Oven Power Cord Damaged? Here’s What To Do


Is your oven power cord damaged, and you’re unsure what to do about it?

You’re not alone! Although oven power cords are sturdy and rarely ever move, they can be damaged somewhat easily, leaving you and thousands of other homeowners without their main baking means.

I know it can be very annoying and frustrating to have your oven stop working because the power cord is damaged. But don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place for answers. Below, you’ll find a list including 3 simple things you can try to both determine that your oven’s power cord is, in fact, damaged and address the problem if that’s the case.

When your oven’s power cord is damaged, try checking the wall outlet you normally plug it into, examining the cord carefully, and replacing it if necessary.

Read on to learn what to do about your damaged oven power cord!

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Understanding the Danger of a Damaged Oven Power Cord

A damaged oven power cord can be very dangerous for several reasons. In the best-case scenario, a damaged cord can cause your oven to short circuit, potentially rendering the appliance useless and leaving you in a position where you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars for repairs.

However, there can be much more dire consequences. A damaged power cord can also result in a fire within your home, so please stop using your oven as soon as you suspect the cord is damaged.

That said, depending on the damage, the situation might be more or less urgent; here are some things I typically recommend when trying to diagnose the severity of the damage to an oven’s power cord.

#1 Check the Wall Outlet

The first thing I recommend you check when your oven’s power cord is damaged is the wall outlet you normally plug the appliance into. Although it’s not extremely common, sometimes wall outlets can fail to supply the right amount of electricity and amperage an appliance needs due to an isolated fault or a more complex issue with a home’s electrical layout.

If you suspect your oven’s cord is damaged because your oven is not working normally or it seems to be having display issues, my usual advice is to rule out the wall outlet first as a potential culprit.

Person disconnecting cable from wall outlet
Before considering your oven’s power cord is to blame for abnormal oven behavior, check the wall outlet you normally plug it into.

Solution: The easiest way to test a suspicious wall outlet is by carefully unplugging the oven and plugging it back into a different outlet, preferably far from the one you normally use. If the oven works normally while connected to the new outlet, there’s your answer! Stop using the old outlet and keep the oven plugged into the new one.

Alternatively, if you want to go the extra mile, you can also test the suspicious wall outlet with a multimeter for continuity. Testing your wall outlets is completely optional, but it can help you determine whether there’s a larger failure in your home’s electrical layout.

Note: Please don’t mess with your wall outlets unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you want to test your wall outlets but don’t have the necessary knowledge, I strongly recommend you contact a professional to do it for you.

#2 Examine the Cord

If you’ve determined the wall outlet is okay, the next thing you’ll want to check when you suspect your power cord is damaged is the cord itself. You’re probably wondering why it’s important to examine the cord, and the answer is simple – to assess the damage and determine whether it poses a risk to you and your oven.

A damaged oven cord won’t be dangerous if only the external rubber housing is broken or torn, as the internal cables that handle electrical current are intact. Still, you must cover the exposed internal wires as soon as possible to prevent liquids from falling onto them and to eliminate any electrocution hazards.

Oven power cable connections
You must never use an oven power cord that looks severely damaged, sparks or has smoke or a burning smell coming from it.

I’ve found that unplugging the cable from the wall outlet and covering the exposed areas with electrical tape does the trick rather well.

On the other hand, if your oven’s power cord is damaged enough that you notice smoke, a burning smell, or sparks coming from it while it is in use, you must stop using it immediately.

Solution: In the event that your oven’s power cord is damaged to the point where it’s dangerous to keep using the appliance as it is, you’ll have to start weighing your options. Some ovens are easier to repair than others, and some brands might have a simpler way of changing the power cord.

My usual advice in such a situation is to contact a professional technician you trust and ask them about your options and the availability of replacement parts for your oven. The model number for your oven’s power cord can sometimes be found in the User Manual, but if you don’t have it handy anymore, please refer to our free resource below.

You can also use online appliance part sites to find the right power cord.

#3 Replace the Cord

The last option at your disposal when you have a damaged power cord, is to replace the cord entirely. As mentioned earlier, the process for replacement will be easier or more complex, depending on the brand and model of your oven.

It’s critical that you replace the cord if you notice any of the signs above that indicate a dangerous problem or damage extensive enough to put you at risk.

Solution: The specific steps to replace the power cord will vary from model to model, but I find the following steps cover the broad strokes for most units – don’t worry, it’s super simple:

  1. Cut off power to your kitchen from your circuit breakers, and then carefully unplug the oven from the wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the oven’s end. Depending on your unit’s model, you might have to press a couple of small tabs to release it.
  3. Once you’ve released the old, damaged power cord, take the new cord and connect it to the oven.
  4. Plug the new cord into the wall outlet and test the oven.

Can You Get a Free Replacement Cord With Your Warranty?

Whether you can get a free replacement cord with your warranty depends on your manufacturer and the policy’s specific terms. That said, most oven manufacturers offer 1-year warranty coverage for factory defects and issues unrelated to the user.

Unfortunately, a damaged power cord is typically the result of improper installation or careless use, so your manufacturer might not be willing to cover the replacement. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to call your manufacturer and ask about your warranty’s terms.

Addressing a Damaged Oven Power Cord

That about covers it!

When you have a damaged oven power cord, you’re not only at risk of damaging your appliance but also at risk of starting a fire.

Luckily, as I hope this piece has helped you better understand, not every level of damage is dangerous to your oven or your well-being. In many cases, when the external rubber housing is the only part that’s damaged, a bit of electrical tape will do the trick.

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Have a wonderful day!


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