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How to Size a Water Softener: Don’t Buy More Than You Need

Wondering what size of water softener you need for your home? Here's a quick article to guide you through sizing your softener.
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Iron Filter vs Water Softeners: A Quick Comparison

Iron Filters and Water Softeners are both fantastic for improving water quality - but which is more important? Both compared here.
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Winterizing a Water Softener: When & How to Do It

Water softeners are fantastic, but they need a bit of maintenance to bring their A-Game. Here's how to winterize your water softener.
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Water Softening vs Water Filtration: What Will Help The Most?

Wondering the difference between water softening vs water filtration? We've compared both in this quick comparison guide.
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How to Reset & Regenerate Your Culligan Water Softener

Is your Culligan Water Softener giving you harsh water? A quick reset and regeneration should do the trick. Here's how to do it!
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Best Hot Water Dispensers for Instant Tea & Coffee

When we're rushed for time, a hot water dispenser can be a great lifeline. Here are the best options on the market, chosen for various awards.
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How to Calculate Water Bills (Double-Check Your Supplier)

Don't get blindsided by your next water bill. Estimate it (or double check your water charge) using this simple guide.
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Water Softener Regeneration: How Often, How Long, & More

Regenerating a water softener is essential to getting the most out of it. We explain it with answers to common regeneration questions here.
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Salt Vs. Potassium Salt Softeners: Which One Is Worth The Money?

Shopping for a water softener, but not sure if you should go for salt or potassium? Each have their own pros and cons - all covered here.
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Boiler Pressure Too High

3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Pressure Is Too High (with Fixes)

Are your taps almost bursting with high pressure water? Here are the 3 likely reasons (and fixes) to why your boiler has high pressure.
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Finding Water Pressure Regulator

Finding Your Water Pressure Regulator: A Game of Hide & Seek

On a hunt for your water pressure regulator? Find it with our list of tips that apply to any home. Sherlock Holmes will have nothing on you!
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Why Your Hot Water Takes Ages to Warm Up (& How To Fix It)

Constantly getting stuck shivering in a cold shower? Here's every reason why your hot water takes it time to arrive, with solutions.
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