Air Fryer Door Locked Shut? Here’s What to Do

Air Fryer Door Locked Shut? Here's What to Do

Whether you’re trying to put food in or take it out, an air fryer door that’s locked shut will be frustrating. 

I’m here to talk you through that by detailing all the reasons why your door won’t shut and what you can do to fix the situation.

There are actually several reasons for your air fryer door to refuse to open. It could be because of a damaged locking mechanism, a safety feature, a pressure difference between the inside of your air fryer and your room, and even stuck particles of food.

Read on and will tell you what to do to get your air fryer open and working again.

What You’ll Need


In a lot of cases the door is hard to open because of something happening inside. You’ll need to wiggle, jiggle, and do whatever you can to get the door open before you can deal with the cause. This will be frustrating! 

How to Fix an Air Fryer Door That’s Locked Shut

Note the air fryers from different manufacturers may have unique problems. However, the issues listed below won’t necessarily be specific to anyone type of air fryer. We’re mostly speaking in generalities, so if something we suggest or recommend doesn’t work, it’s a good idea to reach out to your product manufacturer — or check your user’s manual.

#1 Broken Release Button

Some air fryer models have a plastic release button that will unfortunately wear out over time and extended use.

Solution: Time to Check Your Warranty 

Unfortunately, in this situation, you’re limited in what you can do. You may need to reach out to the manufacturer if you’re still under warranty. Some may have replacement parts. 

#2 Safety Lock Engaged 

Some air fryers have a safety mechanism — either a lock or latch — that will prevent a user from opening the basket or door when the unit is in one of its cooking modes.

Solution: Refer to Your Manual 

If it isn’t obvious from the control panel, you may not even be aware that your unit has a safety lock — which means you won’t know if the lock is engaged or not.

Either check the hard copy of your user’s manual or Google the model number of your unit and find a PDF of the manual. Then ascertain whether or not your model has this safety feature and how to disengage it if is locked.

#3 Pressure Buildup

There’s a good chance that this problem will be limited to air fryers from Instant Pot that also have a pressure cooker function.

A buildup of pressure on the inside of the unit can lead to such a pressure difference that the door or basket can become nearly impossible to open.

Solution: Give it Some Time 

If the problem is a pressure buildup, simply allow your air fryer enough time to cool down once cooking has completed and before you attempt opening door. Additionally, you can check your user’s manual for any specific troubleshooting tips.

#4 Instant Pot Vortex Hinge 

How to Remove Instant Pot Vortex Door 

Here’s another problem that is specific to the Instant Pot line up, this one with the Vortex model. The door can be completely removed and if not replaced properly, this could cause it to stick in place. 

Solution: Remove and Replace the Door 

Try lifting up on the door and wiggling it a bit in a sideways motion until it releases. Then put it back in properly. 

#5 Damaged or Dirty Hinges 

Unlike the specific issue mentioned with the Instant Pot, this is a more general issue. With general use and eventual wear and tear, hinges can become bent, worn-out, obstructed by food particles, or damaged. If so, this can affect proper door function and its ability to open easily.

Try this. 

Solution: Lubricate or Clean 

Remove and Clean Door and Hinges

This will depend on the make and model of your air fryer, so note that the following instructions may not work on every available model.

Assuming you can force and with the door open, do a visual inspection of any hinges. If they’re just sticking, you may try lubricating them with something like WD-40. If they’re minorly bent, see if you can straighten them out. 

However, if they are visibly damaged, your only options may be a warranty replacement or getting a new air fryer.

#6 Overheating / Safety Feature

If your air fryer overheats for some reason, a thermal cutoff or auto safety feature may kick in and prevent the door from opening as a precaution. 

What to do. 

Solution: Just Wait!

If you suspect your air fryer is hotter than it should be, power down the unit and let it cool down completely and the safety feature resets itself. When it has, try opening the door again. 

You may also want to check your manual for any troubleshooting tips. 

#7 Electrical Failure 

Air Fryer Power Cord
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All air fryers aren’t created equal. Some – many – have mechanical doors but some may have doors that are activated electrically. If so, there may be a failure at the control panel to release the door. This could be a loss of power to the whole unit, but chances are you’d know if that was the case. 

What to try. 

Step 1. Troubleshoot 

Check all of your power connections. Do other appliances work as they should on that outlet? Is the cord in good condition? If yes, move to the next step. 

Step 2. Reset 

Check your manual and see if there is a way to reset your control panel. If that doesn’t work, you may need to have the panel replaced – assuming there is a part available. Ultimately, you may need a new air fryer. 

#8 User Error 

Who reads the manual, right? I know a whole lot of people don’t, so there is a chance you’re doing something wrong. 

Solution: Read Your Manual 

Check your manual and confirm that you’re operating the door as the manufacturer intends. Is there a specific way you should be inserting the basket? Is so, improperly doing so may prevent the safety lock from releasing.

#9 You Slammed the Door Shut

Sometimes we use a bit more force than necessary. Were the kids or your partner getting on your last nerve, and you used a bit more force than necessary when closing the unit’s door? If so, you may have jammed the mechanism that latches the door closed. 

What to do. 

Step 1. Wiggle and Shake!

If the latch is jammed, you’re going to need to try and unjam it. The best – and only – thing you can do at this point is wiggle and shake the door until the latch releases. This will likely take time and patience. 

Step 2. Don’t do it Again

If you know the door has a tendency to jam, make sure to only close it gently in the future or you will find yourself in this situation again.


I’m not going to lie, if your door is locked shut it’s going to be frustrating trying to get it open again. And in some cases, you may not get it open again. However, we did consider several things.

To recap, any of these could be your issue:

  • Broken release button
  • Safety lock engaged
  • Pressure build up
  • Instant pot vortex in
  • Damaged engines
  • Overheating or safety features
  • Electrical failure
  • User error
  • You slammed the door shut

Hopefully, one of the recommended fixes help you out of your situation.

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