Washer Keeps Beeping at You? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Washer Keeps Beeping at You

Off to an afternoon nap after you’ve put the clothes in the washer but it just won’t stop beeping? I understand how annoying it can be. I mean I started pulling my hair (quite literally) the last time this happened before deciding to do something about it because my washer decided to have an unauthorized party and I wasn’t having it.

By “doing something about it” I mean scrolling down Google’s search results for some answers for 15 minutes straight, giving up, and ending up calling my service provider. That brought with it the embarrassment of them getting a sight of my laundry room.

Hey, who doesn’t procrastinate laundry until it piles up into a scary mountain of dirty clothes? (don’t come at me, it can happen to anyone).

To save you the embarrassment and headache of your washer constantly beeping at you, I’ve put together this guide after doing a lot of research.

If you don’t want your washer to have a beeping party, it’s crucial to know why your washer keeps beeping. Only then you’ll be able to fix it.

First, a checklist…

To fix your washer you can try the following things (don’t call the service provider just yet):

  • Check if your machine is getting water
  • Recheck if the lid is properly closed
  • Redistribute the load
  • Make sure your machine is properly balanced on the surface
  • Check if the water is properly drained (if it’s close to spinning)

Now, let’s get into the reasons why your washer’s beeping at you…

Your Washer is Just Making Sure the Water is Properly Drained Before Spinning

If it won’t stop beeping, there’s a possibility that before spinning, your machine is checking to see if the water has emptied. If you use the ‘No Spin’ option at the end, your washer might beep.

If your device is continuously beeping or blaring in a rhythmic but super annoying sequence, make sure the pipes aren’t clogged so the water is easily drained.

Hand holding drain pipe from washer
When drain line gets clogged, it’s most likely because of the presence of an object stuck or a filter blocked with dirt.

Your Washer isn’t Getting Enough Water

This is one of the most common reasons why your washer goes on a beeping craze. Did you forget to turn on the tap? (It did happen to me, not kidding).

It’s also possible the drainpipe is too low or that it’s been pulled farther into the drainpipe, causing water to siphon out from the washer.

One explanation could be that the supply water flow rate is too slow, or the filters in the inlet pipe may be clogged. You might want to cross-check these things.

The Front Control Board Might Be Faulty

It’s probably the front controller board that’s a problem if the washer just won’t stop beeping (and keep making your life miserable) throughout the wash. I totally understand the repair can be super expensive (I’m not selling my kidney to have a control panel fixed!).

Pressing all buttons on a faulty control board
Replacing a control board can be very expensive, so first make sure to test the following hack and see if it fixes the problem.

Don’t fret! Here’s a hack that might work for you. You can usually fix this issue without replacing the part. Just remove the washer’s lid, then unplug it. You’ll find the front control board inside – check if any of the buttons is pressed. This way you can fix it manually.

It Can Just Be a Software Error

All that beeping can just be due to a software glitch. Use the classic “turn it off and on again” trick! Unplug your washer (don’t turn it off through the switch), and leave it for a couple of hours. If it’s a random system glitch, it’ll go away on its own once you restart it.

Your Washer Has a Balance Issue

The mind-numbing beeping can also mean the load in your washer isn’t balanced. Throwing a lot of items in your washer causes this – the drum has a hard time spinning as a result.

This error message can also pop up on the screen if you throw in too big a load in the washer, so just make sure you do a moderate amount of laundry at a time. Don’t fill it more than it can handle.

I understand sometimes we just wanna get it all done at once. But, trust me, it’ll end up taking so much more of your time.

This problem can also arise if your washing machine isn’t positioned on an even surface.

Make sure your washer is sitting on an even floor and has nothing underneath tilting it. Also, make sure the laundry is uniformly distributed inside the drum.

If All Else Fails, Just Mute It (For a While)

If nothing else seems to be helping and you’re utterly sick to death of hearing the beeping all day, I have good(ish) news: you can just mute it. However, we WOULD recommend getting it checked since the washer could be trying to warn you that something’s wrong internally.

Muting is just a quick fix and there is a chance your washer might not actually work until the original issue is fixed.

It’s also important to remember that the switches for turning off the noise will differ based on the kind of washer you have. For some washing machines, you only need to hold down the Spin & Rinse buttons at the same time, for three seconds.

But if that doesn’t work, search for the volume symbol on your washer’s display. There should be two lines pointing towards the buttons that you need to press.


Washers can be mean and pretty annoying sometimes. However, there’s usually a good reason. Look at those beeps as screams for help! After all, they keep our clothes clean!

If nothing helps, you might want to reach out to your service provider. However, if hitting up your service provider is your first instinct, you might end up having to go through a bit of a hassle.

Try the above fixes, and at least one of them will probably help you (and your washer).

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Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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