How to Throw Away or Recycle a Kettle: 7 Options

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So, you’ve got your eye on a lovely new kettle. But how can you go about throwing away or recycling your old one?

If you’re looking to dispose of an old electrical kettle, the best way is to take it to a recycling center or send it to an appliance disposal program. You could also send the kettle back to the manufacturer, donate it to charity, or simply sell it online! Whatever you do, please don’t just throw the kettle in the trash.

That’s the quick answer, but there’s a little more to disposing of your old kettle correctly. If you want to understand all of the options at your disposal, please read on.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

7 Ways to Recycle Your Old Kettle

Your household recycling waste is no place for an old kettle. Nor can you throw the kettle into your general waste bin. Kettles are better for the environment when appropriately recycled.

Below, you’ll find a list of 7 easy ways to recycle an electric kettle so you can avoid fines and make sure to keep the process environmentally friendly.

#1 Go to Your Local Recycling Center

Recycling your old electric kettle by taking it to your local recycling center is a great option. You can check online to see where the recycling center closest to you is. From what I’ve seen, you can also find out the times the centers are open and the type of items they accept. 

Most metal recycling centers will take an old kettle. But it is best to double-check your centers’ websites before you journey down there. If you can’t find much information online, most recycling centers have a contact number you can call.

#2 Check Responsible Appliance Disposal Programs

The Responsible Appliance Disposal program works to recycle electric kettles and other items sustainably. The program has been operating in some parts of the US since 2006. Some disposal programs even offer participants an incentive to recycle their old appliances.

So, you could even get some money back as you dispose of your electric kettle. Maybe enough to put a dent in the price of a new, more energy-efficient one!

In general terms, responsible appliance disposal programs do the following:

  • Help people sustainably dispose of their old electrical items.
  • Send people’s items to a recycling facility with the best practices for handling them.
  • Maximize the recycling potential of several appliances.

So, how must you recycle your kettle with a Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD)? My usual recommendation is to contact the recycling center to find out which items they accept.

If you have a couple more appliances you want to recycle, driving down to your nearest recycling center could be a great opportunity for extra space in your home!

#3 Return to the Manufacturer

Another way for you to dispose of your old electric kettle is to return it to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers encourage their customers to return their old electrical appliances and offer a small discount on new ones as an incentive.

However, in my experience, many big-name manufacturers will not accept old products back and instead encourage their customers to use alternative methods to dispose of their electrical items.

If you’d like to return your kettle to its manufacturer, you should check the company’s website first to be sure that they will accept your old kettle.

Note: if you’re wondering how to dispose of your old electrical kettle due to a blown fuse or another internal issue, wait! Check if your appliance is still under warranty, as you might be able to get it serviced for free instead of throwing it away.

#4 Donate to Charity

Does your old kettle still work? Most charitable organizations will happily accept your second-hand electronics if they’re in good condition and have only been lightly used. 

Which charity organization should you send your old kettle to? Here’s a list of some organizations you could donate your kettle to:

  • The Salvation Army. Not all electrical items are accepted at every Salvation Army location. It’s good to contact your local branch to check that they will accept your kettle before you arrange to take it. 
  • Goodwill. Over 7,000 Goodwill stores across the US are happy to take small electrical items. Just make sure you donate a kettle with no leaks and in proper working condition.
  • Habitat ReStore. The Habitat ReStore charity generally accepts small electrical items that have had a previous owner. You should, however, ensure that the item is in good condition. 
  • Thrift stores. You may be able to donate your appliance to your local thrift store.
  • Churches. Some churches will take in small electrical items to pass them on to families in need in your community. It’s best to phone the church to find out if such an item would be useful to them.

#5 Online Sales

Another great way to dispose of your old electric kettle is online sales. Many second-hand auction sites will allow you to sell your items for a small fee.

There are two main types of sites available:

  • Auction sites. Potential buyers place bids for your items. The highest bidder will receive the item. 
  • Ordinary selling websites. You set a fixed price for your used item online. Whoever is interested in the kettle can purchase it. 

After the sale has gone through, you can arrange for the buyer to pick up the item. Alternatively, you can organize delivery to the buyer.

#6 Giftgiving

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Although you may want to recycle your electric kettle and get rid of it, it could be just what someone else is looking for. 

Your old kettle could be useful to:

  • A student that wants to save some money on their first purchase of household appliances.
  • Someone looking for an old kettle to put in an outhouse or garage.
  • A person in need.

#7 Upcycling

Last but certainly not least, upcycling is a great way for you to recycle an old electric kettle. Upcycling will help you do something for the environment and also allow you to unleash your creative side. 

Here are some of my favorite upcycling kettle ideas. 

  • Drill holes into the bottom and use the kettle as a planter. The older and more rustic the kettle, the better!
  • Remove the lid, base, and electric irons and use them to house large cooking utensils.
  • Spray paint the kettle, then use it for home flowers. Faux or real. 
  • Spray paint the kettle, then use it for storage.
  • Decorate the kettle and use it as an ornament in the garden. This will work especially well if you have a teapot rather than an electric kettle

Stuck for ideas? Take a look at some of these kettle upcycling creations.


Throwing away or recycling your old kettle might seem like hard work, as you cannot put it in your home’s waste bin. But as the 7 options in this article have shown you, recycling your old electric kettle can be very simple.

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