Washer Keeps Beeping at You? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Washer Keeps Beeping at You

Does your washing machine keep beeping at you for no apparent reason?

I understand how annoying the constant beeping can be. Especially when you value the peace and quiet of your home like I do.

Luckily, addressing the most common causes behind your washing machine’s beeping is typically very easy. In fact, sometimes, no repairs are even needed.

To help you get to the bottom of the situation and figure out why your washing machine is constantly beeping at you, I’ve put together this guide after doing a lot of research.

If your washing machine keeps beeping at you, wait for it to stop draining, check its water supply, the control interface, and consider software bugs. If all else fails, double-check that the washer is balanced.

Keep reading to restore the silence!

The Washer Is Still Draining

If your washing machine keeps beeping, chances are it’s still waiting to drain all the water inside it. From what I’ve seen, beeping during draining is highly likely if you use the ‘No Spin’ option at the end of your washer cycles.

If your washing machine is continuously beeping or blaring in a rhythmic but annoying sequence, ensure the pipes aren’t clogged so the water is easily drained.

Hand holding drain pipe from washer
When the drain line gets clogged, it’s most likely because of the presence of an object stuck or a filter blocked with dirt.

Your Washer Isn’t Getting Enough Water

If your washing machine keeps beeping like crazy, it could be due to it not getting enough water. It’s also possible that the drainpipe is too low.

I tend to find that low-pressure and clogged inlet pipes can quickly cause insufficient water supply to the washing machine, so you’ll want to check for both of these things.

The Front Control Is Faulty

The most likely reason your washing machine keeps beeping is a front control issue. Especially if the beeping is random.

A diagram of where a front load washer's control panel is located
The control panel can make random beeping sounds over time

As time passes, or due to a malfunction unrelated to you and your laundry habits, the frontal control board can start to fail. The random beeping you’re hearing is likely the frontal control board pressing buttons like crazy.

The good news is that, in most cases, there’s no need to repair the control board, and no harm will come to your machine if you ignore it. However, I understand how the constant beeping can be annoying, so you can try looking at your appliance’s settings.

Removing washing machine circuit board
Replacing a control board can be very expensive, so first, make sure to test the following hack and see if it fixes the problem.

Often, washing machines will have the option to disable their sounds. The process for every manufacturer and model will vary, so make sure to check your User Manual to find the right steps.

Of course, you can always choose to replace your front control board, but in my opinion, it’s not worth it. The control board is very expensive, and if you have the option to disable the sound, isn’t it miles better than spending your hard-earned money?

Software Bugs

Yet another possible reason why your washing machine keeps beeping is a software bug. Just as computers (although not as complex), washing machines run lines of code internally to deliver the results you want and accept your settings.

Sometimes, there can be a crash in said processes, or a “bug” can make the washing cycle fail. Luckily, getting everything back to normal can be as simple as unplugging the washer from the wall outlet, waiting a couple of minutes, and plugging it back in.

Your Washer Is Not Balanced

The last possible reason why your washing machine keeps beeping is that it’s not balanced. Throwing a lot of items in your washer can cause the washer to go out of balance, making the drum have a hard time spinning as a result.

A spirit level on top of a washing machine
Leveling your washer properly can solve many problems.

Beeping can also happen when you exceed the appliance’s maximum load capacity, so please make sure you do a moderate amount of laundry at a time.

Balance problems can also come from the washer not being placed on a level surface. You can check your washing machine’s leveling by using what’s known as a “bubble” or “spirit” leveler.

If All Else Fails…

If nothing else seems to be helping, and you’re utterly sick of hearing the beeping all day, I recommend contacting a professional. Muting random beeping is okay, but if the beeping is more constant, it could indicate an actual problem that you don’t want to ignore for long.


Washers can be pretty annoying sometimes. However, there’s usually a good reason for their loud sounds. Look at those beeps as screams for help!

Should nothing help, reach out to your service provider. But if you’re more of a DIY kind of person, persevere, and I’m sure you’ll conquer.

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Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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