Microwaves often don’t get a lot of credit, but they have changed our society forever. Sure we have science to tell us how they work, but I can never get past the ‘magic’ of how fast and efficient they are. That said, they can take up a ton of space!

That’s where these compact models come in. The best mini microwaves, listed below, give you all the convenience and capability of a good microwave – without taking up a ton of room.

Let your countertops be countertops. And not appliance storage space.

Below you’ll find an overview table of the best mini microwaves available today. If you want to dive into detail, each model has been reviewed in detail throughout this article. As well as tips on finding your ideal model, and getting the most out of it.

Image Microwave Size (Interior, Exterior) Power
Best Overall:
0.7 Cubic Feet
700 Watts
Commercial Chef CHM660B
0.6 Cubic Feet
600 Watts
Best White:
0.7 Cubic Feet
700 Watts
Best Stainless:
Kenmore 70713
0.7 Cubic Feet
700 Watts
Best Larger:
Toshiba EM925A5A
0.7 Cubic Feet
900 Watts
Best Retro:
Nostalgia RMO7AQ
0.7 Cubic Feet
700 Watts
Stupid Small:
Whirlpool Mini
0.5 Cubic Feet
750 Watts

Read on for detailed reviews, tips, and recommendations.

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Scoring Process

Before we get into the reviews, I want to share how we ranked these microwaves.

In order of priority, the rankings are based on…

Size0.7 cubic feet or less (with one exception). No point writing a mini microwave guide if they aren’t mini!

Wattage – also known as power. The higher the wattage, the more your microwave is capable of (i.e. cooking meals vs just melting chocolate)

Functionality – does it have sensors, plenty of pre-set options, a child lock, and is it easy to use?

Looks – always a personal choice, but design does matter. I’ll take a modern, refined look over old and bulky any day.

Customer Satisfaction – the beauty of the internet is that we can all share our experiences a product. Combing through a database of reviews often reveals whether a product might have hidden issues or not.

The Best Mini Microwaves

Best Overall Mini Microwave

Black & Decker EM720CB7

With this microwave, Black & Decker have produced one of the best all-rounders on the market.

It’s a small size with a professional-looking design that’ll be right at home in any kitchen – all for a fantastic price tag.

The one aspect that does slightly let it down is the controls. They’re the slightly dated keypad type – and they’re not overly clear, either. That said, they’re hardly hard to use. At the end of the day, it’s still a microwave!

Functionality wise it packs a full 700 watts of power with 10 different power levels; letting you really customize the amount of microwave heat you need.

A key reason it deserves the recommendation, though, is the warranty. With 2-full years of cover (under a big brand name) comes great peace of mind. For such a fair price tag, it’s genuinely a great solution if you’re looking for an all-rounder type of model.

It won’t be the centerpiece of the kitchen, nor will it wow your guests. Instead, it’ll give you a small, reliable, professional looking microwave for a fair price and no worry about it malfunctioning.

Pros Cons
Great PriceKeypad Controls
Professional Design1-Year Warranty
Best All-Rounder

Our Verdict

If you’re simply looking for a reliable, professional, and mini-sized microwave – you really can’t go wrong with this Black & Decker.

While the keypad controls are slightly dated, everything else about the appliance is top notch. It’s got plenty of power, will fit in anywhere, and comes for a super-fair price.

All of this is backed by a 2-year warranty – double that of most of the competition. For a simple solution to a small-sized problem, this is a fantastic mini-microwave option.

Smallest Mini Microwave

Commercial Chef CHM660B

Going through the table at the top of this post, you may notice that almost all the microwaves here are 0.7 cubic feet in size.

Well, this is the only one that’s smaller (and isn’t crazy – see the last review).

At just 0.6 cubic feet of space, this is the most ‘mini’ microwave on the market for under $100. That said, I do have to admit it mostly makes this list on size alone.

Let’s look at the good parts first. The controls, although an old-rotary style, are great for seniors or anyone without the eyesight for digital controls. The design is super simple, and the price is cheap – it’s a great solution if you’ve got a small space and need a microwave to fill it.

However, the microwave itself is… well, I could only describe it as a bit dated. The door is opened via a handle (again, good for someone elderly), and the all-around build quality isn’t completely solid.

While overall positive, customer satisfaction is a little lower than most other microwaves on this list.

Then let’s take a look at the size. While it is hands down the smallest reasonable option on this list, the exterior isn’t that much smaller than other mini microwaves.

The width (left to right) is 17.75″ – roughly the same as every 0.7 cubic-foot microwave. The main saving, instead, is on the depth – about an inch less than average at 12.5″. This is fine if your space or counter is shallow, but if by ‘mini’ you mean ‘narrow’, there isn’t much of a gain here.

Pros Cons
Simple designRotary controls
Good for seniors1-year warranty
Smallest functional sizeBetter products for same price

Our Verdict

Maybe I am being a little harsh on this one.

It does make it to the list based on it’s size rating alone – but it’s still a good product. Overall customer satisfaction is still good, and it’s a great cheap, lightweight pick-up that’ll fit into any small space.

It’s a great option for a dorm room, or perhaps for someone elderly who would struggle with digital controls.

From a size perspective, however, I’d recommend considering the microwaves further up this list. For only a little more in price, you’ll get more value for your money.

Best White Mini Microwave


This might sound weird, but I’m almost proud to introduce this model to you.

COMFEE, a lesser-known company, have produced this fantastic mini-microwave.

I honestly can’t really fault it. The design is great (provided you’re into white appliances), the functionality is super easy, and the customer satisfaction is fantastic.

The exterior sizes are about as small as you can get for a 0.7 cubic-foot model. It’s got 11-power settings (the most on this list), and one of the absolute lowest price tags.

It would’ve been a top contender for the best all-rounder, but I think this white-version is a fantastic design by itself. So it takes this category instead.

In an industry dominated by giants, it’s genuinely nice to see a small company excelling. Although they can’t offer you a big brand name, this microwave is small, easy to use, reliable, and with a great design. All for one of the lowest price tags you’ll find, and an ever-growing fanbase of happy customers.

Pros Cons
White design1-year warranty
Small sizeTouchpad controls
Great all-rounder

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a white mini-microwave, this is a fantastic option.

It ticks every box you can ask for a compact appliance, all for a small price tag. Although the company, COMFEE, is small – the customer satisfaction is one of the best on this list.

The controls are just a standard keypad the opening is via a handle – but in terms of functionality and reliability, it ticks every box.

A fantastic all-rounder available in a unique design.

Best Stainless Steel Mini Microwave

Kenmore 70713

These days, most modern kitchens are all about stainless steel.

Fridges, dishwashers, coffee-makers – most quality modern appliances have the same stainless steel finish.

And the same is true for Kenmore’s mini-microwave.

For around $10 more than the other great-value options on this list, you get a fantastic design finish made by a reputable company.

At just 0.7cubic feet interior it’s still a miniature-size, though it’s one of the larger recommendations here. The width is around 21″ – a few inches wider than most of the other models.

That said, with a design this good it’s no bad thing that it’s slightly bigger.

The 700 watts of power is standard, as 6 programmable modes that synchronize with 10 power settings.

The push-keypad, while not my ideal style, is quality-made and super-easy to operate.

Pros Cons
Reputable company1 year warranty
Great designSlightly larger than 0.7cf models
Easy to Operate

Our Verdict

Overall this is simply a quality microwave. The power and functionality are around the same as the other top recommendations on this list.

What makes it stand out is the design, and slightly larger size. For an extra $10 (approximately), you’re getting a sleeker finish that’ll be at home in any modern kitchen. Without taking up a ton of space.

If you love the design and the size fits with your space, I’d have no hesitation in picking this one up.

Best Larger Mini Microwave

Toshiba EM925A5A

Every microwave on this list is 0.7 cubic-feet or smaller. Except this one.

Is this a true ‘mini-microwave’? No, not really. But it’s still one you should consider.

It’s a bit bigger than the others on this list. Around an inch and a half wider, and 2 inches or so deeper. But if you can make that work, it offers you so much in value.

The interior size is 0.2 cubic feet greater. That’s a 28% increase for 2 inches in width.

The power increase is exactly the same – 200W higher than average. Suddenly it’s a lot easier to cook (and fit) whole meals, including dense food. It also comes with an eco-mode to help save on bills when not in use.

Plus – at the time of writing – it’s the #1 Best Selling Countertop Microwave on Amazon.

With the thousands of options (in all sizes) out there, that’s saying a lot.

So while it’s a bit bigger than ‘mini’, this Toshiba model definitely deserves a spot on this list. It’s one of the best value-for-money options on the market, while only 2 inches wider than the average mini model.

Pros Cons
Amazon Best Seller1-year warranty
Great size for extra spaceHigher price than mini models.
Eco Mode

Our Verdict

This model is like the ultimate all-rounder for all countertop microwaves.

It’s not super compact, which is why it’s not further up the list, but it definitely warrants consideration.

Fantastic design. Packs plenty of power. Saves on bills with eco mode. Spacious interior size with minimal extra width. And outstanding customer satisfaction.

There’s a reason this is the best selling micowave on the world’s largest microwave.

It’s not mini, but it’s worth throwing in the ring. If you can make the space, the extra $15 or so will get you considerable upgrade in size, and power.

Best Retro Mini Microwave

Nostalgia RMO7AQ

For some, looks can matter more than a price tag. And for some, there’s nothing better than owning something with character.

This Nostalgia model is a uniquely rare ‘Aqua’ that is guaranteed to get you compliments. While it’s not exactly going to be at home in a modern stainless steel kitchen, any home filled with character pieces – or even a just dorm bedroom – might truly ‘vibe’ with this piece.

The microwave itself is fully functional. With just 0.7 cubic feet of space it’s definitely ‘mini’, while 700 watts of power gives you plenty to work with. The 12 pre-set modes can be controlled via a digital dial on the front, giving that satisfying feeling of control (rather than old push-buttons). Not like the old controls you’d have to have fought with back in the 70’s!

One note I would take is that there are slightly higher than average reports of malfunctioning models. While overall customer satisfaction is great, there’s a few reports of quickly failing models. That said, most of these are able to be returned and replaced by Nostalgia.

Pros Cons
Great designHigher price point
Unique product1 year warranty
Nice dial controlsSome reports of malfunctioning models.
Works well in dorm rooms / bedrooms

Our Verdict

This Nostalgia microwave is truly the best of both worlds. Modern functionality meets lovable retro design.

While the price tag is a little high, there’s nothing else like this on the market. While there are other retro microwaves, it’s always in red (like the other one on this list).

Just do be aware of the higher price tag, and the few horror stories by customers with models that just don’t work. The warranty – while only 1 year – does keep you fully covered just in-case you get a dud.

The Stupidly Small

Whirlpool Countertop Microwave

You’ve read about mini, now let’s discuss ridiculous.

Whirpool have created the microwave you see above. It is TINY. (or should I say tiny).

At just 0.5 cubic-feet of space, it’s around half the size of a standard-sized microwave. It’s absolutely ideal for dorms, tiny homes, or break-out areas.

So why is it at the end of this list?

That’s simple. It costs upwards of $250.

No. I don’t know why that is. It’s ridiculous if you ask me!

I understand it’s unique. I understand there’s nothing else out there at this miniature size. But I still don’t think it justifies the price.

Who were they targetting this at? Super rich people that live in tiny houses??

Pros Cons
Absolutely tiny sizeHUGE price tag.
Fits a standard dinner plate
Full-sized power

Our Verdict

To be honest, I’ve included this model on this list purely to share my shock that this exists.

In all honesty it’s a great microwave. All the functionality is there, it’s got a full 750 watts of power, fits a standard-sized dinner plate, and has easy-to-use controls. But come on – if you’re going to pay $300 for a microwave, you’d buy a state-of-the-art modern one. Maybe even a microwave with a grill.

Look. If you’re absolutely loaded with money burning a hole in your pocket, then sure. This is a great microwave that is an unbeatably small size. If you don’t have an infinite-sized bank account, though? I’d find the extra few inches of space and get one of our better recommendations!

Unsure Which Is Best For Your Kitchen?

One constant issue with appliances is that they’re all so similar. Sure, this one has round buttons and this other one has circular, but which one’s better?

The easiest way to help decide is by weighing up all the factors that make up a microwave. Find which are most important to you, and prioritize choosing the mini microwave that satisfies those categories the best.

So what makes a good microwave? Let’s consider…


When it comes to looks, my one recommendation would be to trust your gut. If a product is only giving you “this might be what I’m looking for” and not “wow that’s perfect!” – I’d hesitate to purchase it. Appliances like these are going to be part of your kitchen for years, so it’s important to be happy with how it looks.

If it’s going to make you smile and feel like your kitchen is a step toward your ideal modern space, that’s when you know. “Just a good price” or “I guess I’ve heard of this brand” just won’t have the same effect.


Capacity (listed in cubic feet) is what defines a mini microwave. Personally, I count it as anything with a 0.7 cubic-foot space or smaller. Though I did cheat a little and include a 0.9cu.ft model as it’s just fantastic value for money anyway!

External Dimensions

Capacity is an important aspect, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Make sure to double check the external dimensions (listed in each review) will fit into your space. There can be a fair bit of variation between brands about how much extra bulk there is compared to the cooking space.


The watt rating of microwaves often confuses people. It’s simply a measure of how powerful the cooking capacity is. If you’re looking to cook larger dishes, or proteins like chicken or steak, then you’ll need the microwave to pack a punch. Generally:

  • 500-600 Watts is just suitable for reheating food or melting cheese, chocolate, etc.
  • 600-800 Watts is good enough for light microwavable meals.
  • 800-1000 Watts can handle cooking full meals from scratch.
  • Over 1000 Watts is practically a stove! Ideal for casseroles, but can overdo small dishes.

Preset Programs

Microwaves are all about convenience, and nothing defines that better than a push of a button. The more settings a microwave has for food, the better (generally). If you’re a huge fan of using a microwave for a certain type of food (i.e. popcorn, defrosting bread/meat, microwave meals, etc.) – then make sure to find a model that has a setting just for that.

This is especially for true with microwave that have a…

Automatic Sensor

If you really want to nail your microwave cooking, you need a microwave with a sensor. These measure the heat and humidity within a microwave to figure out how the cooking process is going. Combine this with pre-set cooking modes, and you’ve got a guaranteed way to get the food perfect – every time.

These are more prevalent on larger mordern microwaves, but some mini models have sensors, too. They’re priceless if you’ll be using the microwave to cook real food (rather than just defrost or reheat dishes).


How you control a microwave is a bit of a personal preference. Personally, I love a good dial controller. Simply for that satisfaction of turning it (and feeling like you’re breaking into a bank vault!).

Some types of controls are:

  • Digital dials (accurately set time and other options).
  • Touch-activated buttons
  • Press-activated buttons (older style, where you need to actually push down on the button)
  • Analogue dials (simple old dials with 5 or so clunky settings.

I’ve generally ranked these in order of price, so try to decide which would make you happy to use daily, and which you wouldn’t even use if you were paid to!

Ease of Use

Again, what use is a convenient appliance if it takes ages to set up? It’s hard to know from an online page how easy a microwave is to use, but we can look for clues. First, well-known brands are typically much more refined when it comes to user interfaces (thanks to lots of practices).

If the company are American or English-speaking based, that’s also a huge positive factor, too.

One of the easiest ways to tell is through the reviews. If they don’t mention (or positively mention) the controls, then great! But if many people are complaining – it’s likely going to take some getting used to.


Small microwaves are notorious for how difficult they are to clean. Unfortunately, there’s just not much getting around this. Most models are the same in this aspect when at this small size range.

Instead, make sure you’re cleaning smart. Check out a quick trick using lemon juice in our ultimate microwave guide to deep clean a microwave with zero effort.

Power Save Mode

No-one wants to pay more in electricity than they need to. Some more expensive models may pay for their price tag over time if they’ve got a power saving mode. If they do, it should be mentioned in it’s pros and cons above.

Not only will this save you money over time, but also helps to extend the life of the appliance.


Last but definitely not least is warranty. This is something I have a personal gripe with, because so many manufacturers make a great product but only give us a 1 year warranty for it.

In general, anything more than a 1 year warranty is a huge sign of quality and confidence from the manufacturer. Only having the basic 1 year isn’t itself a bad sign, but do consider taking out a protection plan if you’re buying from Amazon.

Want to learn more about protecting your appliance for up to 4 years, for a tiny price? There’s a whole section in our Amazon guide – get it in the side bar (or at the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile).


Microwaves are a must-have appliance that unlock a world of convenient-cooking capabilities. However, there’s also a huge culprit for taking up space.

I hope this guide’s helped you find a smaller microwave that better suits your kitchen, and your needs.

If our content’s helped you, please consider supporting us by signing up to our e-mail list. Or check out or other microwave-related posts below.

Have a great day!