Samsung Fridge Not Cooling, But Freezer Works? Here’s Why

Samsung Fridge Not Cooling, But Freezer Works

Is your Samsung fridge warm while your freezer is still cold? Then find out what’s the matter and how you can get it to take a chill pill in this article. 

Here’s why your Samsung fridge isn’t cooling but the freezer works:

  • The door seals aren’t clean
  • The temperature is too high
  • It’s packed too tight
  • The evaporator coils have frosted over
  • The evaporator fan is faulty
  • The damper control assembly is stuck

But what if you know what’s wrong with your fridge but just aren’t sure how to fix it? Then check out the next section in this article. There we’ll discuss 6 problems that your fridge could have and how to repair each one of them.

6 Reasons Why Your Samsung Refridgerator Is Warm But Freezer Is Cold

When you open up the fridge and aren’t immediately hit with cool air, you may assume that it has a fault. But what if the freezer is still working? That’s right, your milk is going sour in the fridge but your frozen veggies and pizzas in the freezer are still rock solid and covered in ice. What does this mean?

Coming up next in this article, we’re going to check out 6 reasons why your Samsung fridge is hot but your freezer is cold. But explanations are not the only things you’ll see. You will also find solutions to these problems that will help you fix your unit and get the fridge to chill again.

#1 The Door Seals Aren’t Clean

Working out why your refrigerator is warm but your freezer is cold is a bit of a process of elimination. So where should we start? The first thing you need to check is your door seals. 

If your door seals aren’t clean, they will not be able to stay closed properly. As a result, warm air will be able to enter the fridge and raise its internal temperature.

We normally use our fridge compartment more often than we do our freezer compartment. So, it is more likely that our fridge door seals get a bit grimy and start letting in warm air than the freezer. This would explain why your fridge is warm and your freezer is cold if you have a separate door for your freezer. 

So what can you do to fix this issue? Here are some simple steps:

  1. Clean the door gaskets with a sponge to remove the dirt from them
  2. Once clean, close the fridge and wait 24 hours for the temperature to regulate inside it

NOTE: If you are not able to wipe the gaskets clean you will have to replace them. Loose gaskets will allow warm air to seep into the fridge. So, you will also need to replace any loose gaskets.

cleaning door gasket
Clean the door gaskets regularly.

If you want to get any replacement part – or see how much one would cost – click to enter your model number in the search bar below. Our partners at AppliancePartsPros stock almost every part with free guides on how to install them.

#2 The Temperature Is Too High

Your Samsung fridge needs to be set to a certain temperature or it will struggle to stay cool. If the temperature in the fridge is set too high you could have a warm fridge and a cool freezer. Your refrigerator will have an especially tough time chilling out if it’s in the following conditions:

  • In direct sunlight
  • In a warm or humid climate
  • Next to a hot appliance such as an oven
  • Too close to another appliance on either side
  • Too close to a wall

So what should you do? You should set your fridge to the right temperature. This is 4°C (40°F). You should set your freezer to -18°C (0°F). 

You should also ensure that your fridge is not in direct sunlight. It should be in a climatized room. It should not be touching any hot appliances. It must have at least a 1-inch gap from the wall behind it and 1 inch from any appliances beside it. Following these criteria when positioning your fridge will help it to stay cooler.

Adjusting fridge temperature
Set the fridge and freezer to the right temperature.

#3 It’s Packed Too Tight

Do you get a little claustrophobic when packed in a busy subway or elevator? Then I am sure your Samsung fridge can sympathize with you. Samsung fridges do not like to be jam-packed or overfilled. When they are, you run the risk of blocking an air vent with food and disrupting the airflow.  

If your fridge is chock-a-block with food but your freezer is empty, you could be blocking a vent in the fridge only. This would make the fridge feel warm but the freezer cold. 

So how can you fix this problem? The only way is to remove some of the food from the refrigerator. Removing some items from bulky packaging is a great way of saving space. You can also try repositioning the food so that is not blocking a vent.

Overfilled Fridge
Do not overfill the fridge.

#4 The Evaporator Coils Have Frosted Over

One of the most important components that keep your refrigerator cool is the evaporator coils. These coils are constantly freezing over and defrosting. They do this as the fridge runs through its various cycles. But, if the defrost cycle doesn’t work properly, your coils will stay frozen. If this happens, your fridge will be warm.

So what should you do in this case? Well, this is quite a complex electric problem. So, if your coils are not working as they should, you must call a technician. They will be able to repair or even replace your condenser coils. 

#5 The Evaporator Fan Is Faulty

Does your Samsung fridge seem to be making a lot more noise than usual? If the sound of the evaporator fan’s motor buzzing is louder than it should be, it could be faulty. 

Your evaporator fan pushes cold air over the evaporator coils. This air then circulates around the fridge and freezer. So, if the fan is faulty, it may not be able to keep up with the demands of the fridge and the freezer. 

Now, what should you do? A faulty evaporator fan will need replacing. But I do not recommend you tackle this job on your own. Rather, you should call a technician.

Fridge Evaporator Fan
Have a technician replace your faulty evaporator fan.

#6 The Damper Control Assembly Is Stuck

The damper control assembly is also an essential component that keeps your fridge cool. It controls the amount of cold air that is let into the fridge. It gauges this based on the temperature inside the fridge. 

If your damper control assembly does not function properly, the fridge will not be able to stay cool. It is not too uncommon for the assembly itself to get stuck in a half-closed position. This would mean that not enough cool air is being pushed into the fridge. This will make the environment inside the fridge warm. 

To solve this problem, you will need to replace the damper control assembly. To do so, you will need to call a technician. 


Does the air inside your Samsung refrigerator feel warm? What should you do if your freezer seems to still be working? What could be the problem with your Samsung appliance? 

In this article, we have discussed 6 things that could be the matter with your Samsung fridge and its pole-apart temperatures. I am sure the explanations and repair steps are helping you to get your fridge back to normal working order.

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