Does Your Dyson Vacuum Keep Clogging? 5 Steps to Solve


So, your Dyson vacuum is clogged… again. This problem sucks (pun intended). Find 5 ways to fix it in this article.

If your Dyson vacuum keeps clogging, do this

  1. Avoid vacuuming large items, glass, fine dust, and hair
  2. Do not vacuum liquid
  3. Empty the bin regularly
  4. Keep the filter clear
  5. Tie mesh over the wand

If your vacuum seems to clog up for no apparent reason, something must be done. To fix your vacuum once and for all, take a look at these 5 steps in more detail below.

Why Your Dyson Vacuum Clogs and How to Prevent It

Cleaning out a vacuum cleaner is one of those jobs that we all loathe doing. And we try to put it off for as long as possible. This is especially true if your vacuum seems to block for no reason.

In this article, we’re going to get down to the bottom of it. We’ll find out why your vacuum is blocking and what you can do to stop this from happening in the future.

Step #1 Avoid Vacuuming Large Items, Glass, Fine Dust, and Hair

Dyson vacuums (especially the cordless ones) are fusspots. They don’t like vacuuming just anything and everything. Should the wrong thing go up the wand, you’ve had it.

There’s not really much you can do to fix this issue. But prevention is better than cure. So, to avoid clogging up your vacuum, make sure you do not vacuum anything it doesn’t like.

What’s on your Dyson’s list of pet peeves? Steer clear of the following when vacuuming:

  • Glass
  • Fine dust
  • Hair
  • Ashes
  • Coins
  • Paper clips
  • Gravel
  • Large items

Getting the hand broom and dustpan out for some of these is a nuisance. Who wants to be handling broken glass or on their hands and knees sweeping up dust? But picking them up with the hand broom is far faster than vacuuming them up, clogging it, and having to take the whole thing apart.

broken glass
Clean up broken glass with a hand broom and dustpan

Step #2 Do Not Vacuum Liquid

It’s not just solids that your Dyson vacuum is hypersensitive to. They are also rather unfond of liquids. Vacuuming over a liquid will block your vacuum. This is because the liquid shoots up into the vacuum and collects the dust and dirt inside it together. This then hardens and clogs it up.

If the liquid you vacuum is particularly viscous, it could also stick to the inside of the wand. This could then attract dust and cause a blockage over time.

So what’s the secret here? Avoid vacuuming liquid like the plague. Zig zag around anything moist such as food spillages and liquids.

milk on carpet
Avoid vacuuming liquid

Step #3 Empty the Bin Regularly

Your Dyson vacuum will clog if the bin is not emptied regularly. Most Dyson vacuums have an automatic shut-off feature. This will kick in if the vacuum thinks that there is not enough room in the bin for you to continue cleaning.

Emptying the bin regularly and properly is the best way to stop it from clogging. When you empty your bin, make sure you do the following:

  • Shake all dust and dirt from the bin. Use a small brush to clear any remainders of dust from it.
  • Remove the bin. Ejecting the bin will help you to clean around it. The gap between the bin and the vacuum is where dust and dirt clog up and stop the machine from working properly.

Step #4 Keep the Filter Clear

Another thing on a Dyson vacuum’s hit list is a dirty filter. If your vacuum’s filter is dirty it will clog and stop working. Keeping the filter clean is essential to the smooth running of the appliance.

Your filter will get dirty when you use the vacuum. But here is what you should do to keep the filter cleaner for longer:

  • Avoid vacuuming over fine particle dust. This includes the following:
    • Ashes
    • Coal dust
    • Cement dust
    • Sanding dust

Step #5 Tie Mesh Over the Wand

As we’ve seen, it doesn’t take much to clog a Dyson vacuum cleaner. But I get it. While you’re vacuuming, it is so easy to get carried away, and before you know it, something has flown up the wand that shouldn’t have.

It is all too simple for socks and tissues to get sucked up in the vacuum then get trapped and cause a blockage. So here’s something you can do to prevent this from happening:

  1. Take the fittings off of the end of the wand
  2. Tie a piece of mesh over the end of the wand. You can use the type of mesh that oranges and onions are sold in.
  3. Fix the mesh in place with a rubber band
  4. Put the cleaning fitting back on the end of the vacuum
  5. Clean as you would normally. Large items will no longer get sucked into the interior of the vacuum.

How to Fully Clean Out Your Dyson Vacuum

Does your Dyson vacuum cleaner keep clogging up? Do you feel like you spend more time unclogging it than you do using it? Then it might be useful to give your vacuum cleaner a thorough clean on the inside. This should help it to perform better.

Cleaning the Tools and Bin

If you do not clean your vacuum properly, it will get clogged faster. So I’ll now walk you through the steps that will help you to give it a good blitz from head to toe.

  1. Leave the vacuum to cool before cleaning it
  2. Remove its tools and clear them of obstructions. These include:
    • The wand
    • The cleaner head. Ensure you clean the hair out of the cleaner heads with bristles.
    • The crevice tool
  1. Open the bin and empty it into the trash
  2. Use a small brush or dust cloth to remove any stubborn dirt from the bin
  3. Remove the bin altogether
  4. Clean around the shroud cyclone. Use a dust cloth or a small brush to remove all the dust from it.
  5. Put the bin back inside the vacuum
  6. Reattach the tools

Cleaning the Filter

For an even more in-depth clean, you’ll now need to tackle the filter. It’s simple. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Leave the vacuum to cool before cleaning it
  2. Twist the filter anticlockwise then pull to remove it
  3. Shake the filter over a waste paper bin to remove any dust
  4. Run the filter under cold water to remove fine dust from it. If necessary, use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of stubborn dirt.
  5. Rinse the sponge out under cold water
  6. Squeeze the sponge and continue rinsing it until the water runs clear
  7. Rinse the paper filter under cold water
  8. Rinse the outside of the filter
  9. Leave the filter to dry for 24 hours before putting it back inside the vacuum
dyson filter diagram
Turn the filter anticlockwise to remove it


Are you trying to figure out a way to get your Dyson vacuum to stop clogging? A backed-up vacuum is not only messy but also a nightmare to fix. That’s why I am sure the steps in this article have helped you to see what you can do to prevent future blockages. It has also no doubt helped you to clear an existing blockage.

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