Microwave Light Stuck On? Check These 4 Things

If you use your microwave on a regular basis, you probably rely on the light from time to time. For example, when the microwave is on, the light should turn on as well. Then, when this microwave is off, you have watch the light turn off also. If the light is not turning off as it should, you might be wondering what to do.

There are several possible reasons why the microwave light system might be staying on. For example, there might be a button that has gotten stuck. Or, there could be an issue with the door latch system. There could even be a problem with the control board itself. These are all possible issues you need to address, so it is critical to take a systematic approach.

We have done a lot of research to figure out some of the most common reasons why the light to a microwave will not shut off. We have put this information in a convenient guide for you below, so see if you can figure out what is going on with your microwave. That way, your light will not stay on when it should not.

Are you ready to take a closer look at the light to your microwave? Let’s dive in.

The Light Services Two Functions

Before we figure out what is wrong with the light in your specific microwave, it is important to take a closer look at the critical functions of your light. There’s a good chance that your microwave has two separate light systems. The first is the light inside the microwave. This is the light that comes on when you cook food.

In general, the light inside your microwave should turn on when the microwave is working. Then, the light should turn off when the microwave is off and you close the door. 

It is also possible that you may have a nightlight underneath the microwave. This is a light that you may be able to turn on if you are using the stove. Or, you may simply turn on the light if you need a bit of extra light in the kitchen. You should have total control over this light. You may even be able to control how bright it shines.

In the guide below, we are going to talk about issues that may impact both of these lighting systems. That way, you can figure out which light system is not working appropriately. 

Why the Light Won’t Turn Off

There are several possible reasons why the light to your microwave will not turn off. A few possible reasons include: 

#1 There Is a Button That Is Stuck

a person operating a microwave oven
There might be a separate on/off button for the light in the control panel or a button could be stuck

One of the first reasons why your microwave light might not be turning off as it should is that there is a button somewhere that has gotten stuck. If you want your light to turn on, you may have to press a button. Then, you need to press another button if you want the microwave light to shut off.

If the button has gotten stuck, you may have a difficult time sending commands to the system. As a result, even though you feel like you are pressing the button, the button is simply not responding.

When you press the button, you should hear it beep. If you do not hear it beep, this is a sign that the button is probably stuck. The most common reason why the button has gotten stuck in that grease and oil has caused the button to stick in the down position.

Clearly, the solution is to clean the exterior of the microwave. When you clean off the oil and grease, you should feel the button pop underneath your finger. When this happens, this is a sign that you have released the button. The button should start working properly.

Therefore, take a few seconds to play with the button. See if the microwave light is not responding as it should. If their microwave light is working properly, you have fixed the problem. If there is still a problem with the light, you may want to take a look at a few other issues as well.

#2 The Door Latch Is Not Working Properly

Another possible reason why the microwave light is staying on is that the door latch is not working properly. Keep in mind that the microwave light is supposed to come on when you open the door. The microwave light should also come on when you start the microwave.

If the microwave light is staying on even when the microwave is off, this is a sign that the door latch might not be working properly. For example, the microwave may believe the door is still open even when it is closed. Therefore, the microwave light stays on. 

The easiest way to deal with a problem is to clean the door latch. Take a look at the door latch, see if there is a bunch of food residue in the system, and try to remove it. You may want to use a can of compressed air to blow it out of the way. Or, you may want to use a soft table cloth and a cleaning solution to clean the inside of it.

After you have thoroughly cleaned this part of the microwave, see if the microwave light goes off when you close the door. If it does, you have fixed the issue. If not, there may be a problem with the internal component of the door latch. Or, there may be a problem somewhere else in the microwave. 

Regardless, it is probably time to reach out to an expert if you want to continue investigating the door latch. There is a chance that you might have to replace the lock itself, but it may be more cost-effective to replace the microwave entirely.

#3 There Is a Problem with the Control Board

Next, it may be helpful to take a look at the control board. The control board is responsible for taking the information from various parts of the microwave and using this to generate appropriate signals.

To figure out where the control board is located, you need to take a look at the manual. The manual should let you know where the control board is located, but it usually sits behind the keypad. 

You may need to use a screwdriver to remove the exterior keypad. After you have done so, you will need to use a multimeter to test the control board itself. If you see any abnormal components throughout the control board, you will need to replace them. There is a possibility that there could be a problem with the signal relay. If that is the case, the light system might not be getting the right signals from the control board, which is why it stays on even when it should not.

man testing the microwave with a multimeter
You will need a screwdriver to remove the covering and a multimeter to test for faulty components

#4 There Is an Issue with the Filament Short

If someone has replaced the lightbulb in the microwave recently, there could be an issue with the filament short. If you are replacing the light bulb in your microwave, it is important for you to unplug the microwave first. If you do not unplug the microwave before you start to mess with it, you could cause the filament to short out, which could be contributing to your problems.

To fix this issue, you may need to replace the entire control panel. You may be able to replace the faulty filament, but there’s a good chance this is not going to be enough to completely address the issue. If you are also experiencing problems with the exhaust fan, this is probably the issue. If your light and fan are both staying on inappropriately, a filament has probably shorted out. You may need to replace the filament and the control board. 

These are a few of the most common reasons why the light to your microwave might be staying on even when you have shut it off. Even though it can be frustrating to deal with this situation, there are a few easy fixes you can use to address the problem. Remember that you should reach out to a professional if you have any questions or concerns.

How To Take Care of a Microwave

If you want to prevent these issues from happening with your microwave, maintenance is relatively straightforward. You need to make sure you clean your microwave thoroughly after using it. That way, you can prevent food residue from building up throughout the microwave, avoiding serious problems. 

You should also make sure you unplug the microwave before you replace the light bulb. This can help you prevent the filament from shorting out, saving an expensive repair.

If you do have to replace a part of your microwave, you need to compare the cost of that part to the cost of the microwave. That way, you can figure out if it is more cost-effective to replace the part or to simply purchase a new microwave. If you have a relatively old microwave, it is probably a better idea to purchase a new microwave instead of replacing a broken car. 

Prevent Microwave Problems from Happening

You have multiple lights in your microwave that you use on a regular basis. You depend on them to work properly. When there is something wrong with the lights to your microwave, this can be a frustrating situation. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways you can address the issue.

You should make sure to clean the exterior of the microwave thoroughly. This includes the buttons and the door latch. This can go a long way toward preventing issues with your microwave light.

If you have to replace a light bulb, make sure you unplug the microwave first. This can prevent issues from developing with the filament and the control panel. If you ever have any questions or concerns about the way your microwave operates, you may want to reach out to a professional who can help you.