Does your electric fireplace keep shutting off? Then find out why it seems to have cold feet with the help of the 10 fixes in this article.

If your electric fireplace keeps shutting off do this:

  1. Reset it
  2. Reset the circuit breaker
  3. Check the control switch
  4. Unblock the airflow
  5. Turn the thermostat up
  6. Unblock the heater
  7. Clean the heater element
  8. Lower the bulb wattage
  9. Do not overload the power outlet
  10. Replace the motor

Yeah, that’s right, you’ll see 10 simple ways for you to fix this problem coming up in this article. There’s no time to lose, jump straight to the details in the next section.

10 Ways to Stop Your Electric Fireplace From Shutting Off

Nothing is better than a cozy evening by the light of a toasty fireplace. That is, of course, before the whole thing decides to shut down and take an age to start back up again. What can you do to stop your electric fireplace from turning itself off? Take a look at 10 fixes for this problem coming up next.

Fix #1 Reset It

When your electric fireplace isn’t playing ball, the first thing you should do is reset it. Resetting it should help to cancel out whatever is making it have a bee in its bonnet and force it to work normally again.

How can you reset your electric fireplace? It’s simple:

  1. Turn the fireplace off
  2. Unplug the unit from the mains power supply
  3. Wait 2 minutes then plug the fireplace back in and turn it on
fireplace in kitchen
Turn the fireplace off and unplug it to reset it

Fix #2 Reset the Circuit Breaker

The power is out to your fireplace and you’re not sure why. Fixing this problem could be simpler than it seems. Your fireplace could be out of action because of a trip in the circuit breaker. Take a look at your circuit box and make sure that everything is as it should be to solve this problem.

But what if your fireplace keeps tripping your circuit breaker? Then there could be a more serious underlying problem here. You should seek advice from an electrician or the manufacturer of the fireplace. It is not safe for you to continue using it.

reset circuit breaker
Reset the circuit breaker if it has tripped

Fix #3 Check the Control Switch

Ah, the control switch. This is the best thing since sliced bread for those of us who think (and know) that walking 6 feet to the other side of the room to turn the fireplace up is far too much effort.

But what if our beloved control switch is the source of our problem? Does your fireplace come with a control switch? Then you’ll know that it is all too easy to accidentally change the settings on it.

The switch gets lost down the side of the sofa and you push all the wrong buttons trying to pry it out. Or, one of the kids gets a hold of it. Or the dog starts to have a nibble on it then the cat walks over the top of it. It goes without saying, in the average family home, anything could happen to your switch.

So, before you conclude that there is a technical problem with the fireplace, double-check the settings on the control switch. If they are not as they should be, change them back.

Fix #4 Unblock the Airflow

Your electric fireplace could be going berserk because it is overheating. Overheating is one of the most common causes of an intermittent power problem.

If the airflow to the fireplace is blocked, it will not be able to cool down properly. This will mean that the appliance will get too hot and will shut down because it cannot work safely.

Here’s what you should do to unblock the airflow to your fireplace:

  1. Remove any blockages from the inlet such as paper and dust
  2. Keep the inlet away from large items of furniture and curtains
  3. Change or clean the air filter
  4. Always install the fireplace in a place where the airflow is unrestricted

Fix #5 Turn the Thermostat Up

Your fireplace likely has several temperature settings. Your fireplace will keep on heating up until it reaches the temperature you have set. After that, it will turn itself off. It may only turn itself on again when it detects a drop in the temperature of the room.

If you feel like the fireplace shuts off before the room gets warm you will need to turn the thermostat up. Choosing a higher setting will heat the room more and stop the fireplace from turning off.

Fix #6 Unblock the Heater

I know we already settled one kind of blockage in fix number 4, but it’s time to settle another. This time we’re concentrating on unblocking the area that the fireplace uses to release heat. If there is a blockage here, the fireplace will not be able to cool down properly. It will shut itself off as a safety feature.

Here’s what you should do to unblock the airflow away from your fireplace:

  1. Remove any blockages from the release valve such as paper and dust
  2. Keep the release valve away from large items of furniture and walls
  3. Always install the fireplace 3 feet away from anything that could block its heat escape

Fix #7 Clean the Heater Element

If your fireplace is throwing a tantrum, it could be the fault of the heating element. If it is full of dust or dirt, the fireplace will overheat and turn itself off.

How can you fix this problem? The best way about it is to have the fireplace professionally cleaned. This is especially important if your fireplace has been out of action for a couple of months.

Fix #8 Lower the Bulb Wattage

Now, this might sound strange, but if your bulb wattage inside your fireplace is too high, it will cut out. This is because the high wattage is too much for the fireplace to handle.

What can you do about this? Here are two simple tips:

  1. When changing the bulbs inside your fireplace, make sure you replace them with bulbs with the exact same wattage
  2. If you think you’ve got the wattage wrong, take the bulbs out and replace them

Fix #9 Do Not Overload the Power Outlet

A fireplace consumes a lot of electricity. So, it would be all too easy for the power outlet to overload and cause an intermittent heating problem. The key here is not to overload the outlet. How can you do that? Here are a few ways:

  1. Do not plug the fireplace into an extension lead. It is not compatible with an appliance this powerful
  2. Always plug the fireplace into a wall socket
  3. Do not have any other electrical items running on the same circuit as the fireplace. This could overload the circuit.
plugging fireplace in wall outlet
Always plug the fireplace into a wall socket

Fix #10 Replace the Motor

This last fix is not as quick and easy as the others I’ve mentioned so far. If your fireplace’s motor is faulty, it will draw too much power and trip the circuit breaker. This will make the fireplace turn off suddenly.

How can you fix this issue? A motor issue is not something that you can tackle on your own. You will need to call a technician. Or, if you think your fireplace is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer.


So your electric fireplace keeps shutting off and you’re not sure why nor how to fix it. Luckily, this article is full of 10 reasons why your fireplace is messing about and 10 things you can do to fix it.

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