One of the worst things about smoking (aside from the lung damage and all that fun stuff) is the smell.

It may not seem bad at first, but our homes can very quickly start to smell like a smoky wet dog. And unfortunately, even the biggest Yankee candle in the world couldn’t hide that.

Choosing a fan with a filter is one way of making sure that smoke from the outdoors doesn’t stink up your home. Unfortunately, finding a model can be tricky.

For a window fan to prevent smoke, there are three options:

  1. A window fan with a filter. Unfortunately these are rare, and often almost as expensive as a window air conditioner.
  2. A regular fan with a filter. Much more common and easier to find, these fans have great filters but don’t separate the outdoors like a window fan does.
  3. A strong window fan. The cheapest option is to simply by a good all-rounder of a window fan. Crank it up high, and keep the airflow directed to blow/keep the smoke out.

I’ve covered each of these below.

The Best Window Fans for Smoke/Smoking: Overview

Image Fan Type Filter Link
EcoBreeze Smart Window Fan Window Yes Amazon
Comfort Zone Window Fan Window No Amazon
VIVO8000 HEPA Filter Fan Countertop Best Amazon

The DIY Solution

One way to solve this problem is to create your own window fan with a filter. And surprisingly, it’s not that hard.

If you pick up some decent air conditioner filters like these, they’re flexible enough to be stretched over your window fan and attached with some duct tape. It won’t be pretty, but it will do the job!

A good filter like this one on Amazon is enough to keep out:

  • Smoke
  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • & Pollutants

The filters linked above are less than 10 bucks, so why not give it a go!

That said, let’s look at some ‘proper’ solutions to the smoke problem.

Best Window Fans for Smoke & Smoking: Reviewed

Best Window Fan with Smoking Filter

EcoBreeze 2 Smart Window Fan

The smartest window fan on the market

You’re look at – genuinely – the smartest window fan on the market.

These type of fans are quite behind on the ‘smart’ market. Most manufacturers have stuck to simple, basic models. You’re lucky if they come with a remote control.

This Ecobreeze, on the other hand? It comes with:

  • A digital thermostat
  • A filter for clean air
  • Auto-adjusting fan
  • Insulated, weather-proof side panels

It’s about the closest you can get to a window air conditioner. Without the air conditioning part.

The downside to all this is, of course, the price. At over $200 (at the time of writing), this isn’t a cheap option.

For handling smoke however, it’s the best one.

The filter, high quality fans, and robust side panels will guarantee you clean air. While not cheap, this is the only window fan on the market (that I could see) which will dominate your smoke problem. Without the expense of a large air conditioner.

Pros Cons
Energy EfficientExpensive
Digital Thermostat
Quality Fans
Clean Air Filter

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a quality fan to handle any type of smoke problem – and any type of allergens, dust, or toxins problems too – then this is the top choice.

Although pricey for a fan, you are getting a high quality product that comes with quite a ‘WOW’ factor.

It’s also a fantastic addition to a full air conditioning system. When the outside air is cool, the fan knows to bring it in and give you a cool breeze. When the outside air is roasting, it will let the air conditioner take over to actively cool down the hot air.

Best All-Rounder Window Fan

Comfort Zone Window Fan

Great value, reliable, and powerful air flow.

Great value, reliable, and powerful air flow.

For a more basic solution, you can’t be a good window fan.

By simply having a reliable, powerful fan to help separate your indoor air from the outdoors – you can make a significant difference to your air quality.

And in terms of value, this Comfort Zone model is at the top. Literally.

It’s the Best-Selling Window Fan on Amazon (at the time of writing). And for good reason.

The price tag is low, the build quality is high, and the customer satisfaction is through the roof.

Granted – buying a window fan isn’t quite the same as buying a Mercedes. But there’s a lot of models out there, and this has been the best seller for some time.

That said – there’s not much to this fan. It’s just a great product. With a remote, 3 speeds (typically you only get 2), a bug screen included, and intake/outtake/replace modes – they really have ticked every box. All for a low price.

Pros Cons
Amazon's Best-Selling Window FanNo Smoke Filter
3 Speeds
Bug-Filter Included (doesn't catch smoke)
Remote Control

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple window fan, you can’t ask for more than this.

The three air modes allow you to choose between pulling air in, pushing it out, or both (for good ventilation).

The bug filter – while useful – isn’t going to stop smoke. But you could jerry-rig a filter over the fan quite easily.

Offering three speeds is a nice step up from the lesser 2-speed competition (only 2? Ha!).

And lastly, the remote control means you keep full control over the fan – even if you’ve taped a filter on top.

Best HEPA Filter for Smoke

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

Small in stature, superb in air quality

Small in stature, superb in air quality

The last option is to opt for a true HEPA-filter fan.

A HEPA filter will give you air so clean it’s used in the medical professions. Every type of irritant – from smoke to tiny toxins – is removed.

While these filters aren’t available on window models, they can work wonders on their own.

By having a fan like this indoors, with minimal outside air coming in, your inside air will become super clean and fresh.

Let’s talk about this actual model.

I’ve chosen it because it’s the best all-rounder of a HEPA filter fan that there is.

Though small, it’s build quality is second-to-none, and the filter works fully. Don’t believe? Just check out the customer reviews on Amazon. People can’t stop giving glowing reviews!

For a HEPA-filter fan, outside of the great build quality, it’s quite a basic model. This helps to keep the price down. At well under $100 it’s incredible value for a HEPA filter model.

Where we lose out on is the lack of modern features, like a remote or WiFi connectivity.

As a basic, air-cleaning fan though? It’s unbelievable value.

Pros Cons
Genuine HEPA Grade FilterNo Remote Control
4 Carbon Filters IncludedMore Expensive than Standard Fans
Great Price for HEPA
3-Speed Settings

Our Verdict

Capable of cooling up to 365 square foot rooms, this fan can solve air problems in almost any home.

Although it’s not the cheapest, at around $80, they include 4 carbon filters which will last you an incredibly long time.

(You use these with the HEPA filter – the carbons catch most air toxins, and the HEPA cleans up the rest).

If you’re after super clean air, a fan like this one guarantees that for you.


Having your room stink of smoke is one of the quickest ways to make home stop smelling like home.

And smelling like some kind of drug den instead.

Keeping the smoke out, or cleaning up your air, are the best ways to fight back against the smell of smoke.

I hope that the three options in this guide have given you some food for thought about how to beat out the smoke issue.

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Thanks for taking the time to read our guide!

Best wishes, and I hope you have a great day 🙂