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Condensing vs Non-Condensing Boilers: Compared With Tips

Are you choosing a new boiler for your home? Then let this article help you decide if a condensing or a non-condensing boiler will be best for you.
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Furnace Blower Fan Isn’t Turning Off? Here’s What to Do

So, you’ve turned your thermostat off but the blower fan is still running? Then take a look at the 4 steps you should take to solve your thermostat’s problem.
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1 Inch vs 2 Inch Furnace Filters: Explained & Compared

Are you struggling to choose between a 1-inch and a 2-inch filter for your furnace? Then find out which filter is the best for your home using the guide below.
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Why Your Apartment Is So Hot – And How to Cool It Down

It seems that summers are getting hotter. So it makes sense to figure out why your apartment is so hot and what you can do to cool it and you down.
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6 Tips to Find Your Hidden Furnace Filter Within Minutes

Are you trying to find what seems to be an invisible furnace filter in your home? Then take a look at the 6 tips in this article that will help you find yours!
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4 Things to Try If Your Baseboard Heater Won’t Turn On

What should you do if your baseboard heater won’t turn on? Take a look at the 4 fixes in this article that will help you put an end to this problem.
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4 Methods to Close That Ice-Cold Ceiling Vent (Home / Office)

Is your ceiling vent making your home or office drafty? Then you’ll find 4 methods in this article to help you close it.
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Solving a Furnace Not Shutting off With a Thermostat

You’ve turned your furnace off at the thermostat but it won’t shut off. So take a look at the 6 methods in this article that will help you to fix this problem.
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How to Bleed Your Gas Furnace (& Why You Need to)

Are you struggling to get your gas furnace to turn on? Then find out how to bleed your gas furnace and why you need to in this article.
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Why Your House Is Heating Up, Even When It’s Cool Outside

Does your house stay warm or feel like it’s heating up even when it’s cool outside. We’ll explain the reason why, and what you can do about it.
If You've Got Water Under A Laminate Floor How-To's / Guides

If You’ve Got Water Under A Laminate Floor, Do This Now

Do you have water on your laminate flooring? Are you concerned because it has gotten wet? Learn more about how to clean this up and protect your floors!

Why Your Attic Is So Hot – and How to Cool It Down

Thankfully, there are ways to cool down an attic that is too hot. But don’t be too quick to install attic fans. They might make matters worse.
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