TV Constantly Going Black On You? Check These 4 Things

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Is your TV constantly going black on you, and you’ve no idea why?

Such TV issues are more common than you think! In fact, TVs all over the world go black and leave their owners confused and frustrated daily.

When your TV is constantly going black on you, it can be due to a faulty panel, power board issues, a fault in the mainboard, or an issue with an external component.

Below, I’ve prepared a list including 4 things I recommend you check to get your TV back to normal. Read on to learn all about the solutions!

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Why Your TV Is Going Black on You

There are many reasons why your TV might be presenting the issue – from something as simple as a faulty external device (such as a Blu-Ray player) to a more complex problem, like a faulty mainboard, which requires a professional’s skills.

Here are some of the things I recommend you check.

#1 Check Your External Components

First, let’s consider the possibility that your TV is okay, and it’s a fault with an external component that’s making it constantly go black on you.

The simplest way to isolate an external component or player (such as an Amazon Firestick or a Roku device) is to look closely at how the external source behaves. If your TV works fine with all other sources and native apps but goes black and flickers with a specific device, there’s your answer.

An Amazon Firestick
Ruling out external devices as potential culprits is key to getting your TV back to normal.

In some cases, the issue can also come from a faulty HDMI port, so before blaming everything on your external devices, it’s also important to rule that out as well.

Solution: To rule out a bad HDMI port, try unplugging your external sources from the port you normally use and plugging them into a different one. If the flickering and intermittence stop, keep away from the bad HDMI output and use the new one in the future.

If the flickering continues, your external device is to blame, and you’ll need to stop using it and see whether you’re still under warranty coverage. In many cases, you’ll be able to get a replacement unit or have your current one serviced for free.

#2 Check the Power Board

A bad power board can also explain why your TV is constantly going black on you.

The power board is an essential part of your TV, as it allows it to work as you’d expect while getting the most out of it. From what I’ve seen, a clear sign that the power board is faulty is that the TV power cycles. Spotting power cycling is usually easy, as it will be indicated by the red power light (or any other color) turning on and off repeatedly.

The issue will also be accompanied by the TV not displaying any images.

Solution: When I see a faulty power board, I find the best course of action is to replace it. I strongly advise against replacing the board yourself, as the process is not DIY-friendly and requires a professional’s skill set.

#3 Check the Mainboard

Checking the mainboard can also help when your TV is constantly going black on you. A clear sign that your mainboard is failing is that the on-screen content is stable, but external sources are not.

A good example of the situation would be to have any native content (such as a show within your TV’s streaming apps) look okay and then have the TV flicker and go black when you play something from an external Blu-Ray player, Amazon Firestick, etc.

Solution: The simplest solution is to replace the mainboard, but please consider the following:

Please contact a certified technician for help finding and installing the right mainboard model for your TV.

#4 Check the Panel

In my experience, the last common symptom when a TV is going black on you due to a panel failure is that the screen turns on and off intermittently, but the power stays on. The issue can happen on various sources and platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon, and even external inputs.

A blank TV
Any fault with your TV’s panel must be addressed to get it back in working condition.

Typically, if the intermittence happens with online platforms but not with the on-screen menu or your TV’s home screen, the panel is not to blame. However, if the on-screen menus do go black along with online platforms, it’s a different story.

Solution: To stop your TV from constantly going black on you due to a bad panel, my usual advice is to replace the panel. In most cases, doing so will get things back to normal, but some things must be taken into consideration.

  • Panels can be expensive, ranging from 40% to 90% of the TV’s original cost or even exceeding its original value.
  • Finding the exact panel for your TV can be tricky since the panels can undergo various revisions within the same model year.
  • Replacing the panel is not easy and not something I’d recommend you try doing yourself. Many potential hazards can arise along the way.

I find that, when it comes to replacing your TV’s faulty panel, a professional’s skills are extremely useful. If you don’t have a technician you can call, please refer to our free resource below to find one.

Staying Safe When Your TV Is Failing

While TVs seem simple from the outside, they’re very complex devices that require professional skills to repair them properly and stay safe.

Opening the back of your TV exposes you to risks from power-regulating components, such as capacitors, which can hold an electrical charge for months or even years.

In many cases, it’ll be more cost-effective and safer to call a technician to help you handle the TV repair – especially if they are affiliated with manufacturers. Certified technicians know where to get the cheapest replacement parts and might even get discounts from vendors and partners.

Not to mention that many technicians will offer labor discounts if they misdiagnose an issue.

Fixing a TV That’s Constantly Going Black

That about covers it!

When your TV is constantly going black on you, it’s understandable that you feel frustrated and worried about the potential cost of repairs.

Luckily, as I hope this piece has helped you better understand, most of the issues causing your TV to go black or flicker on you constantly can be addressed relatively easily. Usually, calling a technician for assistance will solve the problem quickly.

It’s important that, before you consider paying for repairs, you weigh the cost-benefit they entail. If the replacement part represents 50% or more of the original price of your TV, my usual advice is to buy a new one over repairing the one you currently have.

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Have a great day!


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