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Can A Dehumidifier Be Used As An Air Conditioner Dehumidifiers

Can A Dehumidifier Be Used As An Air Conditioner? Sort Of!

Can a dehumidifier be used as an air conditioner? Sort of. You might not get the results you want, but there are several added benefits. Here’s why.
person draining dehumidifier reservoir tank Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier Not Draining Properly? 5 Causes + Fixes

Is your dehumidifier not draining properly? When was the last time you cleaned the pumps? Here are 5 causes to this problem, and the fixes you can try.
Humidifier Keeps Beeping Air Quality

Humidifier Keeps Beeping? What It’s Trying To Tell You

Do you have a humidifier that keeps beeping and you have no clue why and haven’t found an answer that makes it stop? Well, let’s dive in and see if we can figure out what that beeping is trying to tell you.

How to Fix A Dehumidifier That’s Freezing Up: 5 Steps

How can you fix a dehumidifier that keeps freezing up? You might want to start by looking at your coils. Here are five steps you can follow to fix the problem.
Humidifier Saying Waterless, Even When Full Air Quality

Humidifier Saying Waterless, Even When Full? Here’s Why

Is your humidifier playing mind games with you by telling you it’s empty when you just filled it up with water? Well, it’s not an intentional mind game but the humidifier is trying to tell you there’s something wrong where it thinks there isn’t any water when there is. Let’s take a look at why and what you can do to correct it.
How to Prevent Mold In Your Humidifier Air Quality

How to Prevent Mold In Your Humidifier: 4 Simple Steps

Have a humidifier but you’re concerned about mold? Good, it’s a wise thing to be concerned about. With these five steps, you can stay ahead of and fight off mold from every becoming a problem for your humidifier.
Why Your Humidifier Keeps Turning Off With 5 Easy Fixes Air Quality

Why Your Humidifier Keeps Turning Off With 5 Easy Fixes

Does your humidifier keep turning off when you need it the most? Here you’ll find the likely reasons why and the five easy fixes you can try to correct it.
How To Tell If Your Humidifier Is Working Properly Air Quality

How To Tell If Your Humidifier Is Working Properly

Do you own a humidifier? Are you wondering how to tell if it’s working properly? It’s a very reasonable question that deserves very reasonable answers. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can tell if your humidifier is doing what it’s supposed to.
Dehumidifier Not Shutting Off When Full Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier Not Shutting Off When Full? 5 Fixes To Try

Is your dehumidifier not shutting off when full? You might want to double-check your humidity settings. Here are 5 fixes you can try.
Why Your Dehumidifier Can't Get Below 60% Humidity Dehumidifiers

Why Your Dehumidifier Can’t Get Below 60% Humidity

Why can't your dehumidifier get below 60% humidity? The answer might lie in the condition of your coils. Here are some useful tips for you.
Noisy Dehumidifier Dehumidifiers

Noisy Dehumidifier? Here’s How To Make It Quieter

Do you have a noisy dehumidifier? You might want to clean the filter more often. Here’s how you can make it quieter.
Why Your Dehumidifier Isn't Collecting Water Dehumidifiers

Why Your Dehumidifier Isn’t Collecting Water: 6 Causes

Why isn’t your dehumidifier collecting water? Debris and obstruction in your filter might be the answer. Here are 6 causes to this problem.
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