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Heres-Which-Way-All-Your-HVAC-Air-Vents-Should-Face HVAC

Here’s Which Way All Your HVAC Air Vents Should Face

An HVAC system has many vents that need to be facing the right way to work optimally. You’ll see which way your vents should face in this article.
Comparing-Radiators-vs-Baseboard-Heaters HVAC

Comparing Radiators vs Baseboard Heaters In 5 Ways

This is a comparison. In it, you’ll find out all the differences between radiators and baseboard heaters and see which is the best choice for your home.
HVAC Degree vs HVAC Certification HVAC

HVAC Degree vs HVAC Certification: Which Suits You Best

Interested in the field of HVAC? Find out which is best for your education, an HVAC Degree vs HVAC Certification.
Swamp Cooler Smelling Bad HVAC

Swamp Cooler Smelling Bad? How To Prevent 5 Smells

Is your swamp cooler smelling bad? Wondering what you can do to prevent that bad smell instead of getting rid of your cooler and buying a new one? Well, let’s take a look at the reason for bad smells in swamp coolers and what you can do to prevent them.
Swamp Cooler Leaking Water HVAC

Swamp Cooler Leaking Water? Fix It In 6 Simple Steps

Got a swamp cooler that’s leaking water? Although it’s not the end of the world, it might feel like it if that water is dripping out of your cooler before it can cool that hot air roasting your room or home. Let’s take a look at your leak, what’s causing it, and five simple steps to fix it.
Swamp Cooler Won't Start HVAC

Swamp Cooler Won’t Start? X Simple Fixes To Try

If you have a swamp cooler that won’t start you’ve got basically an over-priced waste of space. Okay, that’s not completely true, unless you don’t do anything to fix it. So, rather than just wonder what the problem may be, let’s jump straight to some possible causes and the simple fixes you can try to save your swamp cooler.
Swamp Cooler Making Things Too Humid HVAC

Swamp Cooler Making Things Too Humid? 6 Things To Try

A swamp cooler will naturally add some humidity to the cool air it produces. It’s a part of the evaporative process that the swamp cooler brings to the table. However, it’s making things just a little bit too humid, or if it’s starting to feel like an actual swamp in your home, here are five things to try to knock the humidity back down.
Swamp Cooler Not Pumping Water HVAC

Swamp Cooler Not Pumping Water? 7 Fixes To Try

A swamp cooler that’s not pumping water is more swamp than cooler, right? Okay, bad jokes aside, a swamp cooler that isn’t moving water is a swamp cooler that can’t do its job. If you’re dealing with a cooler acting this way, let’s take a look at seven things that may be causing your water problem and ways to fix them.
Got A Squeaky Swamp Cooler HVAC

Got A Squeaky Swamp Cooler? Here’s What’s Happening

Do you have a swamp cooler that’s working the ways it’s supposed to except for the fact it’s squeaking non-stop while it’s on? If this describes your situation, let’s take a look at what might be causing that squeaking and what you can do to fix it.
Swamp Cooler Not Working HVAC

Swamp Cooler Not Working? All 7 Known Causes & Fixes

Nobody likes a swamp cooler that doesn’t work. It’d actually be a bit odd if you did. Anyway, if you’ve got a swamp cooler that’s not working, let’s take a look at seven known causes and possible fixes to get it up and operational again before you grow too miserable.
Swamp Cooler Not Blowing Cold Air HVAC

Swamp Cooler Not Blowing Cold Air: 8 Possible Causes

Nobody likes a swamp cooler that isn’t blowing cold air. If this is what you’re dealing with, here are eight possible causes and what can be done to get your swamp cooler working the way it’s designed to.
Swamp Cooler Keeps Shutting Off HVAC

Swamp Cooler Keeps Shutting Off? 7 Possible Reasons Why

Do you have a swamp cooler that keeps shutting off, especially when you need it the most? Well, look no further for possible answers. Here, you’ll find six reasons why your swamp cooler is shutting off and what you can do to correct it.