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Why Your House Is Heating Up, Even When It’s Cool Outside

Does your house stay warm or feel like it’s heating up even when it’s cool outside. We’ll explain the reason why, and what you can do about it.
If You've Got Water Under A Laminate Floor How-To's / Guides

If You’ve Got Water Under A Laminate Floor, Do This Now

Do you have water on your laminate flooring? Are you concerned because it has gotten wet? Learn more about how to clean this up and protect your floors!

Why Your Attic Is So Hot – and How to Cool It Down

Thankfully, there are ways to cool down an attic that is too hot. But don’t be too quick to install attic fans. They might make matters worse.
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Fixing an AC Blower Which Keeps Turning Off & On: Solved

Fixing an AC blower that keeps turning off & on will help you regulate your indoor temps. Here are 10 possible solutions.
Featured-mini-fridge How-To's / Guides

7 Tips to Help Your Mini Fridge Get Colder in Heat

Is your mini-fridge not as cool as you would like it to be? Then take a look at the 7 tips in this article that will help it get colder.
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Replacing Old People House Smell With Lovely Scents

Stuck with an 'old-person' style scent in your home? Here's why it happens, and several different ways to get your home smelling as fresh as spring again.
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Hearing Almost Everything Outside? 10 Soundproofing Tips

Feel like you can hear the whole world from your living room? Here are 10 simple ways to soundproof your home and rebuild some peace.
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Does Your Gas Stove Have An Orange Flame? Here’s Why

Stuck with an orange flame on your gas stove? You're not alone. Here's why your gas stove might be giving that orange flame, and how to fix it.
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