Humidifier Keeps Beeping? What It’s Trying To Tell You

Humidifier Keeps Beeping

Do you have a humidifier that keeps beeping and you can’t figure out why?  Have you searched online for answers and none of them seem to fit your specific problem?

Well, before promising any specific answers to your issue, it’s probably better to take a step back and evaluate your specific situation and apply some theories as to why it may be beeping and see if you can narrow the problem down from there to an answer.

In other words, it it’s beeping and your manufacturer says the beep means this and you do what they say and it’s still beeping, that specific answer didn’t help, right?

So, what do you do next?  It’s not necessarily a direct cause and effect.  Instead, it may be something broader or more obscure that’s having a single effect.

Look at the situation.  Look at the condition of your equipment, the source of power, etc.  Eliminate as many possible issues as you can and while doing so, maybe the beeping will stop.

You’re in troubleshooting mode, yes.  Process of elimination is the key in this realm to finding answers.  However, it’s still kind of like throwing wet spaghetti at the wall, hoping something will stick.

So, let’s take a look at your beeping humidifier and see what it’s trying to tell you.

Girl Reading Next To Humidifier
If your humidifier beeps once when the power is turned on, it’s totally normal. Beeping many times, however, isn’t always normal. Keep reading to find out what it’s trying to tell you!

1.  A Single Beep, Repeated Many Times

Depending on your brand of humidifier, you may have a model that beeps once when the power is turned on.  If you’ve ever used an Instant Pot, you’re familiar with this similar type beep anytime you connect the cord from the device into the wall outlet.

It’s supposed to let you know the humidifier has a reliable source of power and that’s it.  Of course, if you start pushing buttons, you’ll probably hear other beeps.  However, for initial plug in, it should only be one beep.

So, why does it keep beeping after plugging it in?

Well, if this is when you’re hearing the beeping, you’re probably dealing with an electrical issue.  The good news is it’s probably one of two things:

  • A loose cord
  • Power issues at the outlet

The easiest way to identify these is to one, jiggle the cord and see if it feels loose or if the beeping changes its pattern as you jiggle it.

The cord could be loose at the humidifier or at the outlet.  Make sure everything is nice and snug.  If it isn’t, the humidifier may be getting inconsistent electrical contact like it does when you jiggle it, making it seem like it’s getting plugged in over and over again when it actually isn’t.

You may have experienced something like this with a phone charger.  Move it a certain way an it’s no longer charging.  Mess with the cord a little and next thing you know, it’s charging again.

Cords can wear out over time, as can contacts.  It may be a simple fix of just replacing the cord.

Now if it’s the outlet, you should be able to tell if you simply plug the humidifier into a different one.  If you get the one beep and nothing else, you need to go back and check the original outlet you were using.  It may have issues of its own that need correcting.

2.  Water, Water

Now if your humidifier doesn’t have a cord issue or an outlet issue, let’s take a look at your water.  If you’re experiencing a series of beeps after turning the humidifier on, does the unit turn off on its own after the beeps without ever making any mist?

Besides the beeps, does an indicator light also come on that says REFILL TANK or WATERLESS?

If this is the case, you may have a problem with your tank and well (or base) connection.  What’s basically happening is water isn’t flowing from the tank to the base so the humidifier is reacting as if there isn’t any water at all to use.

To troubleshoot, remove the tank and dump the water.  If it’s been a while since it was last cleaned, go ahead and clean it and the base.  Look for and scrub away any scale or grime that may have built up.

Refill and reconnect the base.  Turn on the humidifier and see if that solved the beeping issue.

Some brands of humidifiers can be sensitive in this area.  Sometimes the connection doesn’t activate the water sensor, the floater gets stuck (if there is one), or the spring valve on the tank gets stuck.  Any of these will prevent the humidifier from knowing water is ready to use.

You may be able to get around this issue by also pouring water into the well to close the sensor prior to reinstalling the tank.

It shouldn’t take long to figure out if this is the solution.  You shouldn’t get those random beeps, your humidifier shouldn’t turn off by itself, and it should start producing mist.

Hand Filing Dehumidifier With Clean Water
If water doesn’t flow from the tank to the base, the humidifier will beep to warn you.

3.  Control Board Failure

Now if you plug in your humidifier and it beeps indicating power but there is no display or lights indicating power or operation, then you may be dealing with a control board failure.

In some humidifiers, the control board acts as the brains for the humidifier.  If there is a fault with it, it won’t actively control the humidifier or even keep it powered up.

The fact you’re not getting any displays or lights is the big clue here.  Unlike the issues with the water or a sensor or valve problem, this one involves either repairing or replacing the internal control board.

It’s possible to replace a control board yourself.  However, you may want to contact a service center in case it involves more than swapping out one board for another.

4.  Hard Reset

Some manufacturer’s have specific guidance for troubleshooting.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult your owner’s manual to see what’s recommended for your specific model.

For example, if you have a Sunpentown model that’s emitting four short beeps at random times, you may have to do a hard reset to the humidifier itself.

Basically, you unplug the humidifier.  Then as you plug it back in, you hold down the power button at the same time.  This should reset the humidifier to its original default settings and take care of the beep.

Restoring an appliance to its default settings is a way to clear out all the past programming and settings that may have changed through use and take it back to its base level of operational capability.

This procedure is for this specific model, though.  Your model may have a different method for doing a hard reset, if any at all.

Again, consult the manual and if you don’t have one, see if you can find it in a Google search.  A search like, [Brand and Model] Owner’s Manual or [Brand and Model] Manufacturer’s Manual should do the trick.  You can also search [Brand and Model] Hard Reset.

5.  When to Call for Help

If you’re unable to resolve your beeping issue, or if it is indeed a control board failure, you may need to go ahead and call a technician for diagnosis and repair.  Worst case, you may have to replace the humidifier if the costs exceed the value of the unit.

That being said, it’s always worth eliminating as many possible causes as you can prior to making that call for help.  When you do, you at least know you exhausted all the options at your disposal.


If you have a humidifier that beeping, it’s not doing it for fun or to annoy you.  It doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong to it, either.  Humidifiers are appliances and, like all appliances, they can pose challenges when it comes to form and function.

However, that doesn’t mean the beeping isn’t trying to tell you something.  Through some normal troubleshooting, you should be able to narrow down the area where the humidifier is having trouble and the likely thing causing it to beep.

Hopefully, the solution is an easy fix but again, a humidifier is an appliance, and sometimes professional help may need to be called.

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