How to Dispose or Recycle An Old Toaster: 3 Easy Options

how to dispose or recycle an old toaster

Toasters often last for several years. They last for so long, in fact, that some people seem to forget that they eventually stop working, and that they need a new toaster.

How do you dispose of an old toaster? In short, the best ways to get rid of a toaster are at a local recycling plant (you can’t just throw out appliances in some states), donate it to a thrift store, or even contact a local waste center for collection.

That’s the short answer, but there’s much more to it. Read on to learn about three ways to recycle or properly dispose of an old toaster.

Properly dispose old toasters

Can I Throw an Old Toaster in My Trash Can or Dumpster?

The toaster lasted for several years and provided the family with hundreds of pieces of toast, delicious bagels and English muffins. Now the toaster is toast. It no longer works and you consider it trash.

Can you throw the old, non-working toaster in the trash? You had better think twice before taking that action. 

Option #1 The Better Option

Some states have regulations regarding the disposal of appliances or electronics, including small appliances like toasters. It is illegal to place toasters in the trash or in your dumpster in these states.  

Most sites that deal with proper disposal of some items such as small appliances or that focus on recycling or protecting the planet strongly suggest that people do not throw away their small appliances in their trash can or dumpster.

Take your toaster to a recycling center for proper disposal. Some communities have a recycling day a few times throughout the year. They take items for recycling that you cannot throw in the trash. Consider taking your toaster to one of these events.

Beware of some sites that indicate that you can throw your toaster in the trash. Local and state laws often contradict this advice, and may lead to you receiving a violation and punitive measures such as a fine if you throw the toaster away in the trash. 

Can I Place a Toaster in my Curbside Recycling Bin?

Throw the old toaster in your curbside recycling bin and you may find yourself staring at a violation in some states. You may also simply find yourself staring at your old toaster again because the recycling crew did not take the toaster because it is not an item that you are permitted to place in the recycling bin in your city or county.

Option #2 The Better Option

Does the toaster still work? Consider donating it to a thrift store or to an agency that provides household items to lower income families or individuals. Other people that cannot afford a new toaster or that simply like finding a good bargain will likely look forward to getting the toaster. Perhaps you have a family member or a friend that does not have a toaster. Consider gifting it to them instead of throwing it away.

What do you do if the toaster does not work? Take it to a proper recycling location that accepts small appliances. Some companies take back their small appliances for recycling purposes. Go to the company website and follow their instructions for sending your toaster back to the company.

Find the Local Hazardous Waste Center in Your Community

What do you do with your old toaster if you cannot throw it away or put it in the curbside recycling bin? Are there other options? How do you find a hazardous waste center in your area? Does the old toaster even qualify as hazardous waste?

Option #3 The Ideal Solution

Contact your local hazardous waste center in your community. Another option is to visit their website. Learn about the items that they accept. Ask if they accept old toasters and take the toaster to their location for proper disposal.

Will the Recycling Center Pick Up My Old Toaster?

Recycling crew ready to pick up your recyclable appliances

Some companies may come to your home to pick up your recyclable toaster and other items that are easily recycled. Do you have other items that you could give to the company that are recyclable items? This is one option to dispose of your toaster in a safe manner.

How to Do It

These companies are often not the local city recycling center. They often charge for pickup of your recyclable items, including when you have small appliances such as a toaster. Make sure that you thoroughly research the company, and understand how they work before you call them to pick up your toaster or other items.

Make sure that you understand any charges and fees for their service. Check out the company through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to make sure that they are a legitimate company and a reputable company. 

Getting rid of an old toaster is not the easy process that it seems that it would be when you unplugged it for the last time. Do not risk fines or other penalties for violating rules regarding disposal of your toaster.

Do your part to keep the planet green by disposing of your toaster properly instead of having it sit in a landfill and not being properly recycled.

Follow the tips to dispose of your toaster and other appliances and feel the satisfaction that you did your part to dispose of and recycle the appliances properly to save the planet and to save the money in your wallet.

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