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Looking to get cool this summer, without a noisy air conditioner? Our guides cover everything from finding the quietest air conditioners to getting the most out of the air conditioner you do own – whether it’s portable, window, ductless, or conventional.

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5 Steps to Unfreezing Your Air Conditioner in 20 Minutes

A frozen air conditioner isn't just upping your energy bills, but it might be a sign of a larger problem. Find out how (and fixes) here.
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Insulating A Window Air Conditioner to Make It Better

Insulating an air conditioner can massively help reduce your energy bills and increase efficiency. Find out how to do it quickly here.
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Is Your Air Conditioner Running Too Long? Here’s Why

An air conditioner running too long can be quite concerning - especially for your energy bills. Find out why, and how to fix it, here.
Air Conditioner Hissing Air Conditioners

Hissing Sound From Your Air Conditioner? Here’s What To Do.

An air conditioner hissing can be completely harmless, or warrant an instant repair by a professional. Everything's explained in this guide.
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How Much Do Air Conditioners Weigh? Averages from 99 Models

Wondering how much an air conditioner weights? We've tallied up average of portable, window, ductless, and whole-house units.
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How Long You Can Leave Your Air Conditioner Running: Solved

Wondering how long your air conditioner can run without harming it, or skyrocketing your bills? Find out in this quick guide.
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Window vs Wall Air Conditioners – What’s Best, & Why?

If you want an efficient air conditioner that doesn't require a remodel, you need a wall or window AC. Here’s the rundown on which is better.
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Why Your Air Conditioner Smells… And How To Fix It

Smelly air conditioners aren’t just gross; they can be dangerous . Here's how to fix the two most common causes of smelly air conditioners.
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How Much Can An Air Conditioner Cool? Simply Explained

Wondering if your air conditioner can tackle the summer heat? Find out how much an air conditioner can cool (and how to get the most of one).
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How Ductless Air Conditioners Work: with Illustrations

Air conditioning without air ducts? How does that work?! Mystery solved with illustrations and other frequent questions answered here.
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Portable vs Window Air Conditioners: Compared With Charts

Stuck between these two types of mobile air conditioners? Let's compare them and find the best type based on noise, efficiency, and more.
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Quietest Portable Air Conditioners To Stay Cool This Summer

Can you afford to be without a quiet portable air conditioner this summer? Check out this free guide today to beat the heat tomorrow.