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Cost to Run Underfloor Heating: Free Calculator & Guide

Looking to get underfloor heating, but worried about the running costs? Here's a free calculator, and guide to owning underfloor heating.
Featured-portable-air-conditioner Calculators

Portable Air Conditioner Running Cost Calculator & Guide

If you want to know how much it costs to run a portable air conditioner, check out this guide with a calculator for all models.
Garage-Insulation---Featured Garage

Garage Insulation Cost Calculator & Best Practices

Need to insulate your garage, but wondering about the costs? We've created a calculator to estimate insulation costs for any garage.

Garage Weight Calculator: Estimate How Much Your Garage Weighs

Wondering how much your garage weighs? Here's a simple engineering calculator which will estimate the weight of any garage.
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The Costs of Running A Dishwasher [Free Calculator]

Wondering how much your dishwasher costs you to run? Here's a free calculator to estimate your own dishwasher running costs.
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Cost to Run Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners [Calculator]

Ductless air conditioners are fantastic - but how much do they cost to run? Here's exactly how much, with a free calculator.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Dehumidifier?

This calculator will estimate the cost to run any dehumidifier. We've also covered tips and advice on how to run a dehumidifier efficiently.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Central Air Conditioner?

Wondering how much your central air conditioner costs you to run each day? Here's a free calculator to tell you, and a guide to lower costs.

How Much It Costs To Run A Fan Per Hour [All Types]

This calculator shows how much any fan costs to run each day. The article also covers the costs of running types of fans, with tips.
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Electric Heater Running Costs: Free Calculator

Electric heaters are fantastic, until you see the electric bill. We've put together a free calculator to estimate electric heater running costs.
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Find Out How Much Your House Weighs: A Free Calculator

Wondering how much your home weighs? We've put together a quick calculator that gives estimates according to engineering design codes.
How to Size A Window Air Conditioner Calculators

How to Know Which Size of Window Air Conditioner You Need

Sizing a window air conditioner correctly will save you money. This guide, plus our infographic and free calculator, will show you how.