How to Find Your Product’s Model Number

Do you need spare parts for your appliances but don’t know how to find them?

Don’t worry! It’s really common to struggle to find the right replacements, as many manufacturers design them based on a specific model number.

Knowing your appliances’ model numbers can not only help you know more about them but also ensure that the money you’re spending on a new component isn’t wasted.

Below, you’ll find an article showing you where your appliance’s model number is and a useful tool to find replacement parts through our partners at

Please check out the Table of Contents to find your appliance. In case you can’t find it, do not hesitate to contact us to request it; we’d love to assist you.

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Model Number Locations for All Appliances


Dishwashers are heavy and hard to move, but luckily, finding the model number on yours will not require too much effort. In many cases, you can find the number on the door, to the left, right, or at the top.


The first place I recommend you check for your dryer model number is inside the door, on the cabinet, frame. If the number’s not there, check the sides and the back of the appliance.

Freezers (Chest and Upright)

Freezers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a chest freezer or an upright one, finding your model number shouldn’t be too difficult. Please refer to the diagrams below to find them. The first image corresponds to a chest model, and the second to an upright one.

A diagram to find a chest frezeer's model number


Generators allow for independence and a backup source of energy during emergencies. If you need a replacement part for yours, you’ll find the model number on the frame or side panel. Alternatively, you can also look for the model number near the engine or motor area.

Generator model number location
Source: Generac

Ice Makers

Ice maker model number labels are commonly placed inside the door or lid. If you can’t find the model number there, look on the back or the bottom of the appliance.

Ice maker model number location
Source: Subzero-Wolf


Finding the model number on your microwave can be a little tricky; there are a few locations where it could be. My usual advice is to start by checking the back of the microwave and then look at the front and the sides of the unit.


Ovens are the centerpiece of every modern kitchen, and they’re as heavy as they’re important. Luckily, you won’t have to do much moving to find your oven’s model number – in most cases, it’ll be either on the center of the vent trim or on the side of the door jamb.

Range Hoods

Range hoods are the kitchen’s savior when heavy smoke clouds are rising from your pots and pans. You can typically find your range hood’s model number either behind one of the filters or under the side of the vent.


Refrigerators are chunky, hard to move, and extremely useful, which is why manufacturers usually place the model number somewhere easily visible.

Refrigerators with the freezer on the top, side, and bottom share common model number locations inside the refrigerator or freezing compartment or on the face frame of the appliance’s body. Please see the images below for the model number location on a top, side, and bottom freezer refrigerator, respectively.

A diagram to find a top freezer refrigerator's model number
A diagram to find a side freezer refrigerator's model number


Finding the model number on your stove can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Typically, you can find a gas stove’s model number under one of the burners or at the bottom of the cooktop.

Washers (Front Load/Top Load)

Top load washers are known for having their model number on the back of the control panel or under the lid, whereas their front load counterparts typically have it behind the door or on their lower body/side.

A diagram to find a top load washer's model number

Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of those appliances that must be treated carefully, so when you look for the model number on yours, please ensure it’s completely cool. You’ll find the model number on the back or on the bottom of the appliance’s body.

Air Fryers

Air fryers are a great alternative for higher calorie foods, so when yours fails, you need a spare part as soon as possible. Normally, air fryer model numbers can be found on the bottom of the unit or on the back. Sometimes, the number can also be inside the door or lid.

Air Fryer model number location
Source: Philips

Central Air Conditioners

When it comes to Central Air Conditioners, model numbers can be typically found on a label inside the access panel or on the exterior unit, written on a sticker or metal plate.

Central Air conditioner model number location
Source: AdamsAir

Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are the day’s savior when it’s 6 a.m., and you’re still half asleep. You’ll find the model number for yours either on the bottom or on the back of the unit.

Coffe maker model number location.png


When you’re struggling to keep your home’s moisture level down, I find that a dehumidifier is always helpful. The model number on dehumidifiers is commonly located on the back panel or inside the bucket compartment.

Dehumidifier model number location
Source: CPSC

Ductless Air Conditioners

In most cases, you’ll find the model number for your Ductless Air Conditioner on the side/back of the unit or inside the front panel or cover.

Ductless AC model number location
Source: LG


Whether it’s a standing fan or a ceiling model, fans usually have their model numbers written on the base or on the motor housing.

Ceiling fan model number location
Source: TAL


How much harsher would winters be without a furnace to keep our homes warm? Furnaces are a great help when the weather is chilly, so if you need a spare part to repair yours, you’ll find the model number inside the door or on the exterior frame.

furnace model number location

Garbage Disposals

While it might be a little more complex to find the model number in other appliances, garbage disposals are very straightforward. You’ll find the model in most units around the bottom front edge.

Gas Heaters

Most gas heaters have their model number written on the back/side of the unit or inside the panel or door.


Humidifiers can not only make a home’s breathing environment better but also prevent allergies and nosebleeds. If your humidifier is failing and you need a spare part, look for the model number on the bottom of the unit or on the back.

Humidifier model number location
Source: FCC ID

Infrared Heaters

In my experience, infrared heaters are a great option for indoor warming, but sometimes finding the right replacement parts can be tricky. To locate your infrared heater’s model number, look on the back panel or on the bottom.

Infrared heater model number location
Source: Dr. Heater


Whether you’re trying to boil a nice cup of joe in the morning or looking to enjoy your lunch with an Earl Grey tea, having your kettle work is essential.

If you’re having trouble finding spare parts to repair yours, look at the bottom of the kettle or underneath the base for the model number.

Kettle model number location
Source: CPSC

Oil-Filled Radiators

Although it varies from one brand and model to another, in most cases, you’ll find your oil-filled radiator’s model number on the back or side of the unit, near the bottom.

Oil-filled radiator model number location
Source: CPSC

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners are a great option for people who don’t want a massive cooling source. Finding replacement parts for yours is simple; look for the model number on the back panel, on the side, or behind the front filter panel.

Portable air conditioner model number location
Source: CPSC

Rice Cookers

It depends on the brand and model you own, but most rice cookers have their model number written either on the bottom or underneath the lid.

Rice cooker model number location
Source: Aroma

Slow Cookers

Slow cookers save the day with delicious dishes that rarely ever need constant attention. If you’re looking for replacement parts to fix yours, you’ll find the appliance’s model number on the bottom or on the base or side.

Space Heaters

Space heaters can turn any room into a cozy and welcoming area, so having yours fail because one of its components broke down is a bummer. Luckily, you can find your space heater’s model number easily by looking at the bottom or the back of the unit.


The location of the model number on your steamer can vary depending on the brand you own. However, I’ve found that, in many cases, you can find the number on the bottom of the steamer or underneath the water reservoir.

steamer model number location

Electric/Gas Ranges

In electric ranges, the model number can also be found under one of the burners, on the front frame, and in some other areas (see first image below).

As for gas ranges, the model number is typically inside the cooktop if the top lifts up or on the front frame when the door is open (see second image below).

A diagram to find an electric stove's model number

Swamp Coolers

Finding replacement parts for a swamp cooler is not always simple, but when you have your model number at hand, the difficulty of the process is greatly reduced. Typically, a swamp cooler’s model number will be located on the back panel or inside the unit once you’ve removed said panel.

Swamp cooler model number location
Source: Portacool


Depending on how your television is set up, reading your model number will be easy or complicated, as it’s usually located on the back or on the side panel. So, if your television is wall-mounted, you’ll have to move it a bit to the front and wiggle behind it.

Television model number location
Source: Samsung


Finding your toaster’s model number is as easy as getting a couple of perfectly-done pieces of toast from it. Look at the bottom of the toaster to find it.

Toaster model number location
Source: Toast


Unless it fell off and you accidentally vacuumed it, your vacuum’s model number sticker should be on the bottom/back of the unit or inside the canister or debris compartment.

vacuum model number location
Source: KHQ

Water Coolers

A water cooler’s model number is easy to find; simply look at the back or the bottom of the unit.

water cooler model number location
Source: ELKAY

Window Air Conditioners

Last, but not least, you’ll find your Window Air Conditioner’s model number on the side or on the frame of the appliance. Please note that you’ll have to pull the Air Conditioner out of the window if the model number is on the side.

Source: GE Appliances

Finding Your Appliance’s Model Number

When you can’t find your appliance’s model number to look for spare parts on the market, the entire situation can be very frustrating.

I hope this piece has helped you better understand where your appliance’s model number is and what your resources are when you still can’t find it.

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