Oven Making A BANG When It Heats Up? Here’s Why

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Is your oven making a loud bang, and it’s really starting to worry you?

You’re not alone! Although the issue might seem rare, it’s actually something thousands of homeowners deal with daily.

I know how having your oven keep making a really loud bang can be cause for concern, not only because of the potential cost of repairs but also due to the apparent danger the situation poses.

But don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place for answers. Below, you’ll find a list including 2 simple things you can try to address the situation, as well as a quick explanation as to why it’s happening.

When your oven is making a loud bang when it heats up, you can try rearranging the racks inside it and moving it around so it’s further away from the walls/cabinets surrounding it.

Read on to stop your oven’s strange banging!

Why Your Oven Is Making Loud Banging Noises

Although an oven’s banging noise can be very concerning for people unfamiliar with the sound, let me put your mind at ease by saying that, in most cases, the banging is normal. Like any other material, metal expands when subjected to extreme heat.

As your oven raises its internal temperature to cook your meals, the material it’s made up of can creak and bang – especially if the appliance is in a tight space. If you notice a strong smell of gas or anything other than the banging, you must take additional steps and stop using the oven immediately.

However, if it’s just the banging you’re dealing with and you want to do something to stop it, even though it doesn’t mean anything dangerous, here are some things you can try.

#1 Move the Racks

Oven racks are great for baking things inside your oven, as they help divide different dishes and allow for more uniform cooking. However, like the metal that makes up your oven, the racks expand when subjected to high temperatures. From what I’ve seen over the years, oven racks can be very noisy, so you can safely consider them as one of the sources of the banging.

Dirty oven with open door
Rearranging your oven racks can go a long way in reducing banging sounds and getting better baking results.

Solution: You can try checking the racks are properly placed if you absolutely can’t live with the banging noise. See if rearranging the racks in a different order or moving them slightly up or down helps.

#2 Move the Oven

If rearranging the racks doesn’t work and your oven is still banging louder than your favorite fireworks on the 4th of July, my usual advice is to try to move the appliance further away from the space that surrounds it.

As I said before, in 99% of cases, the banging noise coming from an oven appears due to expansion as the appliance heats up. In my experience, moving the oven away from the kitchen cabinetry and other appliances can help greatly reduce the banging sounds and give the appliance more breathing room.

Solution: If your oven is already snuggly fit into your kitchen cabinetry or designated space, there’s not much to do here other than learning to live with the sound and understanding that, in most cases, it’s nothing to worry about.

However, if you have at least 3 inches at the sides and above your oven, do your best to maximize the efficiency of using that “free” space to reduce the banging noise and let the appliance breathe easier. Please wait until the oven is completely cool before moving it, and ensure it’s unplugged from the wall outlet and the gas supply valve to it is shut off.

Note: On smaller kitchens, the oven is sometimes installed near other appliances, such as a fridge. Believe it or not, the temperature increase caused by your oven while you bake can force the fridge to work harder to keep everything inside it cool. Moving the oven slightly away from the fridge can help the fridge last longer and significantly lower your electricity bills.

Addressing Your Oven’s Banging Noise

That about covers it!

When your oven is making a banging noise when it heats up, it’s understandable that you feel concerned about what it means and whether it represents a risk to your well-being or that of your appliance.

Luckily, as I hope this piece has helped you better understand, addressing the most common causes behind an oven that’s making a loud banging sound when it heats up is easy and quick. More often than not, the banging is the result of expanding materials, so it’s completely normal.

However, if you want to do something to address the noise, you can always try different rack positions and move your oven away from surrounding walls/cabinetry.

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