The 5 Most Common Air Fryer Error Codes, With Fixes

The 5 Most Common Air Fryer Error Codes, With Fixes

Every air fryer is unique, and each manufacturer will often have its own list of error messages, so coming up with a list of the most common air fryer error codes is a little problematic.

Not that they aren’t common, but depending on the brand you have, the codes on this list may not apply at all. Because of that, my first recommendation is to refer to the user’s manual that came with your air fryer and troubleshoot using the codes found there.

Having said that, there are common air fryer error codes for things like temperature sensor issues, overheating, power supply issues, blocked airflow, malfunctioning touchscreen, overloaded baskets, drawers not properly closed, and more.

Keep reading, and we’ll dig into those a little bit deeper.

Common Air Fryer Error Codes

First up, please keep in mind that this list is very generalized, and these error codes may not apply to your specific brand or model. As mentioned above, to be more precise you should refer to the documentation specific to your air fryer, since, for example, and E1 error code could refer to entirely different things for different brands. 

Also note that sometimes your documentation may not be very helpful. To illustrate, I have a Ninja air fryer and the manual doesn’t reference error codes at all. 

#1 E1 or Error Code 1 – Temperature Sensor Issue

Somewhere inside your air fryer’s cooking chamber is a temperature sensor, which is often a thermocouple or thermistor. Its function is to continuously measure the temperature of the cooking chamber, and then send that information to the unit’s control system, which is essentially the brains of your air fryer.

The control system’s job is to adjust the heating element according to the information it receives from the sensor. If the sensor is damaged or disconnected, it could trigger this error message.

Check to see if your manual indicates where the sensor is placed and inspect it. If it simply disconnected, try to reconnect it. If it’s damaged, you’ll need to see if there are any replacement parts for your unit.

#2 E2 or Error Code 2 – Overheating

Air Fryer Rear Vents
Keep Your Air Vents Clear

This error code typically has something to do with the heating element, often an indication that the element is overheating your unit. It may be because there is a problem with the element itself or it may be disconnected.

Air fryers can overheat for a number of reasons. To name a few, if the air vents at the back of the unit are blocked, leading to improper circulation, inadequate airflow can cause the air fryer to overheat. Be sure that the intake and exhaust fans are never dust, debris, or anything else that may block airflow.

Excessive oil or grease buildup can lead to overheating since she is not capable of dissipating properly.

Overcrowding the basket can also restrict airflow and lead to overheating.

If you get an error message saying that your unit is shutting down due to overheating, you will have to wait until it completely cools down before you can use it again. At that point, a restart should clear the error message.

#3 E3 or Error Code 3 – Power Supply Issues

This error could stem from problems with any component in your air fryer, such a heating element, the fan, or the motor. The problem with the wiring, or power supply could be because of a blockage, a malfunction, or because of a grease buildup inside.

You can do a visual inspection and see if you can find any obstructions in the fan motor area, removing anything you find. However, if it’s a wiring or power issue that has tripped the error code you probably need to have your air fryer serviced by a professional.

#4 E4 or Error Code 4 – Touch Screen Issues

This could be a problem with the timer or the control panel – your touch screen. You may be able to reset or recalibrate the control panel by powering off the unit and then unplugging it. 

You’ll need to wait several minutes for any residual current to fully dissipate, and then plug your air fryer back in and turn it back on. If that cleared the error, all may be well. If not, you may need a new control panel. However, before going to that extent, make sure this is the right error code for your machine.

#5 E5 or Error Code 5 – Heating Element 

Air Fryer Heating Element
Heating Elements in a Ninja DZ201

If you get this error code, it could indicate a problem with your heating element. Specifically, for some reason it’s not able to bring your air fryer up to your set temperature. 

This could be due to a number of reasons, including a lack of power to the elements — a wiring issue — a problem with the control board, or a faulty power source.

You can try unplugging the unit and setting it on its back or top, whichever gives you a good visual of the heating element and then inspected for any damage, including burn marks. If it’s damaged it will need to be replaced.

No let’s talk about some brand specific error codes. 

Ninja Air Fryer Error Codes 

Unfortunately, when it comes to Ninja, they don’t appear to be much help in providing error code message troubleshooting. As mentioned above, I own a Ninja Dual Zone air fryer, and the owner’s manual does not address error codes at all.

Ninja’s website doesn’t offer any additional information either. For example, random searches for two air fryers, the AF400UK and the DZ200 both prompt you to call their customer service when you try to source info on their error codes. 

Don’t assume any of the common codes listed above will work for Ninja. 

Phillips Air Fryer Error Codes

Unlike Ninja, Philips does a bit better in providing some guidance. Their support page offers info on error codes and dashes that their machines might trigger. Having said that, for many of the codes, you’re still guided to call their customer service – or simply unplug your air fryer and plug it back in again, hoping for the best.

For the codes they offer some info on, see the following table. 

E1 or 0x1002 Your air fryer was stored in a cold place and needs to adjust room temperature
E2 You’ve entered the wrong Wi-Fi credentials
E3 or 0x4001 The connectivity feature is defective, but you can still use the air fryer without connectivity
E10 or 0x9002 There was a problem while cooking. Restart the auto club program.
E11 or 0x9003 Your air fryer is using the wrong power voltage

As you can see from that, some of the codes in the table above don’t match up to codes that are commonly used for other brands. 

Figuring Out Air Fryer Codes

If you’ve read through the article, it’s easy to see that there is a lot of confusion around error codes for air fryers. Mostly because it seems many brands use their own error codes. So while we’ve listed some common codes above, there’s no guarantee that they’ll represent the codes on your air fryer. 

If your manual or the manufacturer’s website doesn’t provide any insight, you’ll need to call their customer service to get support.

The good news is, unless there’s something drastically wrong with your air fryer, many times all you need to do is unplug your air fryer and wait for a bit. This will often reset the control panel, and you’ll be back in business.

However, if you are dealing with a unit that has power issues perhaps due to faulty wiring, or a bad control board, you may need to have an appliance repair technician look at it or simply purchase a new air fryer.

Hopefully this information has helped you. While you’re here, why not check out some of our related posts below? Perhaps we can help you with something else.

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