It’s been a long day. After a quick trip to the supermarket you arrive home – all puffed out. It’s time to relax. You unload an easy oven-cook pizza, whack it in your grill microwave, and set the timer for 10 minutes. With an extra 2 minutes to grill, of course.

With professional efficiency you’re unpacking the shopping. Putting everything away. Quickly tidying up. Then… ‘DING!’.

Oh baby.

You take out the piping hot pizza: admiring the melted, almost charred cheese, and that perfectly cooked crust just waiting for you to bite in. You slide the pizza smoothly onto a plate, pour yourself something to drink, and sit down to enjoy. Glowing in the knowledge that the only dish needing cleaned is the one you’re eating from. Sublime.

Okay, so I may have gotten carried away slightly there.

But I just can’t help revel in the convenience and ease of these grill microwaves. They unlock a whole other level of dishes that become almost effortless to make.

Healthier, cleaner, and easier – you can’t put a price on taking some stress out of your everyday life.

However, good grill microwaves are hard to find. There’s not a lot of them to start with, and most are bundled in with super high-end ‘this can do everything’ type microwave that costs as much as a full oven! (Don’t believe me? Check out our review of drawer microwaves that cost over $1,000!)

Wondering how to properly use a microwave grill? We’ve got you covered.

In this article I’ve brought together the best grill microwaves available on the market. They’ve been chosen for their design, functionality, price, customer satisfaction, and so on.

Below you’ll find a quick summary table of the best options. Then I’ll dive into detailed reviews of each of the best grill microwaves on the market If you’re not sure which one’s perfect for you, there’s a quick section on what you should consider when buying one of these microwaves to make sure you get the most out of your money. 

Image Microwave Best Feature Our Score
Samsung MG14H3020CM Sleek Design
Best Overall
Emerson MWCG1584SB Largest Size
Samsung MG11H2020CT Best Value
Farberware FMO10AHSBKA Highest Power
Cuisinart CMW-200 Longest Warranty
(3 years)

The Best Grill Microwaves

Samsung MG14H3020CM
Best Design / Overall

Caption: The Ferrari of Grill Microwaves.

If you’re looking to ‘WOW’ your friends, make your cook kitchen look incredible, and cook for the family all at the same time – then this is the microwave for you.

I don’t need to comment much on the looks, the sleek shine on the door and modern controls speak for themselves.

Packed in with a contemporary asymmetric design the microwave is the second largest on this list. At 1.4 cubic feet, it’s plenty to cook dishes for the whole family.

Power: 950W

Size: 1.4 Cubic-feet

Warranty: 1-Year

Pros Cons
Amazing looksHigher Price
Modern controls1-Year Warranty
Large space (1.4cf)
Ceramic interior
High quality metal materials

Our Verdict

While it comes in at a slightly higher price tag, this Samsung model is – in my opinion – the best on the market.

It’s build quality is unmatched, looks far better than any microwave should be allowed to, and is packed full of all modern features and sensors.

If you can afford to pay a little extra, I’ve got no hesitation as recommending this as our top choice.

Samsung MG11H2020CT
Best Value

Samsung hold our top spot with their latest model – but this is it’s older brother.

Smaller, older, but also cheaper – this is a great all-rounder microwave.

The same Samsung quality shines through with the ceramic enamel interior that’s entirely scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

It’s still quality in every way, just a little older (and a little cheaper).

While I personally love it, the shine on the top model’s door may put some people off. In which case, I’d definitely consider this model.

The older brother of the flashy top model, this is a great all-rounder.

Power: 1000W

Size: 1.1 Cubic-feet

Warranty: 1-Year

Pros Cons
Great built quality1-Year warranty
Ceramic-enamel interiorDated looks
Grill-only microwave
Cheaper price

Our Verdict

When looking for a great ‘all-rounder’ appliance, the best are typically models like these.

Models that were once state of the art and of the highest quality, but have now been replaced with newer versions.

All that means is a lower price for the older model which is still fantastic in every way – just not as marketable.

Overall this is one of the best all-rounder balancing build quality, looks, and price.

Emerson MWCG1584SB
Largest Grill Microwave

Image caption: Sometimes, size does matter.

Harnessing a grill within a microwave gives us plenty of new options for recipes.

In particular, for cooking meals that the whole family can enjoy.

If that’s something you could make use of, then it’s important to get plenty of space to cook for plenty of mouths! And that’s where this Emerson model shines.

While it doesn’t have a huge amount of bells and whistles, or the flashiest design, it’s huge capacity makes cooking for the family a cinch.

(Or just cooking a large pizza, if you’re in for a relaxed night).

Power: 1000W

Size: 1.5 Cubic-feet

Warranty: 1-Year

Pros Cons
Sleek black design1-Year Warranty
High customer satisfactionOlder Looking Controls
Grill Only
Great Price
Comes with a Grill Rack

Our Verdict

Overall this is a fantastic option for a family microwave with a grill.

It also stands out thanks to great customer reviews – with the highest out of these models.

If you’re planning to cook big meals or pizzas, this is an excellent choice.

Farberware FMO10AHSBKA
Maximum Power

Image caption: The Men In Black’s Top Choice for Cooking Alien Microwave Meals.

Sometimes you just don’t want to wait. When we have the technology to cook things at lightning-speed, why not use it?

This is one of the most powerful microwaves in the world. At 1500 Watts, it’s an almost unheard of amount of power.

While it’s not the largest space, it’ll be ideal if you’re regularly cooking and grilling meat, pizza, or other dense dishes.

Just make sure to lower that truckload of power if you’re cooking anything lighter!

Power: 1500W

Size: 1.0 Cubic-feet

Warranty: 1-Year

Pros Cons
Unbeatable 1500W of Power1-Year Warranty
Great rare black design.Small size (1.1Cf) for the power
Modern controls with dial
Convection & Grill

Our Verdict

You would typically expect something with such power to come in a bigger size, but that’s not true for this model.

Despite that, 1.1 cubic feet is plenty of space for standard dishes.

Add the great design, modern controls, and that you have full convection functionality, and this is a fantastic package.

Just don’t go trying to melt chocolate on full power… it may explode!

Cuisinart CMW-200
Longest Warranty

Caption: It ain’t much of a looker, but this is one reliable microwave.

Sometimes the most important value can be found in peace of mind.

It sucks to pay hundreds of dollars for a brand new appliance, only to feel unsupported if it breaks after a year and a month.

I’ve highlighted this model because it’s got a fantastic 3-year warranty – on top of being a great grill microwave.

While the looks leave a little to be desired, it’s an all-round great runner for a fair price tag that won’t break the bank.

One note: You can upgrade the warranties on other models, if you don’t mind paying a little extra. If you’re buying from Amazon, just add a ‘Protection Plan’ (found underneath the ‘Add to Cart’ button). These cost $20-$30, but will mean you’re protected for up to 4 whole years!

Power: 1000W

Size: 1.2 Cubic-feet

Warranty: 3-Years

Pros Cons
Unbeatable 3-year warranty.Older Design
Dated Controls

Our Verdict

A slightly dated yet reliable microwave that will last.

You can use it without the stress of worrying about it breaking or over-using it. Fantastic if you’re all about function and less about fancy looks or features.

As I said above, if warranty is a huge factor but you don’t love this model, consider taking out a 3 or 4 year protection plan on any of the other models here.

Tips for Buying a Grill Microwave

The problem with appliances like a microwave is they’re all so damn similar! It’s hard to be certain about which one’s the right choice. Which makes it easy to be stuck with indecision and waste time trying to compare tiny details.

I find the best solution is to consider what you need.

Have a think about each of the following categories. What is most important to you? What do you not care about? Knowing these can make it 10x easier to spot which microwave suits your kitchen the most.


Let’s start with the obvious. If any of these options doesn’t make you go “Yes! That’s exactly what I want in my kitchen” – then don’t buy them. I know it’s just a microwave, but there’s no point paying good money for something that you feel is below your standards. It will just annoy you over time.


Microwaves come in many sizes, but thankfully this is a little easier for grill microwaves. To include the grill element, they all tend to be quite large – over 1 cubic foot. Typically anything up to 1.2cf is about mid-sized, and beyond that becomes big enough to cook for the whole family. My largest recommendation is a whopping 1.5 cubic foot of cooking space.


The watt rating of microwaves often confuses people. It’s simply a measure of how powerful the cooking capacity is. If you’re looking to cook larger dishes, or proteins like chicken or steak, then you’ll need the microwave to pack a punch. Generally:

  • 500-600 Watts is just suitable for reheating food or melting cheese, chocolate, etc.
  • 600-800 Watts is good enough for light microwavable meals.
  • 800-1000 Watts can handle cooking full meals from scratch.
  • Over 1000 Watts is practically a stove! Ideal for casseroles, but can overdo small dishes.

Heating Functionality

In the microwaves below, there’s 2 models that a grill only and 3 with grill AND convection. Convection is an additional method of cooking circulating hot air within the microwave – just like an oven. Having both of these extra features will cost more than just a grill – so have a think about what would be more important.


My one gripe with modern appliance makers is the short warranties they use. Unfortunately, most appliances only come with a 1-year standard warranty. Longer is usually a good signal of better customer care and confidence in their product – which is why I’ve included a ‘Best Warranty’ recommendation below.


I’ve put price last, partly because it’s the most obvious. Try to have a number in mind that you’d max out at, and don’t consider anything that’s a lot higher. It’ll be likely you’ll end up resenting the purchase, even if it’s a great model. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to display actual prices on here in-case they’re changed by the manufacturer. If you want to see the latest prices just click the link below each recommendation.

Other Functions

Do you have young, curious kids? Then make sure to get an oven with a child lock! Would you make use of a programmable timer? (These let you set everything up and delay the start for a few hours – meaning you can have food ready for when you get home). How much would it help if the microwave had a sensor to automatically adjust cooking time/power?

Each of these functions typically adds a little to the cost but can give huge savings on stress, time, and convenience. Just a little ‘food for thought’. If any of these functions are present, I’ve presented them in the ‘pros and cons’ of each model.


I hope this guide’s helped you find an amazing grill microwave for your kitchen.

If you’re still not sure if this is the right type for you, check out our full 3,000 word guide to buying a microwave – covering all types, functions, and brands.

Otherwise, if we’ve helped you, please consider supporting us by joining our private mailing list or checking out some more of our articles!

Have a great day 🙂