4 Inch vs 8 Inch Faucets: Which to Choose and Why


Trying to decide between a 4 inch vs 8 inch faucet?

You’re not alone. Understanding the differences between faucets can be tricky.

But don’t worry! I’m here to help.

A 4-inch faucet is ideal for small sinks and can come in a center set or mini widespread design. 8-inch faucets, on the other hand, are suitable for large sinks and come in a widespread design. Both faucets come with single or double handles.

Keep reading to learn more about their differences and choose the ideal faucet that will match your bathroom style!

4 Inch vs 8 Inch Faucets

In this section, I’ll guide you through all the important details to consider when comparing 4-inch and 8-inch faucets.

But why is choosing the right faucet so important? Well, the right faucet will save you the hassle of drilling new holes or covering up holes in your sink.

Choosing the right faucet will also help you select the spout and handle positions that match the size of your bathroom.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

#1 Faucet Hole Spacing

I find that one of the main differences between a 4-inch and an 8-inch faucet is the distance between the outer holes.

A faucet with a 4-inch hole spacing will fit sinks where the outer holes are spaced 4 inches apart. Similarly, an 8-inch faucet hole spacing is designed to fit sinks with outer holes that measure 8 inches apart.

Does your sink have a distance of 4 inches between its pre-drilled outer holes? Then you can choose a 4-inch centerset faucet or a 4-inch mini widespread faucet.

What if your sink has a distance of 8 inches between its pre-drilled holes? Then you will have to use an 8-inch widespread faucet.

8-inch faucet
Ensure your faucet will match the pre-drilled holes on your sink!

What if your sink only has one pre-drilled hole? Not all sinks are suitable for 4-inch and 8-inch faucets. If your sink only has one pre-drilled hole in the middle, you will be best off with a single-hole faucet.

But what if your sink has 4-inch pre-drilled holes, and you want to use an 8-inch faucet? Then you can cover the holes with a plate.

Covering the holes allows you to choose a 4-inch or an 8-inch faucet and drill new holes to accommodate it. There’s no end to the possibilities!

#2 The Size of the Bathroom

My usual advice when comparing 4 inch vs 8 inch faucets is to think about the size of the bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, it would be best to choose a 4-inch faucet. If you have a large bathroom, you should choose an 8-inch faucet.

You see, an 8-inch widespread faucet can look out of place in a small bathroom. So, it’s best to choose one of the following faucets which use space efficiently:

  • A 4-inch centerset faucet. They are available in single and double-handle variations.
  • A 4-inch mini widespread faucet. Also available in single and double-handle variations.
4-inch faucet
Smaller faucets will look better in a more compact bathroom

If you have a large bathroom, a centerset faucet can get swallowed up and look lost when placed in a large sink. Instead, consider purchasing a widespread faucet, which is available in double-handle variations and looks really good in large bathrooms.

Are you designing your bathroom? Then you can make your spouts and handles as widespread as you like. There is nothing like putting a touch of personality in the bathroom!

#3 The Design of the Spout and Handles

When choosing between a 4-inch vs. 8-inch faucet, I recommend considering the design you want in the sprout and handles.

There are a couple of variations for you to choose from:

  • Attached spouts and handles. They have their spouts and handles on one unit, which makes them look neat and compact. They come with either single or double handles. For the attached spouts and handles, you will have to choose a 4-inch faucet.
  • Separate spouts and handles. They come in two varieties:
    1. Mini widespread faucets. They come in three separate pieces. They have a 4-inch spread and come with double handles. For mini widespread faucets, you have to choose a 4-inch faucet.
    2. Widespread faucets. They come in three separate pieces and can be spread over the top of your sink. They also come with double handles. For a widespread faucet, you will have to choose from the 8-inch varieties.

Wrapping Up: Key Differences Between a 4 Inch vs 8 Inch Faucet

Here’s a quick summary of the key differences between 4-inch and 8-inch faucets:

4-Inch Faucet8-Inch Faucet
4-inches between the centers of the outermost holes8-inches between the centers of the outermost hole
Ideal for small sinksIdeal for large sinks
Single or double handleSingle or double handle
Centerset faucet or mini widespread faucetWidespread faucet

Are you still on the fence about whether you should choose a 4-inch or an 8-inch faucet? Answer the questions below to help you decide which will be best for you.

  1. What is the distance between the pre-drilled outer holes in your sink? If it is 4-inches, you should choose a 4-inch faucet. If it is 8 inches, select an 8-inch faucet. Alternatively, cover the pre-drilled holes with a plate. They come in various colors, so you don’t need to stick with the ones you see at hardware stores. You can then choose any size faucet and drill new holes. Now that’s adaptable!
  1. What is the size of your sink? If you have a small sink, I suggest choosing a 4-inch faucet, as they are compact. If you have a sink bathroom, consider an 8-inch faucet.

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