3 Simple Steps to Fix a Dog-Torn Carpet In Under 10 Minutes


Have mischievous dog claws made a mess of your carpet? Don’t worry, you won’t have to put up with the sight of scratched-to-death underlayment for much longer. This article will help you to repair your carpet, today!

To fix a dog-torn carpet, first prepare for the new patch by cutting out an easy shape – ideally a rectangle. Then tidy up the patch by cutting away loose threads and repairing any seams. Finally, you’re ready to fix the carpet by adding in a section of matching carpet.

The steps mentioned above will help you to fix your carpet without a professional. Are you ready to get started in detail? Then let’s dive in.

How to Fix a Dog-Torn Carpet

Has your dog been using your carpet as their personal scratch patch? When he first started digging on your carpet the damage wasn’t that bad. There were just a couple of loose carpet threads here and there. But to say that it’s now spiraled out of control is likely an understatement. At this point, your dog’s just a couple of scratches away from digging into the basement.

Elaborate carpet repairs are expensive. So what can you do to fix a dog-torn carpet without breaking the bank? Take a look at the following suggestions to find out!

Dog with claws on carpet
It’s easier than you think to repair your dog-torn carpet just follow the guidelines below!

1.  Cut Away Loose Threads

To get the ball rolling you need to gauge how badly damaged your carpet is. Is there an unmissable gaping hole in your carpet? Or are there just a few loose threads that need to be tidied up? You should jump straight to steps two and three of this guide if your carpet has been badly damaged.

Does your carpet have any of the following:

  • Fizzy loops?
  • Loose ends?
  • Pulled-out threads?

If it does, then you’re in the right place. General wear and tear could make your carpet look a little bit tired. Your pets’ claws often get caught between the carpet fibers as they walk. This also deteriorates the carpet.

So, here’s what you can do to solve the problem:

  1. Use sewing shears to trim away the loose threads.
  2. Trim back frizzy loops and loose ends so that they are the same height as the rest of the carpet.
  3. Make sure all loops are secure, so we don’t vacuum half the carpet up in the next step.
  4. Vacuum over the repaired area to blend the carpet fibers together.

2.  Repair Loose Seams

Dogs love to tug on things. But, unfortunately, one of the things they often like to pull apart is your living room carpet. Anywhere there is a loose end, they’ll find it and up the carpet comes.

Are your carpet edges starting to look like dogeared pages in a book? Do the edges have any of the following:

  • Loose seams?
  • Loose ends?

Well grab your hot-melt carpet tape and your clothes iron to get started with the steps below!

  1. Cut the hot-melt carpet tape to the length of the flap of the carpet.
  2. Place the tape under the seam of the carpet. If it’s against a wall, allow a fraction of the tape to slide under the skirting board. If not, place the tape in the seam where the two carpet ends join. 
  3. Heat the iron and run it back and forth over the carpet. This will melt the tape to seal the carpet into place. Make sure to keep the iron moving or rest it upright, as polyester carpet can melt quite easily.

3.  Replace a Ripped Patch With Matching Carpet

If you’ve landed here, it’s probably because your dog has done some serious damage to the carpet. That’s right, not even a strategically placed potted plant can hide this mess.

To find matching carpet, look for some spare sections or sections that are being used in a closet or other underused area. Hopefully you can still find the matching carpet in a big box store. If not, the patch may turn into a much bigger DIY job!

For this job you’ll need:

  • A carpet knife
  • Cardboard
  • A steel square (optional)
  • A pen
  • A piece of matching carpet
  • Hot-melt carpet tape

Here are the instructions you will need to patch your damaged carpet. Let’s get started!

  1. Use the carpet knife to cut a square around the damaged part of the carpet. You can use a steel square to help you keep the lines straight if you desire. Apply pressure, but not so much that you cut through the underlay.
  2. Remove the square of carpet that you cut.
  3. Cut a square of cardboard slightly bigger than the square you just took out of the carpet. Then place the cardboard square under the hole.
  4. Carefully trace around the hole in the carpet onto the cardboard with a pen.
  5. Cut the cardboard to the shape of the square you traced.
  6. Turn the matching carpet piece upside down. Use the pen to trace around the cardboard.
  7. Carefully cut the square you traced onto the back of the cardboard with the carpet knife.
  8. Line the edges of the new carpet piece with hot-melt carpet tape. Flap the edges of the tape under the carpet square.
  9. Push the carpet square into the hole in the carpet.
  10. Iron over the patch to melt the tape and seal the carpet together.
  11. Vacuum over that area to blend the carpet fibers together.

It’s worth noting the effect of different piles and materials of carpets. A carpet with a higher pile (think of it like the height of your carpet’s grass) is much easier to patch well, as the carpet will blur the repair line. Alternatively if you’re dealing with a carpet that has a low pile, a repair will be much harder – you might want to think about a replacement (or a rug!).

Why Do Dogs Dig on a Carpet?

Does your dog like to scratch your carpet? You may notice that your dog digs into the carpet just before he lies down. But what’s with the ritual? Is everything ok with your furry friend?

Your dog may dig into your carpet for any of the following four reasons. They are;

  1. Instinct
  2. Comfort
  3. Leaving their scent
  4. Entertainment
  5. Social issues

But why do these things make your dog dig into the carpet? Well, here’s why:

1.   Instinct

One of the reasons dogs dig is because of their instincts. It’s one of the things they know how to do best. They may dig because wild dogs or their ancestors once dug to build a den. They also dug to protect their puppies from predators.

2.   Comfort

Another reason why dogs dig is for comfort. Is it a hot day out? Then your dog may be digging so that he can access cooler ground to lie on. Your dog may also dig to make the surface he wants to lie on more comfortable.

3.   Leaving Their Scent

Dogs are territorial animals, so leaving scents around is an important part of their day. Digging into a surface helps them to leave their scent behind. By digging they can claim spots as their own and ward off other dogs.

4.   Entertainment

We all have things we love to do, and so does your dog! One pastime that dogs love to get stuck into is digging. Your dog may dig just for the fun of it! He may also dig to bury things that are valuable to him. He might do this to stop anyone from taking the things he loves away from him.

5.   Social Issues

Your dog’s digging could also be a silent cry for help. He could be digging because he’s seeking attention or is bored. If this is the case, try to engage your dog in more outdoor activities. Are you away from home for long periods throughout the day? Then try getting a dog walker to take him out and get some exercise while you’re not around.

6. Food Smells

If you’ve spilled something on the carpet and it’s soaked into the padding below, a dog’s sensitive nose can still smell it – even after it’s been cleaned! This can lead them to thinking there’s a tasty snack waiting for them, if they only they can get to it..

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Hole in a Carpet?

Are you looking to professionally get a hole fixed in your carpet? The average cost of carpet repair is between 150 and 300 dollars. But there are a lot of factors that affect how much it will cost to get the work done. These are:

  • The size of the carpet
  • The carpet material
  • The extent of the damage

The following information will help you to work out more accurately how much you will pay for a professional carpet repair.

The Size of the Carpet

How big is the damage on your carpet? Carpet repairs normally cost $1.85 per square foot of damaged carpet. But don’t forget, this will vary with the carpet’s material and the extent of the damage.

The Carpet Material

Which material is your carpet made of? Take a look at the following list of carpet materials. The table will tell you how much they usually cost to repair per square foot.

Type of Carpet MaterialAverage Cost

The Extent of the Damage

Just how bad is the damage on your carpet? Take a look at the following list of carpet problems. The table will tell you how much they usually cost to repair.

Type of Carpet DamageAverage Cost
Tears and Rips$150
Heat Damage$100
Furniture Dents$45
Pet Damage$175


Patches on the carpet are unsightly. But there’s nothing more painful to look at than the bill from a professional carpet repairman. Fixing a patch in the carpet doesn’t have to be an expensive job if you DIY. I hope that this article has shown you some ways you can repair a dog-torn carpet on a budget.

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Have a great day!


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