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Featured-oven-door-locked Oven

Oven Door Keeps Locking Itself Shut? Try These 6 Tips

Does your oven door keep locking itself shut? Check out these 6 tips to get it working again.
How to fix the Stove that is Beeping Like Crazy Oven

Stove or Oven Beeping Like Crazy? Here’s How To Fix It

Are you tired of your stove beeping at you? Why does this happen and what does it mean? Take a look at a few possible reasons for a beeping oven.
Featured-oven-door-handle Oven

Oven Door Handle Falling Off? Fix It In 7 Simple Steps

Is your oven door handle falling off? Take a look at what you can do to fix this problem!
featured-oven-weights Oven

How Much Does An Oven Weigh? Average Weights + Advice

Are you wondering how much an average oven weighs? Take a look at the results of our detailed research, and find the right oven to meet your needs!
Featured-oven-gas-leak Oven

How to Tell If Your Oven Is Leaking Gas and What to Do

Are you suspecting your oven might be leaking gas? Perhaps you might be looking for a quick fix. Here is how to tell if there is a gas leakage and what to do. 
Featured-recycle-oven Oven

How to Dispose and Recycle Your Cooker Oven

Did you buy a new cooker oven, and are you looking for ways to dispose of the old one safely? Perhaps you should try out these tips to help you do that safely!
Featured-burnt-food Oven

Oven Keeps Burning Your Food? 6 Simple Fixes To Try

Is everything you take out of your oven burnt? Instead of assuming it’s your fault, make sure it’s not your oven! Check out this guide for more info.
Why Your Oven Keeps Tripping the Circuit Breaker Oven

Fixing An Oven Thats Tripping A Circuit Breaker [4 Fixes]

Is your oven causing issues with your circuit breaker? If so, this article explains some basic electrical information and three fixes to your oven tripping your circuit breaker.
Why Your Oven Smells of Burned Plastic Oven

Why Your Oven Smells Like Burning Plastic (& What to Do)

Can't figure out why your oven suddenly smells like plastic? If it's new, you probably just forgot to remove the zip ties. If you've had it a while, it might be an electrical issue. Check out the fixes below. 
Featured-oven-temp Oven

Fixing An Oven That Can’t Get Up To Temperature

Stuck with an oven that can't get up to temperature? Solve it with these 7 fixes in this quick guide to fixing your oven.
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