Without a good working oven light, you won’t be able to actually tell if your food is done without opening up the door and letting out all the heat. The good news is you can probably fix the issue yourself and get your light working again in no time.

To fix an oven light that won’t work, you’ll need to disconnect the oven from its power source and remove the light bulb and cover. Underneath should be some small screws that you will need to remove. You should be able to pull out the entire assembly holding the light bulb, socket, and holder together.

Ready to get your oven light working again? Let’s dive right in.

What You’ll Need

  • Oven manual
  • Lightbulb replacement
  • Screwdriver
Man taking out oven light bulb
Changing light bulbs in your oven will be painless and easy if you follow these steps!

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Check the Oven Power

Just because your oven light isn’t turning on it doesn’t mean that the bulb is always going to be the problem.

It could be that something caused your power to go out and none of the electricity in your oven is working. You can tell if your oven light is out or if you try and turn it on and nothing happens.

If that’s the case, check your plug first off to see if it got dislodged or disconnected from the outlet.

You should also take a look at the circuit breaker in your home to make sure it didn’t get tripped.

Step 2: Find the Right Bulb

If you’ve made sure the power is still on but the light still isn’t working, it may be time to replace the bulb.

Don’t make the mistake lots of other people make by thinking you could stick any old bulb inside your oven and it will be fine.

If a little speck of liquid falls onto a regular household bulb that you put in your oven it will shatter and you’ll have glass all over your dinner.

Check your oven’s manual to make sure you’re buying the exact type of bulb that is made for your oven. It will be more resistant to extreme temperatures and you won’t have to worry that something bad will happen.

Don’t have your owner’s manual? Not many people do, so it’s not a problem. Just do a quick search on the internet for the exact model type of your oven and add the words “owner’s manual” and a PDF should pop up.

Step 3: Replace the Bulb

The oven light is going to be inside your oven, so you won’t be able to switch it out if your oven is still hot.

Wait for it to cool completely and then take a look at the inside top of your oven where the bulb is usually located.

You might not be able to see it directly because the bulb is often shielded by a cover of some sort. This helps protect the bulb from coming in contact with any foods or liquids.

All ovens are different so the protective cover may come off just by gently pulling on it or twisting it off. Other shields have a small clip that is screwed in the top of your oven.

Take your screwdriver and remove the screws and place them in a secure place so you can put everything together when you’re done.

Hand pulling out light bulb
The bulb is often shielded by a cover of some sort, and it often comes off just by twisting it.

Throughout this process, you should be very mindful of the oven door and the amount of pressure you put on it. It can be easy to put all your weight on the oven door while you’re working.

Doing this can damage the door and cause it not to shut fully, ruining your oven altogether.

Once the cover is off, unscrew the old bulb and screw in the new one. Dispose of the old bulb properly.

Test out the light switch on your oven to see if that fixes the problem before putting the shield back on.

What If My Light Still Isn’t Working?

If you’ve gone through all of the steps above and your light still isn’t turning on there could be a bigger problem with the electrical wires.

It could be that over time the wires degraded and some have lost the physical connection required to function properly.

Without a background in electrical work, it’s best not to solve these types of issues on your own.

There is a large chance you could injure yourself or damage your oven beyond repair.

Call up an electrician when you believe you are having electrical issues so they can safely take a look without risking any harm to you.

How Long Does an Oven Light Last For?

Typically, oven bulbs are built to last around 900 hours for their lifespan. If you were to use the oven light 8 hours a day it would take about 4 months for your bulb to start fading and stop working.

Of course, this all depends on how much you use your oven light. There really aren’t any reasons that your bulb should be on eight hours a day because you won’t be cooking for that long every day over the period of four months.

Instead, you’ll probably only be turning on your oven light when you’re cooking something.

In that case, you could expect your oven light to last an entire year without ever needing to replace it.

If you are having trouble with your bulbs not lasting that long, there could be an issue with the connection.

Loose connections with your oven bulb can cause it to blow fairly early in its lifecycle. As the power is cutting in and out it is overwhelming the bulb and could cause some of the more sensitive materials to blow.

If you have to replace your bulb several times a year, there is a chance some kind of electrical issue is the culprit.


Fixing Your Oven Light

Having an oven light go out when you really need to check on your food can ruin a good meal. To keep your light working, check to see if the oven has power and then purchase the right type of bulb and go about replacing the old one.

With a new light, you can see exactly when your cookies are turning a golden brown so you can pull them at the exact right time. Thanks for reading and if you still need more help with your oven, check out the related articles below!