Air Fryer Not Closing Properly? Check These 10 Things

Air Fryer Not Closing Properly Check These 10 Things

It’s time to make dinner. You’ve just preheated it, opened the door, and put your food in, only to find that your air fryer will not close properly! 

Take a deep breath, and don’t try to force it closed since that could cause damage

There are a few reasons why your air fryer may not close. There could be food particles or some other obstruction, the basket could be misaligned, you may have a damaged part, the base tray may not be properly aligned, or you may have put too much food in the basket.

Let’s figure out what your situation is so you can fix it.

What You’ll Need

  • Warm water and soap 
  • Screwdriver or rivet gun
  • Soft cloth and/or soft brush

How to Fix an Air Fryer that Won’t Close

Here we’ll discuss each possible reason for an air fryer door to refuse to close and then provide some possible solutions.

Woman Using Air Fryer Chicken Inside
What to Do When Your Air Fryer Basket Door Is Stuck

Step 1: Food Debris or Some Other Obstruction

Even if you clean your air fryer regularly, you may have missed something. Your air fryer door has a sealing mechanism, so check there for any type of obstruction that may the preventing the door from closing properly.

Carefully clean the door and all surrounding areas and remove any dirt or food particles that you may find, as they could be interfering with the closing mechanism.

Step 2: The Door Is Misaligned 

It is possible that your air fryer door or basket may have become misaligned, and this would prevent him from closing properly.

Make sure the basket is positioned correctly inside your air fryer and that the door is properly aligned with the locking mechanism. If anything looks out of place, adjust as necessary to ensure that everything fits properly.

Step 3: Damaged or Worn Sealing Gasket

Your air fryer door has a sealing gasket that’s responsible for creating an airtight seal when the door is closed. However, over time, the gasket can become damaged or worn, which could lead to difficulties when trying to close the door.

Inspect the Gasket for any signs of damage or wear and tear, such as cracks or any other visible damage. If you do notice any issues, you may need to replace the gasket. Check your user’s manual to see if the manufacturer has any recommendations, or contact their customer support and ask about replacement gaskets.

Step 4: Warped or Bent Components

Misaligned Air Fryer Drawer

Sometimes, excessive heat or some sort of physical stress can cause the air fryer’s components, such as the door or basket, to warp or bend.

Inspect the parts for any signs of warping that may be preventing the door from closing properly. If you do identify any issues, check to see if the manufacturer offers replacement parts.

Step 5: Overloaded Basket 

Air Fryer With Overloaded Basket
Overloaded Basket

Resist the urge to fill the basket to the brim. Not only will this impact your air fryer’s ability to cook your food properly, but it may also hinder the basket from closing properly.

Some air fryer baskets come with markings that will show you the minimum and maximum levels of food that can be placed inside. Always check to make sure your food falls within those guidelines.

Step 6: Manufacturing Defects 

There’s always the chance that you bought a lemon or a dud. 

Even if you’re purchasing a quality brand, sometimes things go wrong on the production line and are missed at the quality control stage. And if you’ve bought a cheap, off-brand air fryer, you have a higher chance of buying something with a defect.

If there’s a defect with the basket, handle, latch, or seal, any of these could stop your air fryer from closing properly.

Inspect each component for any visible signs of damage or defect, and contact the manufacturer if you do find anything.

Step 6: Have You Put the Door in Water?

Before submerging your air fryer—by putting it in the dishwasher or sink — check your user’s manual to see if this is acceptable. In some cases, you can only clean the door surface with a cloth, and it should never be submerged.

If you have been submerging a door that shouldn’t be, there’s a chance that you have rust buildup or the water has somehow damaged the door to the point where it can no longer close.

Step 7: Loose Rivets or Screws

The door of your air fryer gets more action than anything else, so it’s quite possible that some screws or rivets have loosened over time. If this happens, the door may not close.

Use a screwdriver and or rivet gun to tighten all fasteners, and then test the door to see if it works properly.

Step 8: Misaligned Handle

You’ll need to check your owner’s manual for this one, but some models require that the handle is in a specific position for the door to open or close. You should be able to test this by tilting the handle upwards a little bit and then trying to see if the door will shut.

If you confirm that your make and model does require specific handle placement and an adjustment doesn’t work, you may need to have the handle replaced.

Step 9: Locking Mechanism Failure

Although it may not be obvious, many air fryer doors latch into place when they’re properly closed. This ensures that the unit is properly closed before you begin cooking.

If your door isn’t closing, it may be because the door latch is malfunctioning or the basket is simply not positioned correctly. You can try pulling the door out and then putting it back in again, testing to see if it clicks into place.

Step 10: Wear and Tear

If you’ve had your air fryer for a long time now, it could simply be that you’re dealing with typical wear and tear, and things just don’t work properly anymore. If that’s the case, you have a good excuse to buy yourself a brand-new air fryer.


It’s not uncommon for an air fryer door to refuse to close properly, and we’ve discussed 10 things that you can check.

To recap:

  • Food debris or some other obstruction
  • A misaligned door
  • Damaged or worn sealing gaskets
  • Warp or Bent components
  • Overloaded basket
  • Manufacturing defects
  • You’ve been submerging the door in water
  • Loose rivets or screws
  • Misaligned handle
  • Locking mechanism failure
  • Wear and tear

Hopefully, one of those addresses your situation, and you’ll be able to get your air fryer working properly again.

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