The Best Oven Brands Compared According To 22,000 Reviewers

Are you looking for the best oven brands out there, but all the options seem overwhelming?

You’re not alone! Shopping for a new oven is always exciting, but it’s not without its moments of indecision, as ovens typically are meant to last anywhere between 10–15 years.

It’s estimated that the yearly revenue for ovens and cookers in America will add up to $3.20B in 2023, meaning that thousands of brands are trying to convince you they’re the best.

But don’t worry; you came to the right place for answers.

Over the last 7 years covering all things appliances, I’ve seen my fair share of unhappy customers, poorly designed units, and costly repairs, and I want to save you all the trouble.

I’ve studied a massive public database of appliance reviews and data – including over 22,000 reviews on ovens alone! I’ve also provided opinions from our appliance repair experts on which brands they would recommend you choose.

Ready to find out the best oven brands? Then let’s dive in!

In case you prefer to listen, here’s a clip from our podcast where we discuss the most recommended brands of ovens.

Why trust us? This article was written by Craig Anderson and James Blackford.

Craig has helped thousands of other homeowners repair their appliances since 2016.

James is one of our resident appliance experts with over 16 years of experience. He currently works as a Master Technician for SquareTrade, and runs his own appliance repair business.

The Highest Rated Oven Brands From 257,000 Customer Ratings

Hundreds of thousands of oven manufacturers are trying to convince you that their product is the best.

In my experience, many elements make up a good oven, such as lifespan, warranty length, quietness, materials, efficiency, and much more.

Here’s a chart showing the best-rated oven brands based on 22,000 reviews.

A chart showing the best-rated oven brands
There are many more brands out there, but these are the strongest ones out there

Surprisingly, Bertazzoni, one of the worst-rated brands on the chart above, is a luxury manufacturer with products that start around $2,500 and can go up to +$12,000!

The chart could trick you into thinking that Bertazzoni’s expensive ovens are probably rated so poorly because of their high price. But surprisingly enough, JennAir, the second-best-rated brand on the chart, has similar prices.

More budget-friendly brands, such as GE and Bosch (which have models starting as low as $500), seem to be right in the middle, which is surprising considering all the added features premium brands have to offer.

Or is it?

In my opinion, the more expensive something is, the higher the standards we’ll hold it to, and the opposite happens with cheaper alternatives, as we expect them not to be as good.

I have a lot more charts and data coming up later in the article – but I know that not everyone loves tons of charts. 

Instead, I want to share the thoughts of one of our resident appliance repair experts on what they think of these most popular brands after repairing thousands of them.

Appliance Repair Expert On The Best Oven Brands

When looking into the best oven brands to buy, it’s always welcome to hear what people with experience have to say. I asked James Blackford, one of our trusted appliance experts, to weigh in on each brand.


James said that, for most people, he recommends Whirlpool hands down, as their products are dependable and deliver great cooking results. James also talked about the wide range of options available to people depending on their specific needs.

They have basic ranges and ovens that are both affordable and reliable, and also higher-end models with convection and special features. The life expectancy on them is also great, and just about any repair company can work on them without super high rates for parts and labor“.


On the pricier end of things, James also recommended JennAir for people who sell baked goods on online platforms like Etsy, as the convection cooking is even. He also mentioned that the overall build quality of the brand’s products is solid and that they are designed to hold temperature very well.

These ovens are extremely accurate with minimal temp changes as the elements cycle. They are a little more expensive than other brands’ products, but they make baking simple and worry-free”.


James also mentioned that Samsung is a good option for people who want it all (such as a Wi-Fi connection and all those niceties), even though they sometimes lack polishing in their engineering of electronics and stable parts.

Despite their overengineered units, they are surprisingly good at keeping a steady temperature with minimal temp swings. They are also one of the few brands that offer a convection feature on their gas models“, he explained.


James also covered Hotpoint and Amana, which, although not covered in this comparison, are brands that also deserve to be mentioned.

For the landlord with 100 units, Hotpoint is the cheapest way to go. They get the job done, they aren’t pretty, and don’t pay too close attention to the temp swings, but they are some of the cheapest on the market“.

From Amana, which is essentially a budget Whirlpool in the low-end, inexpensive line, you can expect better looks and performance than Hotpoint. However, I don’t recommend buying either one of these if you’re planning on baking against Gordon Ramsay, as it won’t go well“.

Premium Brands (Viking, Thermador, Wolf)

Lastly, he gave us additional insight into the higher-end, premium brands, such as Viking, Thermador Wolf, etc.

They are essentially restaurant-quality appliances, and you get what you pay for. These units are extremely accurate, their parts are designed like a tank, and while the price point is close to that of a cheap new car, if you have a 10,000 square feet mansion, they’re a solid choice“.

Ranking the Best Oven Brands


James said Wolf units are great for people with the highest cooking standards. Wolf offers restaurant-quality meals and has highly-accurate temperature controls. Wolf ovens are not cheap, but they’re worth every penny.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts10
Temperature Control10
Built like a tank and is very accurate in terms of cooking


One of James’ favorites. JennAir’s ovens are reliable, have good temperature swings, and are aesthetically pleasing to anyone’s kitchen.

“Looks great, cooks great, temp swing is nice, and it has several features. Not to mention the large cooking space”.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts9.5
Temperature Control9.5
Great looking units with a lot of features


Although James is not a fan of General Electric, he finds Cafe’s product line somewhat better than those sold by the parent company.

Café is GE’s attempt at a designer oven; they do look nice and have some surprisingly customizable options that make the kitchen pop. They will be desired for that reason, and fortunately, GE did try harder with Café. I would put them close to Whirlpool and others as far as quality, and the features will be many. Café is one of the few GEs I wouldn’t mind getting“.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts7
Temperature Control8
An overall solid choice if you’re looking for a sleek-looking kitchen


Unfortunately, James hasn’t had the chance to work on ZLINE units yet; however, we can still analyze the brand objectively.

ZLINE is the 4th best-rated manufacturer in the charts, which is a great sign. The models ZLINE offers are within the “normal” price range, and they’re even cheap when compared to top-tier brands like Viking or Thermador.


James told us that models by Frigidaire are cheap but solid and that the average lifespan of one of these units should be long. He also talked about the higher-end models of the brand.

There are some designer-type lines of Frigidaire ovens like the gallery that are a bit fancier and are a safe and solid choice for anyone”.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts6.5
Temperature Control6.5
Cheap but reliable. You can expect a decent product lifespan


James praised the amount and quality of the features KitchenAid ovens have to offer. He also talked about some of the temperature controls.

Great oven looks, great features, good and dependable temp swing. Would definitely recommend it if you can find a deal on this brand”.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts8
Temperature Control8
A great brand if found on sale


According to James, GE products are not bad, per se, but they’re not great either. He commented on the build quality of the units made by the manufacturer.

GE is okay, but they overcompensate with loads of neat and innovative features to try to distract you from their less-than-desirable build quality. If there is a higher-end GE on sale with the features you want, get it – but if you can get the same thing in another brand for the same price, get away from GE“.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts5
Temperature Control7
Good features, but a little lackluster everywhere else


James says that Viking ovens are wonderfully-built, professional-grade ovens that will not disappoint, as their quality and design speak for themselves. However, he also commented on their staggering price.

Viking products are built like a tank, don’t really break, are really accurate, and overall amazing. They have a huge amount of surface cooking space and interior cooking space, but good lord, they cost more than the average kitchen. If you have the money to burn, I can’t recommend Viking enough”.

Rating (1/10)
Construction & Parts10
Temperature Control10
Accurate and resistant. High-quality overall


James has yet to work on a product from Bosch manufacturer; however, the overall rating isn’t bad. Granted, Bosch is on the lower half of the chart, but considering that all brands except the three at the bottom have a rating above 4, even in such a position, you’re likely still looking at quality.


Thermador is another brand James hasn’t encountered before, but judging by its 4.09 rating; we can safely say that they offer great products. The only issue here is that, as you’ll see in another graph below, the average price for a Thermador unit is around $9,367!

Forno Appliances

Same thing as before. Since the later brands are not as popular, encountering them on the job can be hard. That said, with a 3.85 rating and an average unit price of $3,743, you might find something better (Frigidaire) for a smaller price tag.


Bertazzoni is tied with Fisher & Paykel at the bottom of the rating chart, with an overall score of 3.25, and considering that the average unit price is $8,835, I strongly recommend you look elsewhere unless you want something really specific.

Fisher & Paykel

At the bottom of the list, we have Fisher & Paykel manufacturer, with a score of 3.25. While James hasn’t had the chance to work on a Fisher & Paykel unit before, it’s safe to say that, for an average price per unit of $6,799, you can likely find something more reliable for cheaper.


James says that while many models from LG look fancy, the company doesn’t invest the proper amount of money into ensuring the products work.

Some ranges don’t even have a bake element, and people will burn food without knowing why. As it turns out, it’s because LG doesn’t tell you their product doesn’t have a bake element; it’s nuts”, he explained.


According to James, the ovens from Samsung are fine but a little overengineered.

If you can find a high-end Samsung on sale, it’s worth a buy, as typically these ovens have loads of features. However, life expectancy is less than 7 years”, he said.

Are More Expensive Oven Better?

Not always.

A higher price tag is not always equivalent to an amazing product that provides a great experience. Sometimes, high-end ovens are overpriced, and manufacturers try to justify it by saying they have many options.

However, most homeowners might not need all the extra bells and whistles.

A chart showing the average price of ovens from different brands
Some ovens on the market can cost as much as an entry-level brand-new car!

This is where things get fascinating. JennAir, which is among the best-rated brand in our analysis, has an average product price of $6,302, whereas lower-rated alternatives, such as Viking, are priced in the range of +$17,000.

So, in summary – no. The highest-priced ovens in the market will not always be the best, so it’s critical to do proper research and consider your personal kitchen needs before spending your hard-earned money.

The Brands With The Most Oven Models

Some would argue that more models mean less time and resources to fine-tune a brand’s products, which can result in bad quality or constant malfunctions. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not for the most part.

A chart showing the number of models per oven brand
Surprisingly enough, the brand with the highest product price average is also the one with the most models

Viking ovens are top-of-the-line units with tens of different features, premium materials, and innovative designs to ensure the best cooking process every time. The fact that Viking has so many models goes against the main principle of Premium brands, as these typically have fewer options that fit their users, and not the other way around.

Surprisingly, one of the top-rated brands (JennAir) is the second manufacturer with the least models in the analysis. The results could prove the theory that brands that focus on a few products and reinforce them to be great are more likely to be well-received and leave their customers satisfied.

How to Find the Perfect Oven?

What might work for some people might not work for you. My usual advice is to account for the number of family members you live with, your baking habits, and how large your cooking batches are.

For a proper analysis, you need a detailed source of information covering every aspect you might need/want to know, and luckily, we already have an oven buyer’s guide all set up for you! Make sure to check the guide out before going shopping.

Tip: A critical thing to consider before buying a brand-new oven is how much it costs to run. If you want to learn more, refer to our free oven cost-to-run calculator.

So, What’s the Best Oven Brand?

It’s really up to you.

While I’ve done my best to provide useful information to shine a light on each brand’s strongest advantages and deepest flaws, at the end of the day, only you know exactly what you need for your daily life.

Everybody’s different; thus, appliances should fit into every individual’s life, not vice versa. That being said, we can draw some general conclusions based on the data presented above and the valuable opinion of our expert.

  • Viking ovens are the best of the best. Built like a tank, spacious, and accurate, Viking ovens will not disappoint, but you’ll have to pay a small fortune to get them.
  • Wolf ovens are also amazing, with a total score of 29/30. While they’re not as expensive as Viking units, they’re twice as much as a ZLINE unit.
  • Frigidaire is the perfect mid-point between a long lifespan and an affordable price.
  • Unless you want a specific feature, stay away from lower-end GE appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean My Oven?

Depending on how often you use the oven, you might have to clean it more often. If you use your oven daily, cleaning it thoroughly every 6 weeks should be more than enough.

How Can I Clean My Oven?

You can either use a commercial oven cleaner or a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and baking soda.

If you choose the former, please read the indications on the product’s packaging. If it’s the latter, spray the mixture on the internal compartment of your oven, let it sit overnight, and then carefully scrub off any impurities.

How Long Should I Preheat My Oven?

The typical oven should reach the desired preheated temperature within 10–15 minutes.

Can I Place Aluminum Foil in the Oven?

Absolutely. Many people avoid using aluminum in their ovens out of fear of getting the same reaction they would from a microwave oven, but there’s nothing to worry about.

While microwave ovens work by accelerating water particles through electromagnetic radiation, conventional ovens use gas or electricity to produce heat.

Don’t be afraid to use aluminum!

Can I Cook Multiple Dishes at the Same Time?

Yes. Unless a specific recipe states that temperature control must be very precise, you can cook several dishes at once.

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