How to Reset a GE Refrigerator In 4 Easy Steps

Refrigerator smells like burning

Is your GE refrigerator not working?

You’re not alone! I’ll guide you through the reset process to get your fridge working in no time.

To reset your GE refrigerator, please unplug it from the wall outlet, wait for five minutes, and then plug it back in. You can also turn it off at the circuit breaker to reset it. For modern fridges, perform a reset by going to the Settings menu.

Read on to learn more about how to reset GE refrigerators!

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4 Tips for Resetting Any GE Refrigerator

In this section, I’ll guide you through the steps you must follow to perform a reset on a GE refrigerator.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

#1 Find Your User Manual

When you’re wondering how to reset a GE refrigerator, your first step should be to consult the user manual.

The reset instructions will vary depending on the specific model you own. While in this article, I’ll provide some general guidelines, my usual advice is to double-check the manufacturer’s manual.

If you don’t have your manual handy, that’s ok! Try using our free resource below or read on for instructions on how to find it.

You can also go to Google and type “GE [model] Refrigerator Manual PDF.” 

Here’s an example of what you should type: GE PFE28KYNFS Refrigerator Manual PDF.

Typing the example above into a search engine helped me to find this user manual for a GE French Door refrigerator. Inside the manual, I found more details on how to reset that particular model.

Alternatively, you can find your user manual on the GE website. Use this owner manual search tool to find yours. 

Don’t know your model number? No worries! Keep reading for some general reset methods that cover most fridges.

Front View Of GE Fridge
Coming up, you’ll find three tips to reset your GE fridge. Photo by GE.

#2 Perform a Software Reset

If you have a modern GE refrigerator, you can perform a software reset to get it working in no time.

For a software reset, go to the Settings menu and select the Reset option. Remember, the reset process will vary depending on your model, so check your manual.

I find that on some GE refrigerators, the software reset option is in Settings > About > Reset.

#3 Hard Reset

In my opinion, performing a hard reset is one of the easiest ways to get your GE refrigerator working again.

A hard reset will fix just about everything a soft reset can. Just be careful because it can sometimes erase your settings. 

Here’s how you can perform a hard reset on your GE refrigerator:

  1. Turn off the fridge. If there’s a power button inside the fridge, press and hold it until the lights turn off.
  2. Unplug the fridge. Reach behind the unit and remove the plug from the wall. Cutting off its electrical supply helps stop any glitches.
  3. Wait for five minutes.
  4. Plug the fridge back in and turn it back on. Your fridge should now be back in working order!

*TIP: If you cannot reach behind the fridge to unplug it, turn it off at the circuit breaker. Leave the circuit breaker off for at least 3 minutes before attempting to turn it back on again.

circuit breaker
Go to the circuit breaker and reset your GE fridge.

#4 Check for Error Codes

If the soft or hard reset doesn’t work, I recommend checking the display for error codes.

Smart fridges can self-diagnose their problems in most cases. So, if you’re seeing an error code, you can check the issue in GE’s error code database to learn how to fix it.

In their database, you’ll find a list of the most common GE error codes and some handy instructions to help you fix the problem. 

Here are the most common error codes that you can see on your GE refrigerator.

Error CodeDefinition
FFThe temperature in the refrigerator is rising. Check your frozen food.
PFThe refrigerator has lost power.
CIThere’s an issue with the ice maker.
DEDemo mode has been activated. The lights will stay on, but the refrigerator will not cool. Unplug to deactivate.
dEThe refrigerator has had a fault for more than 24 hours
CCThere is a temperature fault. Check the temperature controls.
Adjusting fridge temperature
If your GE fridge is displaying a “CC” error code, please check the temperature.

What should you do if your GE refrigerator displays a different error code? There are a couple of codes, such as tC and tF, that your refrigerator will display that do not indicate errors. The Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze codes (tC and tF) mean the fridge is running as it should.

There are more GE error codes than are listed on their database. But the error codes that are not listed are the ones that you would need to check with a technician. It is unsafe for you to handle and try to fix these parts independently.

After the Reset

Now, let’s discuss what you should do after the GE fridge reset.

In most cases, one of these reset methods will do the trick, and you will solve your problem. Even so, it’s important to double-check that everything is now operating as it should.

Check the touch panel (if your fridge has one) and ensure the temperature settings are appropriate. Your fridge should sit between 3 °C (37.4 °F) and 5 °C (41 °F).

Once your fridge runs again, please pay attention to it for the next few days. Ensure the refrigerator runs normally, without any weird temperature fluctuations or error messages. If everything seems to be ok, you’re all set.

But if the issue persists, please check your warranty status and call a professional, as there’s probably an issue with one or more of the internal components.

Why Do Refrigerators Need a Reset?

Now you know how to reset GE refrigerators, but have you ever wondered why a reset is needed?

Well, everything with a computer chip in it is vulnerable to computer bugs. The smarter your fridge, the more parts it has that can freeze up.

Sometimes, programs can get caught in a loop. If a program is given too many commands at once, commands that conflict, or commands that make no sense, it can freeze. Basically, the program gets confused and stops responding to anything.

In your computer, bugs and glitches look like the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). In your fridge, however, bugs can manifest as an unresponsive ice maker, a black touch screen, or a flashing control panel.

Resetting is a quick solution to the issue, as it terminates the program that’s having problems and lets it restart. If the issue was a temporary glitch, you’ll be good to go after a quick reset.

Resetting Your GE Refrigerator

Hopefully, now you know how to reset GE fridges.

Remember that you can perform a reset on modern refrigerators by going to the Settings menu and selecting the Reset option. However, if you have a traditional model, you can also try unplugging the unit for five minutes and plugging it back in. If the issue persists, don’t forget to check if there’s an error code and look into GE’s database to fix it.

Thank you so much for reading! Please check out our related articles for a lot more free information on how to find and use amazing appliances for your home.

Good luck.


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