power cut.

Remember that during the reset process, you’ll need to go to the circuit breaker box, turn the breaker off, wait for five minutes, and turn it back on. Then, select the self-cleaning feature to ensure your oven works again.

If your oven is still not working, ensure the circuit is not overloaded, check the power cord and fuses, and turn off the child lock.

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