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The 6 Best Hanging Patio Heaters to Stay Warm With Style

Hanging patio heaters are a great way to stay warm outside without losing on floor space. We've covered 6 of the best options in this guide.
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How Much Propane Does A Patio Heater Use? [Guide]

We've gone through the numbers to gauge how much propane an outdoor heater uses, how much it costs, and what size of heater you need.

Chiminea vs Fire Pit: What’s Better Against the Dark & Cold?

Weighing up a Chiminiea vs a Fire Pit for your patio? We've compared both in this guide - for safety, heat, ambience, and more.
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Home Propane Tank Sizes: Find Out What Tank Size You Need!

Propane can be a confusing world to anyone unfamiliar. This article simplifies it by showing you all the tank sizes, their recommended uses, and more tips.
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The Best Electric Patio Heaters to Keep The Party Outdoors

Shrug off cold nights with these best electric patio heaters. Simple to set-up, plenty of heat, no fumes, and full peace of mind.