Are you looking for the best silent heater for your bedroom?

You’ve come to the right place! I know how tricky it can be to have a warm, cozy bedroom without suffering from a noisy heater or paying a huge energy bill by using your central heating system.

Luckily, I’ve spent a lot of time researching heaters, and I know the importance of a quality appliance. If you’re looking for the best silent heater, then this article’s for you.

If you’re looking for the quietest bedroom heaters, you should consider getting an infrared, oil-filled, or ceramic heater. These heaters are not only the quietest but also the most cost-effective.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about these heaters!

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What’s The Best Silent Heater for a Bedroom?

As I said above, I think that infrared, oil-filled, and standard space heaters are your best choice for a bedroom. Let’s just quickly run through these, and compare.

1st Place: Oil-Filled Heaters

I believe oil-filled heaters are the best option for a bedroom. They do the same thing as normal space heaters but better.

They’re completely silent, more cost-efficient when used for longer periods, and their heat lasts for a long time.

The main downside of an oil-filled heater is that they take a while to heat up. But as long as you can turn it on 10 minutes before you climb under the sheets, the heater will quietly keep the room warm all night. Without using much electricity.

This is because oil-filled heaters do use a bunch of energy to heat themselves up, but afterward only need a small amount to maintain that heat. Unlike a space heater, which quickly loses its heat and needs to constantly use more and more electricity.

2nd Place: Infrared Heaters

If you’ve ever been hanging out in the cool shade, then felt the heat of the sun come back on you – then you know what infrared heaters feel like!

These use radiation waves to spread heat, just like the sun. This is completely safe and is actually more of a natural way to heat up a space.

They’re loved nationwide for their use outdoors, but they’re a great choice for the bedroom because they’re quiet, cheap to run, and excellent for one-room heating.

3rd Place: Standard Space Heaters

By ‘standard’ space heaters, I mean those with your typical ceramic plate that gets heated through a resistor.

This heat is then typically spread throughout the room via a small fan and having the heater oscillate.

These are okay for bedrooms because they’re cheap to buy and can be run on low speeds, but since they do make noise and their heat isn’t long lasting, it isn’t the best.

Comparing Bedroom Space Heater Types

I’ve actually written a full, detailed comparison between oil-filled and standard electric space heaters for general purposes.

However, it’s worth looking at things from a bedroom perspective. Here’s a quick run-down of the pros and cons of each heater type.

Pros Cons
Standard Electric Fan Heaters
Cheaper - With such a mass-manufactured product, there's tons of competition which means cheap prices. Great if you're looking for a quick bit of extra heating power. Quick Heat Loss - Since these heaters rely on spreading heat through the air, any bad insulation or drafty windows will make you lose the heat fast.
Faster - Electric fan heaters heat up a room in minutes. Their fans quickly spread the heat throughout the air of the space. Higher Bills - Due to the quick heat loss, standard electric heaters need to provide higher heat for longer - costing more energy.
More Options - There are thousands of thousands of models to choose from. You're more likely to find a model that is perfect for your taste. Noisy - Especially for heaters with fans, there's always some level of noise associated with standard electric heaters.
Safer for Kids - Most standard fan heaters aren't overly hot to the touch, and the noise makes it more obvious that it's on (and hot!) Inaccurate - Unless you've got a real high-end model, standard convection heaters aren't as good at keeping one constant temperature. They typically end up going a bit too hot or not hot enough, and need you to fiddle with the controls every so often
- Bad for Allergies - Lastly, all that air movement brings up dust and allergens into the air.
Oil-Filled Heaters
Energy Efficient - These heaters are amazing at heat retention. Once they're at the desired temperature, they can save you a ton of energy only using low power to maintain the warmth. Heavier - By relying on a heavy liquid over a larger surface, oil heaters often weigh over 20lbs.
Silent - Since all the heat comes from heating the oil, there's basically no sound with these heaters. Fantastic if you find the noise of a fan distracting. Slow to Heat - It takes a while to get all the oil to the desired temperature - expect a 30 minute wait before the room's fully warm.
Safer for Fires - Fan heaters being blocked can lead to a fire hazard. Oil heaters are much safer, and don't have fire risks if curtains/clothes are *accidentally* left on them. More Expensive (Up Front) - Typically, these heaters cost a fair bit more than standard electric fan heaters. That said, they should also save you money in the long run.
Accurate - Thermostats on oil-heaters tend to work really well, and are included in most models. Oil heaters are great if you appreciate a continous, constant temperature.
Lasting Heat - Thanks to the high heat retention, an oil heater will stay hot for hours after it's switched off. Great for energy savings, and at night.
Infrared Heaters
Cheap to Run - Infrared heaters are typically the cheapest type of heater to run. They use less watts in general, and don't need to work extra hard if a space is draughty. Only on/off - One downfall of infrared heaters is you can't quiet control the temperature. It's typically either just on or off, and with only 2 or 3 power settings. This can make things tricky if you're really looking for a perfect room temperature.
Silent - Aside from some heating noise on start-up, infrared heaters are mostly silent. Perfect for bedrooms. Can get hot / kids touch - Lastly, these guys do get really hot when on high power. If you've got any kids or curious pets, be careful! A great alternative is having them on the wall, out of reach of inquisitive hands/paws.
Heat Lasts - Since they heat objects and not the air, a cool breeze or an open door won't mean you lose all of that heat.
Wall Options - There's tons of creative options for infrared heaters. The latest take are simple, minimalistic panels that sit on the wall and gently heat the whole room. They can even come as art pieces, or mirrors!
Gentle, instant heat - One of the most satisfying things about these heaters is that they're both instant, but gentle. When you turn them on you feel the heat immediately, but that same heat doesn't then get too much (since the objects are warm, not the air).

So What’s The Best For You?

All three types of heaters are a great choice for the bedroom. If you’re still not sure what type to go for, here’s my personal recommendations:

  1. For the bottom line, I think oil-filled heaters are the best bedroom heaters. They’re super silent, cost-efficient, and just provide nice, long-lasting heat. You can set the heat to exactly the temperature you want, and use a timer to turn it off later in the night. Though you don’t necessarily need that, since the heat lasts so long even after it’s switched off!
  2. If you only need a little heat, I’d consider an infrared panel. Like the wall art I recommend below, these gentle heaters are a fantastic addition to a room – not to mention their silent heating power. While the infrared towers are also great, they don’t have the precise temperature control of an oil-filled heater.
  3. Last up, are standard space heaters. In my opinion, the only main advantage of the standard heater type is a cheaper up-front cost. They’re typically noisier due to the fan and do run up the electric bills easier. This is especially true for a draughty room, since all the heat in the air can be lost so easily.

With all of that said, let’s get into some recommendations! I’m excited to share what I believe are the absolute best options for each heater type below. In my opinion, these models all exhibit the best qualities for their heater type.

Top Heater Recommendations

Best Oil-Filled Heater

The Best Bedroom Heater: PELONIS Oil-Filled Heater

Our top recommendation - the best all-rounder

Out of all the models I reviewed for our oil-filled heaters guide, this PELONIS model came out on top.

And it did it pretty comfortably, too.

It’s just a fantastic all-around heater. It’s everything you want from an oil-filled model.

It’s completely silent, looks professional with a great color, and the controls give it a great modern feel.

Like easy to use appliances? This is your guy. It has the most settings of all oil-filled heaters I reviewed – and most intuitive control panel.

The controls are so sleek, clear, and easy to use.

It’s also one of the few heaters that come with a remote control included. This is FANTASTIC for when you’re lying in bed and want to change the temperature without moving!

Pros Cons
Modern Design1-Year Warranty
Easy to use, clear controlsTakes a while to heat up
Remote control included
Fantastic price point
Eco-mode to save money

Our Verdict

Think about it – you’re lying in bed, it’s a bit chilly, so you reach over.

You grab the remote, hit the button, and this heater quietly wakes up.

Without moving an inch from your bed, you lay back and enjoy the feeling of the room heating up. The cold morning air fades away to an inviting warmth that makes it bearable to go get the morning coffee.

The bottom line is that I just can’t recommend this heater enough. It’s the perfect package for a bedroom. All for a great price tag.

Best Infrared Bedroom Heater

HeatStorm Infrared Tower Heater

No space on the floor? Get this on your wall. Or vice versa.

When it comes to heating a bedroom, you tend not to need a super powerful heater.

In this case, when recommending an infrared heater, it just has to be these great models by HeatStorm.

They’ve got plenty of smart features – some models offering WiFi connectivity – but it’s their smaller size and ability to be mounted on a wall that make them my favorite.

If you’ve not got too much floor space in your room, these heaters are easy to place onto a wall and keep pointed towards your bed. Protip – aim it to warm up the bed, not you!

Note: if you have a larger bedroom and would like an infrared heater – but need more power – check out the ‘Dr Heater’ model outlined in our efficient electric heaters guide.

Pros Cons
Wall mountable1-Year Warranty
Smart features
Quiet, fan-less operation
Long-lasting heat

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a silent heater that doesn’t cost much to run, and is perfect for heating up a bedroom while you’re sleeping, then this HeatStorm model is a great option.

It’s got everything from a remote, programmable thermostat, and full safety features that make it perfect as a bedroom companion.

Be sure to check out their other models if you’re looking for something with WiFi connectivity, so you can program it from your phone.

The Best Quiet Electric Space Heater: LASKO 751320

The Top Tower for Electric Space Heaters.

There’s so many electric space heaters that it can be hard to differentiate between them.

If one has a function, or looks a certain way, or has a great price – you’re certain to find three others just like it. So which one to go for?

This is where we can rely on the internet. The best bet is a thoroughly reviewed, thoroughly loved appliance. And in that case, there’s no better example than this LASKO fan.

At the time of writing it’s one of the highest reviewed models on Amazon, with over 7,000 reviews! Generally, the more reviews the harder it is for a product to keep a high rating (as opposed to new models that might only have 5-star reviews from die-hard fans.

One of these comments sums up the heater better than I ever could:

After 4-years of owning, what a sign it is to be that satisfied with a product!

Pros Cons
Great ratings after 7,000 reviewsNot as quiet as the other heater types
Quiet settings, built-in timer, remote control included
Three (!) year warranty!

Our Verdict

With models like these it can be hard to find ‘the one’. In this case, you want reliability and guaranteed quality.

This fan is a fantastic demonstration of that, with over 7,000 reasons why. Not to mention the quiet settings, included remote control, and built-in timer which make the heater incredibly easy to use.

It’s a great overall all-rounder – if you like the look and are set on a ceramic heater, I’d not hesitate in grabbing one!


There’s nothing better than relaxing in a cosy room. Especially when that heat is provided quietly, and cost-efficiently!

I really hope this guide has helped bring you closer to finding the perfect heater for your bedroom.

If you’ve enjoyed it, check out our other articles for more appliance-based love!

Have a great day.