Air Conditioner Won’t Stop Beeping? This Might Be Why


Is the persistent beep, beep, beeping of your air conditioner making your blood boil? Then take a look at 8 reasons why it kicking up a fuss in this article. 

Reasons why your air conditioner won’t stop beeping:

  1. It needs restarting
  2. The sensor is defective
  3. There is condensation in the unit
  4. The filter needs changing
  5. The remote’s batteries are low
  6. It is prompting you to replace the filter
  7. The coils need cleaning
  8. There is a more serious problem

Now that we have found some of the reasons for the beeping, let’s get cracking with fixing the problem. To enjoy the bliss of a silent air conditioner once again, check out the following section of this article. 

8 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Stop Beeping

So your air conditioner is beeping and beeping and beeping. At first you tried turning it off and on again, but that didn’t stop it. You tried to ignore it, but it was relentless. Now you’re trying to drown it out by shutting the door and leaving the TV on in the background.

Not to worry as fixing a beeping air conditioner is an easy job. Coming up, you’ll see 8 reasons why an air conditioner beeps and what you can do to silence it. 

Reason #1 It Needs Restarting

We all get in a bit of a tizzy from time to time and your air conditioner does too. A power outage or simply turning it on and then off again quickly can confuse your air conditioner and send it into relentless beeping mode. 

To get your air conditioner to stop beeping, all you have to do is restart it. You can do this by turning the unit off using the power button on your remote control. You can then plug it out and leave it plugged out for 2 minutes before plugging it back in. If you cannot access the air conditioner’s power plug, you can turn it off at the circuit breaker.

Hand Holding Ac Remote Control and pressing ON Button
Press the power button to restart the air conditioner.

Reason #2 The Sensor Is Defective

An air conditioning unit contains many sensors. It has sensors that help it gauge the temperature. It also has sensors that tell it when there is a power outage. If one of your air conditioner’s sensors is not working properly, it may beep or produce a certain flashing light. To fix this problem, you will need to locate the faulty sensor and replace it

If you want to get any replacement part – or see how much one would cost – click to enter your model number in the search bar below. Our partners at AppliancePartsPros stock almost every part with free guides on how to install them.

Air Conditioner External Sensor
If the sensor is defective you will have to replace it.

Reason #3 There Is Condensation In the Unit

As annoying as it is, your air conditioner may be beeping for a valid reason. It might be trying to alert you that there is too much condensation in this system. To put an end to this problem, you will need to service the air conditioner. 

Reason #4 The Filter Needs Changing

Do you have a window air conditioner? Then you might find that the filter clogs faster on this type of air conditioner than it would on a standard AC. When the filters clog, the air conditioner can no longer work properly. This will cause the system to beep. 

To put an end to the beeping and restore your sanity, you will need to clean or replace the filter. You should be able to get a replacement at any good hardware store. Some air conditioner filters only need removing, washing, and then reinserting. To check what you need to do with yours, see your user manual.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The user manual? You haven’t seen that since the day you first unboxed the air conditioner. So, trying to lay your hands on it now could be somewhat impossible, to say the least. But not to worry, as you can also find your product’s user manual online and then follow the online instructions to change your air conditioner’s filter. 

To find your product manual online, type the following into a search engine:

Search brand + product model + manual PDF

Example: Goodman + GVXC + manual PDF

One clean AC Filter Next to a dirty AC filter
If your air conditioner’s filter is dirty, you will need to change it.

Reason #5 The Remote’s Batteries Are Low

Are the batteries in your air conditioner’s remote control on their last legs? Then this may be the cause of the persistent beeping coming from your unit. To get the air conditioner to pipe down once and for all, treat it to a brand-new set of AAAs. 

AC Remote control with batteries connected
Replace the air conditioner’s batteries if they are low.

Reason #6 It Is Prompting You to Change the Filter

Now, this might seem similar to reason 3, where we saw that your air conditioner might beep because of clogs in the filters. But some air conditioners beep as a maintenance warning rather than because there is a clog. Some air conditioners will begin to beep on schedule after every 250 hours of use to let you know that you haven’t changed the filter in a while. 

So, how can you press the mute button on the beeping? It’s simple, you’ll just need to replace the filters in your air conditioner. When you replace them the filter timer should reset and stop beeping. Peace at last. (That is for the next 250 hours at least). 

Reason #7 The Coils Need Cleaning

Your air conditioner has condenser coils on the back of the unit. It also has evaporator coils on its inside. If you have a really swanky air conditioner, it might beep to alert you that one of the sets of coils is dirty. These are important to keep clean so that your air conditioner can run properly.

To fix this problem, you will need to give the cools a good clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to do this. 

Clean Ac Coils With a Brush
You can clean the condenser coils with a brush.

Reason #8 There Is a More Serious Problem

Have you worked through the problems in this article but have not managed to fix your air conditioner? Then there seems to be a more serious problem with the unit. You will need to look at your user manual. 

By looking at the user manual, you will find instructions that are specific to your air conditioner unit. The manual will also be able to explain error codes and sounds that you should be aware of. The manual will be able to tell you what to do when an error code or sound appears. 

If you don’t have accesss to your user or installation manual, you can look it up online. Alternatively, you will need to call an HVAC specialist to have a better look at it for you. 

Repairman Using Screwdiver To Fix Air Conditioner
If the air conditioner continues to beep, you will need to call a specialist.


Is the non-stop beeping of your air conditioner getting on your last nerve? Then I am sure the 8 tips and tricks included in this article have helped you to pinpoint the problem and fix it. And if the issue was more complex, it has no doubt prompted you to call an HVAC technician. 

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