From Californian hipsters to Missouri farmers, everyone needs a good phone. But between the two choice of Apple vs Android phones, who likes which better?

I caught myself wondering this after walking through New York, where it seemed like everyone owned an iPhone. I’ve used a whole bunch of Google Trends data to find out just how popular Apple phones are compared to Android across the US.

Apple vs Android throughout US states – based on Google Trend data.

Surprisingly, both California and New York weren’t in the top 2 Apple states. It turns out that Hawaii are the biggest Apple fanboys. Maybe that’s because they’ve got so many beaches to use those high-end phone cameras on.

Connecticut takes second place, but only just. New York, Cali, & Vermont come in close third.

Does Higher Income Mean More iPhones?

Those top Apple states are known to be quite affluent – especially Hawaii. This got me wondering, does the iPhone popularity correlate with the average earnings of a state?

Well, I found that out too.

Below is a graph ranking states by their average earnings (per person) against their preference for Apple phones. 

Comparing percentage of iPhone users vs state income rankings
Looking at a state’s average income vs the preference for iPhones over Android.

As the orange trendline shows, there’s a very clear correlation between income and the chance that someone owns an iPhone.

The graph also shows some interesting correlations. You can see the huge preference that Hawaii (HI) has despite lower earnings than the top 4 states. California (CA), Massachusetts (MA), New York (NY), and Connecticut (CT) all enjoy spending their higher earnings on a snazzy phone.

What I love, though, are the outliers. You’ve got Maine (ME) and Vermont (VT) with a huge iPhone preference despite a lower income. That’s brand passion right there. On the other hand, Washington (WA) Maryland (MD), and New Jersey (NJ) are right up there on earnings but are way more budget hesitant when it comes to their phones.

You also have the lower earning states of Idaho (ID), Montana (MT), Arkansas (AR), & Mississippi (MS). While they all have similar income levels, Arizona & Mississippi much prefer iPhones while Montana and Idaho are more likely to opt for an Android phone.

Personally, Alaska was a surprise on state earnings. I imagine these high earnings with a low preference for iPhones are partially represented by oil and gas workers – who’ve got no need for Siri when their on hard 12 hour shifts outdoors!

How Was Data Collected?

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a ton of Apples individual sales figures. Instead, I sourced the data for the map and graph above from Google Trends.

By comparing Google Play vs the AppStore, you can see the spread of preferences per state thanks to Google’s data. Since this data is based on a % of searches, it’s balanced to show the preference per state – and not by number of people.

If you haven’t tried this, check it out! You can compare just about anything that people search for. Just how popular is your favorite TV show? Find out:


I hope you enjoyed this quick insight into Apple vs Android. Sometimes you have to appreciate living in a world where we have access to this kind of data, and the tools to make it.

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