How to Stop Your Air Fryer Beeping Like R2D2

How to Stop Your Air Fryer Beeping Like R2D2

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when appliances beep at me — even when there’s a valid reason for it. 

If you are like me, then it’s understandable that you’d want to know how to stop your air fryer from beeping!

Air fryers may beep for various reasons, including the usual things like notifying you about the end of cooking cycle, a timer reminder, or preheating completion. However, it could also be because of errors, malfunctions, or for safety reasons such as the unit is overheating.

Let’s dig into these a little bit deeper, starting off with normal operational beeping.

#1 Cooking Cycle Completion

I doubt this one comes as a surprise. I’m guessing you have a microwave and you’re used to it beeping when the timer runs out and it stops — and then keeps beeping until you open the door.

Depending on the make and model of your air fryer, it will at least beep when the timer runs out. However, some may continue beeping like a microwave does. Either way, this is a normal notification, letting you know that your food is ready.

How to stop the beeping: 

Step 1: Acknowledge Completion 

Let your unit know that you are aware cooking is completed. Typically, this means using the appropriate buttons on the control panel. Either stopping the cooking function or powering down the unit entirely. In some cases, all you may need to do is pull out the basket.

Step 2: Check Your User’s Manual 

Some — as in very few — air fryers provide functionality for a silent mode, so check the user’s manual to see if you’re one of the lucky few that can turn the sound off.

If you didn’t keep your manual, check out our guide to finding any product manual

Step 3: Try These Hacks

If not, as usual, you can turn to the Internet for hacks if there’s no built-in way to turn up the beeping. Here are two that I found:

How to Lower the Beep on a Cosori Air Fryer (CP 158-AF)
How to Turn the Sound Off on a Ninja Air Fryer DZ 201C

#2 Preheating Completion

Does your air fryer come with a preheat mode? Many of them don’t, but if yours does, it will likely beep to let you know that it’s finished preheating and it’s ready for you to add your food.

How to stop the beeping:

Open the Basket

You need to check your owner’s manual to be sure, but in most cases simply opening the basket drawer will cancel out the beeping. If that doesn’t work, you can also try pressing any of the buttons on the control panel.

#3 Timer or Delay Function

Some air fryers have a function that will allow you to program in a time delay. For example, you have your food inside, but you don’t want to start the cooking process yet. 

In this case, when the timer is up, your unit could start beeping at you

How to stop the beeping:

Start Cooking

If your air fryer doesn’t begin cooking when the delay is up – and it should, so you may have bigger problems – simply start the cooking process manually. That should stop the beeping. Alternatively, you could just cancel your cooking cycle with the stop or cancel button.

#4 It’s Halftime!

Air Fryer Cooking
Dual Zone Cooking

Some air fryers, such as a few of the Philips models, may beep during cooking time. This is to remind you that it’s time to flip or shake your food.

Shaking or flipping your food halfway through the cooking cycle is often necessary, depending on what you’re cooking. This is to ensure your food cooks through.

How to stop the beeping:

Shake, Shake, Shake

Simply open the basket to rearrange your food. Depending on the make and model and depending on how long you keep the door open, the timer will hold while you have it open and simply resume when you close it again. Either way, the beeping will stop.

#5 Errors and Malfunctions 

In some cases, your air fryer may start beeping repeatedly to notify you of an error or malfunction with the unit. Does there seem to be a specific pattern to the beep, something that’s different from the norm? 

How to stop the beeping:

Check Your Manual 

If the series of beeps has a specific pattern, you’ll need to refer to your owner’s manual, since beep patterns are often specific to each manufacturer – and sometimes each model. 

Your manual should provide troubleshooting steps or instructions on how to resolve the issue.

#6 Safety Issues 

Many air fryers will be that you when there is a safety concern. For example, to prevent overheating, your air fryer may beep if the unit becomes too hot or if there’s a problem with the airflow or some other internal component.

How to stop the beeping:

Step 1: Unplug the Unit 

If your air fryer is overheating, it’s important that you unplug it immediately and let it cool down completely.

Step 2: Refer to Your User’s Manual

Check to see if your owner’s manual has any specific instructions with regards to overheating and follow them.

Step 3: Clean Your Air Fryer 

How to Clean Your Air Fryer

If the overheating is due to a ventilation issue, it could be that your air fryer needs to be cleaned.

#7 Incorrect Settings 

Finally, your air fryer could be beeping at you simply because of user error, like an invalid or incorrect function or temperature setting.

How to stop the beeping:

Check the Control Panel

In many cases, a few tried to key in an incorrect setting the control panel will provide some sort of error message or indicator. Refer to your user’s manual to ensure you are using the correct settings and follow the instructions.

Wrapping Up A Beeping Air Fryer

Most of us agree that beeping, especially loud beeping, is obnoxious. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have an air fryer that has a mute function, you have an easy fix. If not, we’ve talked about seven possible reasons why your air fryer is beeping and what to do to stop it.

To recap, your air fryer could beep for any of the following reasons.

  • Cooking cycle completion
  • Preheating completion
  • Timer or delay function
  • It’s halftime
  • Errors and malfunctions
  • Safety issues
  • Incorrect settings

If you’re not satisfied with the suggested fixes for each of those, try one of the hacks listed above to either completely mute or lower the intensity of the beeping.

Hopefully this information has been helpful. While you’re here, why not check out some of our related posts below? Perhaps we can help you with something else.

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