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Ceiling Fan Keeps Beeping At You? 6 Causes, With Fixes

Does your ceiling fan keep beeping at you? You might need to get a new capacitor. Here are 6 causes, with fixes.
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Whole House Fan Not Working? All 6 Known Causes & Fixes

Is your whole house fan not working? It could be a sign that your bearing needs lubrication. Here are all 6 known causes & fixes.
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Ceiling Fan Running Slowly? Speed It Up In 6 Steps

Is your ceiling fan running slowly? When was the last time you cleaned the bearing? Here's how you can speed it up in 6 steps.
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Ceiling Fan Going Too Fast? Slow It Down In 5 Steps

Is your ceiling fan going too fast? Your blades might be imbalanced. Here's how to slow it down in 5 steps.
Ceiling fan with brown blades Fans

Ceiling Fan Tripping Your Breaker? 5 Quick Fixes To Try

Is your ceiling fan tripping your breaker? There's a very good chance you might have to replace the capacitor. Here are 5 quick fixes to try.
Pedestal Fan Stopped Working Fans

Pedestal Fan Stopped Working? Follow These 7 Steps

If your pedestal fan has stopped working, here’s a list of 7 different things that may get it up and running again.
Fixing A Ceiling Fan Motor That Hums But Won't Turn Fans

Fixing A Ceiling Fan Motor That Hums But Won’t Turn

This guide will show you how to fix a ceiling fan that hums, but won't turn on. Fixing a broken ceiling fan is an easy and quick around-the-house job! 
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How to Fix A Ceiling Fan Which Refuses To Turn Off

Is your ceiling fan refusing to turn off? Take a look at a few possible reasons why, and see if you can get your ceiling fan to start working once again.

How Low? Comparing Flush vs. Downrod Ceiling Fan Placements

Wondering whether to opt for a flush vs downrod ceiling fan? We've compared both in detail here (with pros and cons). Find the right ceiling fan in this guide.

How Much A Fan Costs To Run Your Home Fan [Calculator]

This calculator shows how much any fan costs to run each day. The article also covers the costs of running types of fans, with tips.
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Sones Guide: What They Are & How Many A Quiet Fan Has

Wondering what a sone is, and how many a quiet fan has? Here's our quick rundown of what sones are and what to look for in a quiet fan.

The 7 Best Fans That Cool Like An Air Conditioner

Getting a fan which cools like an air conditioner can turn a hot room into a hub of relaxation. Best models reviewed in this guide.