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Unfinished Basement Appliance Analysts Heat DIY

Should You Heat Your Unfinished Basement?

Want to avoid freezing cold floors? Heating your basement can be a great solution, but only if done correctly. Find out how and the best practices here.

4 Quietest Inline Duct Booster Fans For Rattle-Free Cooling

Get your peace of mind by quietly ventilating your space using these quiet inline duct fans. Keep it fresh and at the perfect temperature without the noise!

The 8 Best Propane Heaters for Your Garage

Don't let the seasons tell you when you can't use your garage. These propane heaters pack plenty of clean, silent heat - perfect for a garage or workshop.
Preparing for Fall - Appliance Analysts DIY

40 Fall Preparation Tips for your Home

Be certain you'll be ready for autumn with this list of forty different fall preparation tips.
Thunder and Lightning over Mountains DIY

59 Tips for Power Outages: Preparing, Managing, and Staying Sane

Getting plunged into the dark ages is never a welcome surprise. Make sure you're prepared and ready for any sudden power outages with these 59 great tips.
Workshop example for blower fans DIY

The 7 Best Blower Fans for Ventilation, Cooling, & Drying

Need some powerful and direct airflow? Find the best blower fan in minutes with our free buyer's guide and top model reviews.
Campbell Hausfield Air Hose in use Air Compressors

The 5 Best Kink-Proof Air Hoses

Make your DIY work easy with a reliable, high quality air hose. Find the perfect one for your job with out free buyer's guide and top reviews.
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