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How to 'Temporarily' Disable A Smoke Detector Air Quality

How to ‘Temporarily’ Disable A Smoke Detector In 5 Steps

Does your smoke alarm keep going off? These five steps can show you how to disable any type of smoke detector to get rid of those nuisance alarms. 
Keep Smelling Gas Near Your Stove Air Quality

Keep Smelling Gas Near Your Stove? Follow These 8 Steps

Consistently smelling gas near your stove? Follow these 8 steps to safely address the issue.
Air Quality

5 Tips for Cooling a Room with High Ceilings (On A Budget)

Looking for tips on cooling a room with high ceilings? Here are 5 budget friendly ideas to cool rooms with vaulted or cathedral ceilings.
Air Quality

The Best Dehumidifiers to Keep Your Garage Comfortable

Humidity can ruin any garage workshop. Cure it with one of the best dehumidifiers for use in a garage - with best practices in this guide.
Air Quality

The 5 Best Mold Foggers For Clean, Mold-Free Air

Don't let mold invade your home, or your air. The best mold foggers are the best way to guarantee excellent air quality for your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Dehumidifier?

This calculator will estimate the cost to run any dehumidifier. We've also covered tips and advice on how to run a dehumidifier efficiently.
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How to Dehumidify a Room..Without a Dehumidifier

Got a humidity problem, but stuck without a dehumidifier? Here are a few simple ways you can help lower the humidity in your home.
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Best Humidifiers for Travelling – Keep Dry Air At Bay

Travelling is a fantastic experience... until it's super uncomfortable. The best humidifiers for travelling will keep you comfortable.
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Best Humidifiers for Eczema: Keep Your Skin Glowing!

Eczema can be a real nightmare - especially when you're surrounded by dry air. The best humidifiers can help, all listed here.
MERV-vs-HEPA-Filters Air Quality

MERV vs HEPA – Which Filter Is Best For Your HVAC System?

High quality filters can make a massive difference to air quality and safety. Two of the best options are HEPA and MERV - so which is better?
ULPA-vs-HEPA-Filters Air Quality

ULPA vs HEPA Filters – Differences Explained & Compared

Weighing up between ULPA vs HEPA Filters? They're both excellent quality - but they do have their differences.
Hepa vs Ionic Air Filter Air Quality

HEPA Filters vs Ionic Air Purifiers: A Clear Comparison

Weighing up the differences between HEPA and Ionic Air Purifiers? We've compared and contrasted between the two in this quick guide.