The Product Clearance Calendar

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There is nothing more frustrating than spending money on a new purchase, only to come across it at a huge discount a few weeks later!

To help prevent against this post-purchase heartbreak, we’ve combined all the major clearance dates and events throughout the year into this article. We hope it’ll be a tool that you can refer to in the future, before making any big purchases.

One aspect to bear in mind is that clearance sales happen around 2 months into a season. For example, spring roughly starts in March, so expect spring clearance sales to be in May.

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The Product Clearance Date Calendar


New Years Sales | Winter Gear, Fitness Gear, Motorbikes, Old Furniture, Baby Clothes

New Years Celebrations

Happy New Year! Once the party’s over and the resolutions kick in, you can enjoy some of the best sales of the whole year.

A special focus at the start of the year is on winter clothes and equipment, as the ice begins to thaw.

Fitness gear is also huge in January. Can you guess why?

(Three words: New Year’s Resolutions!) 

Every store is trying to make sure they’re the place to go for anyone looking to start off their year with a health kick.

According to MyFrugalAdventures, Target has huge baby department clearance sales throughout January.

Motorbikes and Used Furniture also tend to enjoy great price drops in the new year period.


SuperbowlTelevisions, Gadgets, Cameras, Winter Sales

The major event in month two is, of course, the all-encompassing Superbowl. The influence of this one sports event is so far reaching that the entire US market shifts to adapt to it – with particular reductions in televisions and everything else that’s related to the NFL final.

For smaller gadgets – everything from cameras to mobile phones – new models are often released in early/mid spring.

Which means this is the time for price drops on the older models. If your phone’s been getting annoyingly slow, February is a great time to start looking for an upgrade.

Spring Months [March – May]

Flowers in Spring

Spring – bringing fresh flowers, warmer temperatures, and great winter clearance sales.

March & April

Tax Day  | Tax Software, Tires, Sneakers, Luggage

March sees winter sales closing in on their final clearance stages. Luggage also tends to have a lot of promotional deals here, in anticipation of the summer season.

April is a bit of a lull in major events, but Tax Day (04/17/18) has it’s own promotions for tax software and organization equipment.

Any fashionistas will be quick to tell you April is also when the spring beauty product lines are released, meaning a lot of promotional sales and drop-down prices on old products.

Sneaker companies also love to take advantage of the spring weather to try and get people out running again. Tires similarly seeing spring sale promotions.


Memorial Day WeekendLawn & Garden, Spring Clothing Sales, Mattresses

May’s main shopping events are the big discount sales around Memorial Day Weekend. Particularly on spring clothing and mattresses – but also on camping equipment, as the initial spring rush comes to a close.

Lawn and Garden categories also come to life with a lot of promotions. Everything from patio furniture to barbeques will be getting pushed by their manufacturers, now that the weather is finally becoming warmer.

Summer Months [June-August]

Summer beach

Summer months are fairly slow outside of midsummer deals.


Lingerie, Men’s Clothing

While June is a quieter month, one big event is Victoria Secret’s main summer sale. Since they’re the lingerie producer, almost all of their competition get in on the action too.

With Father’s Day (06/17/18) in the middle of the month, a lot of men’s clothing and ‘manly’ gifts also see a lot of promoting.

July & August

Back to School Schoolwear & Equipment, Laptops, Tablets, Wine

The back to school build-up covers a huge range of discounts, extending far beyond stationery and school bags. Laptops, tablets, and dorm room accessories also enjoy major deals aimed at college students.

The sales start in July, when you’ll have the best selection, but continue into late August, for the best final discounts.

Late summer also means the year’s harvest of wine will be getting collected. This huge spike in supply means there’s a lot of clearance sales on great bottles of wine as shelf-space needs to be found for the new production.

Autumn Months [September, October]

Preparing for Fall - Appliance Analysts

While the leaves are falling, end of summer deals are starting and the excitement towards Black Friday begins to build.


Labor Day Weekend | Appliances, Outdoor Goods

September kicks off with Labor Day weekend, which has its own assortment of sales and promotions.

With summer coming to a close, this is also a great time to pick up outdoor goods. Everything from garden furniture to lawn mowers can be covered in large clearance sales. September’s a perfect time to purchase anything outdoors-y if you don’t mind an exercise in delayed gratitude to wait out the winter.

Finally, this is also the ideal time to shop for new appliances. October is typically when new models of home appliances are released, meaning that the price drop down on older models starts here.


Halloween | Back to School Clearances, Appliances, Cars

With new appliances breaking onto the scene, the deals and promotions on both new and old models continue into the month of October.

Those back to school lines from July & August are also closing down around this time, meaning there’s some great clearance sales to be taken advantage of.

New models of cars are also typically released in October, dropping the price of older models. Interestingly, this seems to mostly happen after the new car is released, unlike with appliances and gadgets which drop earlier.

Winter Months [November – February]

Trees in winter

While winter is ice cold, Christmas deals can be red hot!


The Big One! | Electronics, Gadgets, Watches, Jewellery, Pretty much everything…

Black Friday needs no introduction. It’s taken America by storm in the past decade, becoming its own vortex of crazy sales deals.

Covering just about everything, but with a focus on electronics and accessories (watches/jewellery) it’s a whirlwind of shopping frenzy. Our top tips are to focus on shopping online – Amazon are fantastic at managing the Black Friday chaos – and take advantage of the pre-sales that typically pop up in the week or two before.

Cyber Monday, Black Friday’s little brother, is also a fantastic opportunity to pick-up high-tech gadgets and software. Perfect if you’re a tech fan, or have a few teenagers on your Christmas shopping list.

Also going on in November will be plenty of Halloween candy and party costume clearance sales. As well as Target’s second toy clearance, with great price drops running throughout most of the month.


Christmas | Everything… & Champagne

In terms of shopping sales, December is a massive free-for-all in the run up to Christmas. Every category is swept up in sales and promotions as everyone gets ready for Santa’s big day.

One event that any savvy shopper should be aware of is December 15th – quickly becoming known as free shipping day. Online retailers nationwide are starting to get on board, so hold off on any last minute purchases to save on shipping costs.

Finally, the huge supply of champagne supplied for new year’s eve parties results in plenty of big promotions that can be taken advantage of.


We hope this guide’s been (and will be) helpful when you’re making your next purchase.

Remember that not all clearance deals are the same. Make sure to shop around and compare prices to be certain that you’re getting the best deal.

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If there’s anything we missed or if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– The Appliance Analysts



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