Are you looking for the best box fan?

You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll find 12 of the best box fans to stay cool during summer.

Some of the best box fans for rattle-free cooling are the Hurricane Classic Box Fan, Lasko Premium Box Fan, Air King 9723 Box Fan, and Black & Decker Frameless Box Fan. I’ve considered their size, cooling capacity, design, build quality, and price.

Read on to learn more about the best box fans!

Best Box Fans – Shortlist

Are you in a rush? Here’s the shortlist of the top box fans. Scroll on for full, detailed reviews of each of the 12 recommendations.

Image Box Fan Height Speeds Link
Hurricane Classic Box Fan 20" 3 Amazon
Lasko Premium Box Fan 20" 3 Amazon
Air King 9723 Box Fan 20" 3 Amazon
Lasko 'Be Cool' Blue/Purple Box Fans 20" 3 Amazon
Black & Decker Frameless Box Fan 9" 3 Amazon

Best Box Fans

Hurricane Classic Box Fan

The selling point of the Hurricane Box Fan is the weather-resistant motor shield and metal exterior. I like that it’s a unique design, which makes it the best box fan for windows.

There’s a nice side effect, too. The extra weight from the motor shield and thick sides means there’s some added weight. It weighs 9 lbs, to be exact, which is great for preventing shaking or rattling when at high speeds.


Pros Cons
Unique weather shieldMade in China
Added weight means no shaking/rattling1-Year Warranty
'Whisper quiet' design

Our Verdict

It’s rare for small fans like the Hurricane Box Fan to have stand-out qualities, but the unique weather shield on its motor is one of those rarities.

In my opinion, its build quality, quietness, and easy-to-use controls are all solid. 

Holmes 10" Personal Box Fan HABF120W

If you’re looking for a personal-sized box fan, I recommend the Holmes 10″ Personal Box Fan HABF120W.

At 11 inches high and 10 inches wide, the Holmes fan is small enough to fit snugly inside any window to aid in ventilation. Or even in your suitcase if you’re worried about extra-hot hotel rooms while you travel.

While it’s not going to give you a tornado to work with, it does pump out a respectable amount of airflow for such a little fan. It’s not completely quiet while doing so (lightweight fans can shake), but it’s a level of white noise that’s easy to get used to.

Pros Cons
Super small (10x11 inches)Some level of noise
Lightweight; easy to move
Low price tag

Our Verdict

Sometimes, a strategically placed small fan can be more effective than a larger model, which can’t fit anywhere near you.

Well-suited to tasks like venting out small spaces, quietly cooling you and your laptop at a desk, or even joining you on a travel trip – the Holmes 10″ Personal Box Fan HABF120W can really make a difference.

Lasko #B20301 20" Premium Box Fan

For some reason, a good-quality box fan in any color other than white is quite hard to find.

So, while I wouldn’t rate the Lasko #B20301 fan over the one at the top of this list, it still makes the top 5 almost on color alone.

Looks aside, it has a good bit of weight (9.5 lbs) for extra stability and an easy-carry handle to help you move it around. The quality of the metal exterior is solid – and leagues ahead of cheaper plastic models.

Pros Cons
Sturdy build qualityNot as quiet or strong as Lasko #3720
Black color great for 'dirtier' places
Easy carry handle
'Rare' black color on a worthy model

Our Verdict

I find that the Lasko #B20301 is a great product if you’ve got a darker space that needs a quality fan for cooling/ventilation.

The #B20301 is a great in-between model that still functions very efficiently (and looks good while doing so).

WP 20” BLK Box Fan

The WP 20” BLK Box Fan is like a Men In Black fan.

Like your appliances black? You won’t get blacker.

Prefer things to be subtle? There’s no big branding to be found on it.

The performance? Fantastic. As good as any other fan on this list.

And the customers? Satisfied.

The model by WP (Westpointe) is as sleek as it comes. Performance-wise, there’s not much to differentiate it from other fans, but if you love sleek and subtle – the WP 20” BLK Box Fan is a fantastic shout.

Pros Cons
Super black colorLesser known brand
No big branding
Great performance
Great customer satisfaction

Our Verdict

The WP 20” BLK Box Fan is powerful and has a great color design. If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, the WP fan is the way to go.


Air King 9723

The Air King 9723 fan is also among the most powerful on this review list.

Boasting an airflow of over 2140CFM, it’s deceptively powerful for a standard 20” fan.

The build quality is a level up, with impact-resistant grills, a long 8-foot power cord, and an extra lubricated motor.

Now – don’t get me wrong. These great extras come with a bump in the price tag. But if you don’t mean the extra $10 or so, you get that nice little step up in quality.

Pros Cons
Build quality upgradesMore expensive (slightly)
Whiter than white color
Powerful 2140CFM motor

Our Verdict

At the time of writing – the Air King 9723 fan is an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for Box Fans.

And for good reason.

It looks great, packs a ton of power for its size, and has great build quality. Granted, the Air King 9723 fan is a little more pricey than other models, but it’s money well spent.

Lasko 'Be Cool in Royal Blue' Box Fan

The Lasko ‘Be Cool’ fan is perfect for any kids’ bedroom or any room with a blue color scheme.

The part I love best? They’ve called the fan ‘Be Cool’. Amazing.

Performance-wise, the Lasko ‘Be Cool’ is the same as Lasko’s Premium 20” Box Fan I reviewed above. It’s only the color that they’ve made explode with personality.

Pros Cons
Fantastic Blue ColorNot Ideal If You Don’t Like Blue!
Same Great Performance
Top Brand Name

Our Verdict

While not the most widely bought fan, customers love the Lasko ‘Be Cool’ fan.

I also love the contrast with the white buttons (a little hard to see with the white background). It’s a beautiful bright white that contrasts so well with the blue.

Sometimes, you don’t want sleek and subtle. Sometimes, you want a real ‘POP’ of personality and color. Well, here it is.

Don’t like blue? Check out our next pick!

Lasko 'Be Purple' Box Fan

The Lasko Purple Box Fan is the archnemesis of our blue box fan above. Made by the same company, just in a different color scheme.

The purple isn’t quite as bright of a ‘pop’ as the blue, but it’s still a fantastic shade that will go well in any bright room. Perfect for a kid-based space and for summer colors in general.

Pros Cons
Fantastic Purple ColorNot ideal if you don't like purple
Same Great Performance
Top Brand Name
Perfect If You Hate Blue!

Our Verdict

The Purple Box Fan is the same great Lasko fan loved by thousands of customers. Just produced in a fantastic purple color with a contrasting white handle and control. Perfect for color lovers.

Comfort Zone CZ200ABK

Another fantastic all-rounder, Comfort Zone has brought out two of their very own box fans to compete on the market.

We’re looking at a fairly standard model. But in no way is that a bad thing.

The Comfort Zone CZ200ABK  has a fair price, 3-speed settings, durable construction, and a sleek finish. What’s not to love?

While the brand is not as well known as Lasko or the other ‘titans’, their initial reviews are great.

Pros Cons
Large 20” SizeNewer Brand
Stable, Durable Frame
Lightweight Frame

Our Verdict

Pick the Comfort Zone CZ200ABK  fan up if you’re looking for a great, reliable all-rounder box fan.

Personally, I love the look, the fact it’s a newer brand, and just that it ticks every ‘box’. Excuse the pun.

Also available in black here.

Holmes HBF2010A-WM 21" Box Fan

The Holmes HBF2010A-WM 21″ Box Fan is (at the time of writing this review list) the best-selling box fan on due to the great value for money it offers.

While affordable, its light weight indicates that it’s prone to a little rattling/shaking at high speeds. The Holmes HBF2010A-WM 21″ is still a great box fan if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

Pros Cons
Amazon BestsellerProne to rattling at max speed
Attachable feet for extra stability
Made in USA

Our Verdict

Typically, Amazon’s #1 bestseller can speak volumes for a product, which is still quite true for the Holmes HBF2010A-WM 21″ Box Fan. But it has been a little more based on low price rather than an outstanding product.

The Holmes HBF2010A-WM 21″ is a great box fan if you’re looking for a cheap air circulation solution, but I can’t recommend it for being top on quality or durability.

Aerospeed Premium Box Fan

You could say that the Aerospeed Box Fan is ‘low’ on everything, which can be a bad and good thing.

The Aerospeed Box Fan is low on power usage, weight, and noise. which is great. But it’s also a bit lower on the airflow that it produces. So, while it’s one of the quietest and most cost-efficient box fans on the market, it’s also one of the least powerful.

If a bit of quiet extra airflow is what you’re after, the Aerospeed Box Fan is ideal. Just don’t expect it to put up too much competition in strong summer heat!


Pros Cons
Efficient energy usageLower air power
One of the quietest box fans

Our Verdict

The light balance between a quiet yet no-so-powerful fan means that the Aerospeed Box Fan could be a great option for laptop cooling without making much noise.

However, if you’re after something more powerful, like a fan for venting dusty rooms, I’d recommend the Lasko #3720 instead.

Black & Decker Frameless Tabletop Box Fan

The Black & Decker Frameless Box Fan is the smallest fan on this list. It’s less than half the size of the more “premium” fans I’ve listed above.

The Black & Decker fan is subtle, with a “frameless” design and a clean white color.

Personally, I love how the controls are an analog dial tucked into the corner. Thanks to the size and quality, the Frameless Box Fan is a great option.

Pros Cons
Small SizeLimited Effect in Large Space
Reliable - 'Little Runner'
Great Design

Our Verdict

The Black & Decker Frameless Box Fan is perfect for small windows or tight spaces. It’s high quality and quiet.

Keep in mind that the Black & Decker Frameless Box Fan doesn’t have a powerful airflow, but it will reliably make a small space much more comfortable for years to come.

Lasko 3300 20” Wind Machine Fan

The Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Fan is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in ‘Floor Fans’.

While not in a “box” shape, the Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Fan is still worth your consideration. Its 20” size makes it around the same footprint. But the ‘Wind Machine’ in it’s name is no joke. This Lasko fan is powerful.

The best part, though, is that the head pivots.

For around the same price tag, the Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Fan can be rotated vertically. It can be game-changing – with normal box fans, you need to have them at the right height, which means you need a flat surface at the right height – not easy to get.

Pros Cons
Pivoting HeadIt’s not a box. It has curves!
Made by Lasko
High Powered ‘Wind Machine’

Our Verdict

For a similar price to a box fan, the Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Fan’s pivoting head gives you plenty more options to place it.

Combined with a great level of power and build quality – the Lasko 3300 fan is a fantastic alternative.

So while I’m breaking a few rules here, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Benefits of Box Fans

Are you weighing up what type of fan would be best for you? Check out the benefits of box fans!

  • Super Lightweight. Making them easy to move around and place exactly where they’re needed.
  • Easy to Place. With a flat base and small size, box fans can slot in almost anywhere.
  • Cheap Upfront Cost. Box fans are not technical marvels so they can be affordable.
  • Energy Saving. Thanks to their simplicity, box fans are some of the most efficient ways to keep you cool during summer.
  • Improved Ventilation. Just one box fan can dramatically change your air from stale to freshly flowing.

Box fans are also great for sleeping on a hot night!

Box Fans: Buyers Guide

When buying a new box fan, there are different factors you need to keep in mind to make the choice that best fits your needs. These are:

  • Air Flow – Will you want the fan to cool a whole room or just a specific location? A small yet strategically placed fan can sometimes be better than a larger one.
  • Variability – Are you going to have multiple uses for the fan? Newer models have more speed settings available, making them great for everything from quiet constant cooling to powerful floor drying.
  • Noise Levels – Will you want to sleep or watch TV while the fan is on? Keep in mind that heavier box fans are often quieter (less prone to shaking).
  • Maneuverability –  Lighter fans are easier to move around, and some models have top-mounted handles to improve handling.
  • Build Quality – In simple terms, will you need a metal exterior? Are you going to be hauling it around a workshop all day?
  • Energy Efficiency – Box fans cost pennies compared to running an air conditioner, but running an inefficient fan all night can add up.
  • Reliability – Known brands and longer warranties can mean a lot. While most fans only have a year warranty, check the listing to see if your model has more. It’s often a great sign of quality.
  • Design – Lastly, think about your color scheme! We can’t be having your feng shui ruined by an off-colored fan. Find a model that will benefit your space, not just be an eyesore.

While most of the box fans look similar, the aspects above tend to vary between each one. Keep them in mind as you look through the recommendations!

Box Fan FAQ’s

Are Box Fans Any Good?

It depends! Are you trying to cool your whole house on a 100-degree day? Then No! Box fans are not that good. But if you’re just looking for some cheap, supplemental cooling and airflow? Then they’re perfect.

How Much Does A Box Fan Cost To Run?

Box fans are super cheap to run. One of the cheapest fans you can get. Typically they use around 100 Watts an hour. The US average electricity cost is $0.13 for 1000W, so we’re talking less than $0.02 an hour! Compare that to an air conditioner which will easily cost the full $0.13 per hour to run.

How Far Does a Box Fan’s Air Flow? What is the CFM?

Box fan air movements range from around 800 to 1600CFM, depending on the power of the fan and the speed setting you use.


Hopefully, now you know more about the best box fans.

Remember that some of the best box fans out there are the Hurricane Classic Box Fan, Lasko Premium Box Fan, Air King 9723 Box Fan, and Black & Decker Frameless Box Fan.

Don’t forget that when choosing the right box fan, you need to consider its efficiency, warranty, airflow, design, and size. Purchase the box fan that best fits your needs and preferences. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. If you found it helpful, please check out our other related guides.

Have a great day!