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The 5 Best Flat Top Grills for the Ultimate Garden Party

Looking for a flat top grill? We've reviewed 5 of the best flat top grills and compared them in this article.
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Best Gas Grills Under $150: Full Flavors At Low Costs

Looking for a gas grill under $150 that can still perform? Check out our top list of lower-priced grills that can still achieve full flavor.
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The 6 Best Hanging Patio Heaters to Stay Warm With Style

Hanging patio heaters are a great way to stay warm outside without losing on floor space. We've covered 6 of the best options in this guide.
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Propane vs Natural Gas Grills: Fostering The Best BBQs

Weighing up your options between a propane vs a natural gas grill? Here's why both are great options for your BBQ.
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Fire Glass vs Lava Rock for Heat, Looks, Price, and Durability

Looking for that perfect backyard fire? Lava Rock & Fire Glass are both great options, but which would suit your fire better? Find out here.
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Wood vs Gas Fire Pits – Which to Choose Based on Who You Are

Any type of fire pit is amazing, but everyone needs to decide whether they want a wood or gas fire pit. Here's how the two compare.
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How Much Propane Does An Outdoor Heater Use? [Guide]

We've gone through the numbers to gauge how much propane an outdoor heater uses, how much it costs, and what size of heater you need.
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Chiminea vs Fire Pit: What’s Better Against the Dark & Cold?

Weighing up a Chiminiea vs a Fire Pit for your patio? We've compared both in this guide - for safety, heat, ambience, and more.
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Propane Tanks Residential Portable Sizes Appliance Analysts

Home Propane Tank Sizes: Find Out What Tank Size You Need!

Propane can be a confusing world to anyone unfamiliar. This article simplifies it by showing you all the tank sizes, their recommended uses, and more tips.
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The Best Propane Heaters to Keep Your Patio Warm

The cold putting a chill on your loved ones? These easy to use propane heaters will let you get the most out of your patio, without a big hit to the budget.
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The Best Commercial Patio Heaters to Keep Everyone Outside

Let everyone enjoy your outdoor spaces with powerful and reliable commercial patio heaters. Find your ideal one in minutes with our review.
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Bromic Tungsten Electric Patio Heaters

The 5 Best Electric Patio Heaters to Keep The Party Outside

Shrug off cold nights with these best electric patio heaters. Simple to set-up, plenty of heat, no fumes, and full peace of mind.
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