There’s nothing worse than trying to work in a freezing garage. Trying to get a quick DIY job or progress at the workshop is almost unbearable with numb fingers and wearing 7 layers.

Thankfully, an infrared garage heater is the perfect solution. Not only do they provide instant heat, but they’re also the cheapest form of electric heating.

It’s hard to figure out which heater you should get, though. Luckily, I’m here to help you find the best infrared garage heater for your home.

If that sounds good, let’s dive in.

Best Infrared Heaters for a Garage: Shortlist

I know this is the internet, and some people are in a rush. While I’ve put a lot of time into the detailed reviews below, I’ve also put together a quick table which covers the most popular infrared heater models at a glance.

Image Garage Heater Chosen Because Link
Heat Storm Wall Infrared Heater Smart Features Amazon
Dr Heater Infrared Heater Most Powerful Amazon
ComfortZone Infrared Heaters Ceiling Mounted Amazon
Briza Infrared Heater Best All-In-One Amazon

Best Infrared Garage Heaters: Detailed Reviews

Best Smart Infrared Garage Heater

Heat Storm Wi-Fi Infrared Heater

There is so much to love about this infrared heater. First of all, the design definitely won’t take out of the aesthetic of your garage. It looks great with its glossy white and black finish.

There are variants for this product that you can place on the floor, but this particular model is a wall-mounted one. That is very considerate considering the fact that a garage is a location where your floor space is of the utmost importance. If you can keep one more thing from taking up that space, you’ll be glad.

This infrared heater is completely safe to touch. This means you don’t need to worry too much about injuries, especially if you have children and pets around. However, that doesn’t mean you should let them fiddle around with the heater however they like!

The premium feature of this infrared garage heater is that it is Wi-Fi enabled. That’s right, this is a smart heater. If you’ve been on a journey towards turning your home into a smart home, then the Heat Storm Heater is a fantastic addition.

You’ll be able to control the temperature from your phone with an app. So, when you wake up in the morning, you can get the garage nice and toasty before you enter. That means you don’t need to waste power keeping it on full blast.

Pros Cons
Wi-Fi functionality is a major winHas a bright blue LED when plugged but off
Less costly than options of this caliber
Grill is safe to touch
Has a built-in thermostat

Our Verdict

The Heat Storm Heater can pull in up to 1500W of power, and the whole time it’ll stay cool to the touch. That makes it incredibly safe and you won’t need to worry as much as you would with other models.

You get a warranty of one year, which isn’t bad. I pretty much expect a one-year warranty on any new product. That’s the sweet spot.

This product is a great choice if you need an infrared garage heater that can make your life so much more convenient and keep floor space neat and free.

Best All-in-One Infrared Garage Heater (Wall/Stand)

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

The Briza heater can cost quite a pretty penny. What it brings for that value, though, is likely to be worth it. It’s a very simple design but that’s what I like about it. It is minimalist and stylish in its own right.

One of my favorite things about this is how versatile it is when it comes to positioning. If you want it to sit on a stand, it can do that. Do you want to mount it on your wall? You can do that too. You can even mount it to a ceiling!

The heating element is well-sized and you can extend it up to seven feet off the ground. You can warm your feet, face, or hands, comfortably. All you need to do is adjust the height. It can go as low as three feet.

Apart from the timer which can power the heating off once the schedule is complete, there’s one more thing that I really like. This device is IP55-rated, which means that it will do an excellent job of holding up in the weather. It is a patio heater after all, so it’ll easily brush off rain, snow, and dust like a pro.

Pros Cons
You can mount or place it on a standFairly expensive
Timer option helps to save power
Will hold up great outdoors
Can be extended up to seven feet

Our Verdict

I think this is one of the best infrared heaters that you can buy right now.

The weatherproofing is perhaps my favorite feature. You can use it outside comfortably without worrying about snow. You can even mount it to a wall and forget about it. Plus, the tripod makes it easy to position the heater exactly how you need it.

You get an ample two years on your warranty with this product. That does make the price a bit easier to swallow, but still, it’s still one of the more expensive infrared garage heaters that I’ll be showing to you.

If you need an infrared garage heater that you can use outside every once in a while, the Briza Heater is a solid option.

Most Powerful Infrared Heater

Dr Heater Digital Infrared Heater

The heater that serves you virtually 100% of the heat it produces.

Our top infrared space heater for years has been the infrared heaters produced by Dr. Heater.

While they aren’t going to win any awards for looks or style, they are unmatched in terms of raw heating power and efficiency. They’re capable of heating up large rooms with barely on noise – silently switching on and off to maintain a warm temperature (while only using a minimal amount of electricity).

Pros Cons
AffordableBuilt-in fan is weak
Comes with a remote control for stress-free use
Has a thermostat

Our Verdict

The digital display here is what sets it apart from most of the others besides the Heat Storm model. You get a precise look at the temperature this machine is outputting. You also get to see what the ambient temperature is thanks to the thermostat.

It comes with a good number of safety features so you won’t have to worry too much about the damage if a child pushes it over. It won’t set the carpet on fire so you can worry a bit less about that occurring.

If you need a garage heater that packs plenty of power and has an excellent track record of reliability, Dr. Heater is a great choice.

Best Value Infrared Heater

ComfortZone Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

Remember what I said about garages and floor space? If you want your infrared heaters permanently situated in the garage, it’s best to find a place to mount them.

These infrared heaters from Comfort Zone are to be mounted on the ceiling. That really keeps them out of the way and also out of the reach of children. This item comes as a two-pack, so you can strategically place these at different ends of the space. This will help get the place warm a lot faster.

You can also angle these heaters through 90°, which lets you angle them precisely, even if you have already nailed them in.

A very thoughtful addition this has is the inclusion of a halogen light. This will act not only as a heater but as a light source as well. Despite everything you get, you don’t pay that much. That’s some good value.

Pros Cons
It provides amazing valueA remote control would make operating easier
Built-in light makes this versatile
You can angle it through 90°

Our Verdict

For a garage that is a bit too big for one infrared heater, you can look to this two-pack to help fight against that cold. If you position them well, you should be able to cover most of the garage and keep it nice and cozy.

The pull cord is a weak point of this product. I’d have preferred if it had a remote instead. You have to reach up to turn this on and do the same to turn it off. Especially seeing as it is on the ceiling, a remote would have been nice. You get so much infrared, just not the remote-control kind. Despite that, the cord is long enough for most people to be able to reach.

You get a one-year warranty, which is pretty much standard with Comfort Zone products like the one above. No complaints from me on that duration.

If you don’t have the most space in your garage, then that’s another case to consider getting these. They’ll stay out of your way the whole time but you’ll definitely feel their effects.

Best Pedestal Infrared Garage Heater

WDERNI Electric Outdoor Heater

Not everyone is after an infrared heater that you can mount. That would be way too much stress to move from room to room, which is why a heater on a stand will always be a winner for a lot of people.

You can elevate this infrared garage heater to nearly seven feet. You can also angle the heater at the top through 45° of motion which lets you get the perfect position to stay warm and toasty.

It also has three different power settings. You can set it to low heat at 500W, medium at 1000W, or max it out at 1500W. That’s far from shabby. With all that power, it is important for the heater to turn off if tipped over, and you can bet that the WDERNI Heater does just that.

No matter where you decide to use this, you’ll surely have a great time with it. It’ll keep the winter chill far away.

Pros Cons
You can raise it almost seven feetYou can’t reduce the height beyond six feet
Three power optionsNo timer feature
You can angle the heating head

Our Verdict

Having a garage heater that lives on a stand brings a lot of benefits. You can move it around very easily and the same can’t be said for one that you’ve hammered into a wall. For larger rooms, you can move them to the exact spot where you need them the most.

The WDERNI Heater doesn’t come with any fancy features like weather-proofing or Wi-Fi functions. It is a rather barebones model but I’ll let it get away with that. Its price doesn’t scream feature-packed after all.

This is one of those devices where I search everywhere for some kind of warranty information and come up blank. This doesn’t happen much but sadly, this product has beaten me. I don’t know what the warranty is like with this heater.

It’s always safest to assume it has none if you’re planning on buying it. If it doesn’t, then you were expecting it. If it does, then happy days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Infrared Heaters Safe?

Infrared radiation. That sounds a bit scary right? Radiation is never a good thing, is it?

Well, it’s not always a bad thing, that’s for sure. That word gets a bad rep thanks to ‘nuclear radiation’, but it is just a term in physics.

Infrared heaters are completely safe. The infrared radiation that they give off is the exact same type that the sun gives off! The only difference between these and regular heaters is that these project warmth on surfaces and people like you and me, while regular heaters warm the air.

So, don’t worry, everyone in your home is perfectly fine when under the heat of one of these.

Are Infrared Heaters Expensive to Run?

The short answer to this is no! In fact, when you compare them to any other kind of heater, you’ll find that they are actually the cheapest kind of heater to run!

They use fewer watts to produce the same amount of heat that any other heater can produce. They don’t need to waste time and energy heating up the air. That same air can escape the room in seconds, meaning the warmth is being ‘wasted’. The instant heat they provide means that you spend less time and power pre-heating a space.

Are Infrared Heaters Good for a Garage?

There is actually no better space to make use of an infrared heater than a garage, I might say. The reason for this is simple. A garage is far from the most airtight room in the house. You get a lot of draughts in such a space.

When you warm the air, you’ll easily have it escape when it is in a garage. This is why it’s best to warm the objects instead and let those warm the air in turn.

Plus, many garages have a lot of stuff, and finding free space can be an annoying task. Fortunately, for so many of these infrared heaters, you can mount them to walls or ceilings. That’ll save you some floor space.

So yes, an infrared heater is fantastic for a garage.

How to Heat a Garage Cheaply

Well, besides buying an infrared heater, there is one major thing you can do to keep your garage warm as you want it to be. The answer to that is to insulate!

Like I said before, a garage can be very draughty. It is very important for you to seal off any air leaks, such as those you’ll find around the garage door. You can attach insulation to block off any of these.

Then after that, insulate the walls and the garage door. This can be quite a task but it is possible to do it on your own. Insulation doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount either.

Once you’ve got that and an infrared heater, you’re set!


Getting to work in the morning doesn’t need to involve the uncomfortably cold garage journey. When you want to finish up some DIY projects, you shouldn’t have to bundle up in winterwear. An infrared garage heater will keep that space warm with instant heat.

If you’re in the market for one, then the top choice for me is the Briza Infrared Patio Heater. Its major downside is its price, so let’s get that out of the way. It is the most expensive heater on this list. Despite that, it is a very solid product. There are no fancy bells and whistles, but you get a powerful heater. It comes with a remote and you can mount it to a ceiling or a wall, so that’s some versatility.

My runner-up is the Heat Storm model. It stays cool to the touch all over and can be mounted, which means it is safe to have around children. And of course, the fact that you can control this with an app is where it really shines. This is a great addition to any home.

And just an honorable mention for the two-pack of Comfort Zone ceiling-mounted heaters. There is a lot of value to be had from buying that item at that price. Infrared heaters are generally expensive, so this is a great deal!

Maybe one of these called to you the moment you saw it? My recommendations are just my opinion and everything depends on your exact needs. I hope you found something here!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end of the article. If this content has helped you, then please consider taking a look at some of the related articles below.