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Window Air Conditioner Tripping Your Breaker? Here’s Why

If you have a window air conditioner that keeps tripping your breaker, find out why. You could need maintenance or be facing something more serious.
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Fixing an AC Blower Which Keeps Turning Off & On: Solved

Fixing an AC blower that keeps turning off & on will help you regulate your indoor temps. Here are 10 possible solutions.
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How to Learn HVAC On Your Own Without Course Fees

There are several reasons why someone would want to know now to learn HVAC on their own. I’ve listed a number of resources that can help.
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Fixing An Air Conditioner Not Cooling Below 75 or 80

Is it hot in here? Maybe you need to look into fixing an air conditioner not cooling below 75 or 80. We have the answers.
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2 Ton vs 2.5 Ton vs 3 Ton Air Conditioners: Which Size You Need

Wondering if you need a 2-ton vs 2.5, or 3-ton air conditioning unit? It’s better to hire a pro, but here’s the method to do a heat load calculation yourself.
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The Best Ways to Cool a Split-Level Home: 4 Options

Looking for the best ways to cool your split-level home? The answer may be some inexpensive modifications to your home or adding some new HVAC equipment.
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Installing A Window Air Conditioner Without Side Panels

Looking for options on installing a window air conditioner without side panels? Check out these 4 different methods and how-tos.
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How to Seal a Window Air Conditioner in 7 Easy Steps

Trying to figure out how to seal a window air conditioner? It’s best to make it part of the install process but check out this article for some additional tips.

Smart Thermostat Turning Your AC On and Off? Here’s Why

Is your Nest or other smart thermostat turning your AC on & off? This article will address the problems and how to fix them.
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Portable Air Conditioner Running Cost Calculator & Guide

If you want to know how much it costs to run a portable air conditioner, check out this guide with a calculator for all models.
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Cost to Run Ductless Air Conditioners: Free Calculator

Ductless air conditioners are fantastic - but how much do they cost to run? Here's exactly how much, with a free calculator.
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Ruud and Rheem – The Difference Explained

Confused about the difference between Ruud and Rheem appliances? Here's the explanation (they're pretty much the same!)
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