Iron Keeps Turning Off? You’re Not Alone. 5 Fixes to Try


Does your iron keep turning off?

You’re not alone! Not being able to use your iron because it won’t stay on can be super frustrating.

Don’t worry; I’m here to help.

If your iron keeps switching off, the auto-shut-off mode is probably on because you left the iron facing down or on the heel rest for an extended period. A damaged power cord and calcium buildup can also explain the problem.

Read on to get your iron working today!

Why Does Your Iron Keep Turning Off? 5 Simple Explanations (With Fixes)

Getting ready to iron your clothes, only to find out that your iron keeps turning itself off, can be super annoying.

Unfortunately, there can be various reasons why your iron keeps switching off. In this section, I’ll explain them and provide different solutions.

#1 There’s a Bad Connection

When fixing an iron that keeps turning off, I always check the connection.

Ensure the iron is connected properly to the mains. You will get intermittent or no power if the power cord is not inserted correctly.

Don’t forget to inspect your iron’s power cord. It should be free from any signs of damage, such as fraying or exposure of the wires. If your iron’s power cord is damaged, you must replace it.

You can also try using a different outlet. A faulty outlet can cause intermittent power interruptions.

iron power cord
If your iron keeps shutting off, try a different outlet.

#2 It’s On Auto Shut-Off Mode

Homeowners often ask me, “Do irons turn off automatically?” and the answer is, yes, they do – especially modern models.

You see, some irons have an auto-shut-off mode responsible for preventing accidents. Your iron can turn itself off when left unattended for over five minutes.

Keep in mind that the specific time duration required to trigger the auto-shut-off feature will vary depending on your iron’s model.

What should you do to prevent your iron from entering auto shut-off mode? Here are a couple of tips:

  • Do not leave your iron plugged in and unattended at any time to prevent fire hazards. Leaving your iron unattended for more than 5 minutes will activate the auto shut-off mode. You cannot override the feature.
  • If your iron enters auto shut-off mode, press the power button to wake it up again.

#3 Your Iron Is Facing Down

From what I’ve seen, some irons will turn off automatically when left turned on in a horizontal position.

You see, the auto-shut-off feature kick in after as little as 30 seconds of being left facing down to prevent burning your clothes or other dangerous accidents.

If your iron keeps turning off due to being left horizontal, simply shake it back and forth to wake it up and reheat the base plate. Remember, there’s no way of overriding the auto-shut-off feature, as it’s a safety mechanism.

Prepare your clothes for ironing before you turn your iron on so that you won’t need to spend too much time arranging them between ironing. Doing so will prevent the iron from going into auto-shut-off mode.

Don’t forget that you should never leave your iron facing down for more than 30 seconds.

iron left horizontally on ironing board
Never leave your iron facing down.

#4 You Left Your Iron on the Heel Rest

In my experience, an iron can turn itself off when left on the heel rest.

Of course, we all leave the iron on the heel rest when arranging the next item of clothing. However, leaving it on the heel rest for an extended time will trigger the auto-shut-off feature.

iron on heel rest
Avoid leaving your iron on the heel rest to keep it from turning off.

If your iron goes into auto shut-off mode on the heel rest, shake it back and forth to reheat it.

Avoid leaving the iron on the heel rest for more than five minutes. Preparing your clothes before you turn your iron on can also help.

#5 Calcium Buildup

If your iron powers off while you’re using it, there’s likely an excess of calcium buildup.

So if you suspect calcium buildup is causing your iron to shut off, please clean it. Here’s how to take your iron through a self-clean:

  1. Fill the iron tank with distilled water.
  2. Hold the iron over a sink.
  3. Press and hold the self-clean button until the tank is empty.

After the iron has performed a self-clean, try to use it again. If the powering off persists, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer to pinpoint the issue.

Wrapping Up: Your Guide to Fixing an Iron That Keeps Turning Off

Hopefully, now you know how to fix your iron issues.

Remember that if your iron keeps switching off, there’s likely a problem with the power cord or outlet, or it has calcium buildup, and you need to clean it. Leaving your iron facing down or on the heel rest can also trigger the auto-shut-off mode.

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