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Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner? 12 Factors To Consider

Deciding whether to buy or repair your air conditioner is tricky. Especially with contractors wanting your money! Find your answer in this unbiased guide.
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Refrigerants Your Air Conditioner Uses – Explained

The EPA are phasing out a common air conditioner refrigerant. Find out if your air conditioner uses it and what that means in this quick article.
Window Air Conditioner Running Cost Calculators

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Window Air Conditioner?

Got 2 minutes? Use our quick guide to calculate how much a window air conditioner could cost you to run. With simple tips to get the most out of your AC.
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21 Quick Tips for How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Make sure your air conditioner is making as you cool as it can, lasting as long as possible, and keeping your electric bill down with these 21 simple tips.
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73 Simple Ways to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Suffering in the heat sucks. I've put together this massive list of tips to help you fight back. Check them out to reclaim some cooling comfort!
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