How To Reset Any Modern Microwave In 4 Simple Steps

Modern Microwave

Are you wondering how to reset your microwave?

You’re not alone! In this article, you’ll learn how to perform a reset to get your microwave working again.

To reset your microwave, press the Off/Clear or Stop/Cancel button. You can also perform a hard reset by unplugging your microwave from the wall outlet, waiting for a few minutes, and plugging it back in. Don’t forget to make sure the child lock is turned off.

Read on to learn more about the resetting process!

4 Simple Steps to Reset Any Modern Microwave

If you’re wondering how to reset your microwave, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

There are some simple steps you can follow to perform a reset in any microwave and potentially solve different performance issues.

#1 Soft Reset

When I see a malfunctioning microwave, I always perform a soft reset, as this is one of the easiest ways to solve errors.

To initiate a soft reset, simply press the microwave reset button for a few seconds. Depending on your microwave model, the button can be labeled as Off/Clear or Stop/Cancel.

Bear in mind that different microwaves can have different buttons for a soft reset. Please refer to the manufacturer’s manual before performing a reset.

Pushing the reset button clears you from any program you or a family member started, even if you do not know what they were trying to do when using the microwave.

How to soft reset a microwave
Microwaves have an off/clear or stop/cancel button that will allow you to perform a soft reset.

#2 Use the Child Lock Feature

If you want to perform a reset in your microwave because the buttons or control panel are not working, please try checking the child lock feature.

From what I’ve seen, the child lock feature is mostly available in modern microwaves. Older microwaves usually don’t support it.

Check if the child lock feature is activated before assuming your microwave is dead. If it is, press the Stop/Clear button on the keypad and hold the Start/Enter button for approximately four seconds.

Keep in mind that the child lock button will vary depending on the model you own. Please refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions.

If turning off the child lock does not work, you need to try a hard reset of your microwave.

#3 Start a Hard Reset

In my opinion, the easiest way to reset a microwave is by unplugging it from the wall outlet, waiting for a few minutes, and plugging it back in.

When conducting a hard reset on your microwave, keep in mind that you’ll need to reset the time and possibly other settings, depending on the brand and the model of your microwave.

It is important to reset the time as certain microwaves won’t function properly unless the clock is accurately set. If your microwave model or brand falls into this category, I recommend not taking any chances and setting the clock to prevent potential issues.

#4 Time for a Checkup

Once you’ve performed a reset in your microwave, please check the function that was initially not working.

Working Microwave
After the reset, your microwave should be working fine

Does it still not work? My advice is to try the reset process again. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, you will likely need to contact a certified repair person or purchase a new microwave.

Remember, the lifespan of a microwave is approximately ten years. Do not attempt to perform repairs on your microwave if you do not have the professional knowledge and experience to perform repairs. You do not want to risk experiencing an injury or possibly causing a fire.

Reasons That Your Microwave May Need to be Reset

Now that you’ve learned how to reset a microwave, it’s crucial to understand other circumstances in which you’ll need to perform a reset again.

In my experience, some microwave issues that lead to the potential need for a reset of your microwave include:

  • The microwave does not heat properly.
  • Your modern microwave does not start.
  • The microwave buttons do not work properly.
  • The glass turntable makes unusual noises or does not turn during microwave operation.
  • The clock or timer does not display properly.

Unless your microwave is an older model that stands several feet high and weighs several hundred pounds, chances are that you’ll be able to save your microwave by performing a simple hard or soft reset of the appliance.


Hopefully, now you’ll know how to reset your microwave.

Remember, press the microwave reset button (Off/Clear or Stop/Cancel) for a few seconds, or unplug your appliance, wait for a few minutes, and plug it back into the wall outlet. Don’t forget to turn off the child lock if the buttons are not working.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article! If you found it helpful, please check out our other free guides below.

Good luck!

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